aeroflot fleet

By 1950 the Il-18 was withdrawn from service, being replaced by Il-12s. [57] Savelyev was appointed on 10 April 2009 (2009-04-10) and succeeded Valery Okulov. [73] The Aeroflot Group, Russia's largest airline holding company, included several subsidiaries: Pobeda, Rossiya, Donavia, Orenair, and Aurora. For the latter tasks, Aeroflot used, in addition to smaller helicopters, the Mil Mi-10 flying crane capable of lifting 11,000 to 14,000 kilograms (24,000 to 31,000 lb). Please note that multiple active weather layers may increase page load time and decrease page performance. The average aircraft age across the fleets of all Aeroflot Group airlines is 6.9 years (as of the end of 2019). [14]:14 During the Battle of Stalingrad, between August 1942 and February 1943, Aeroflot operated 46,000 missions to Stalingrad, ferrying in 2,587 tonnes (5,703,000 lb) of supplies and some 30,000 troops. [14]:20, Aeroflot's route network had extended to 295,400 kilometres (183,600 mi) by 1950, and it carried 1,603,700 passengers, 151,070 tonnes (333,050,000 lb) of freight and 30,580 tonnes (67,420,000 lb) of mail during the same year. [14]:27 During the Five-Year Plan period, all-Union services were extended over an additional 350 routes; an additional 1,000 MVL routes were begun, and 40 new routes were opened up with all-cargo flights. We use cookies to ensure that the website functions correctly. We use cookies to offer you a better website experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content and serve targeted advertisements. It also operated the Soviet equivalent of a presidential aircraft and other VIP transports of government and Communist party officials. accessing data pages on [14]:16 The government made it a priority in the immediate postwar years to expand services from Moscow to the capital of the Union republics, in addition to important industrial centres on the country.

During 1925, Dobrolet operated 2,000 flights over a distance of 1,000,000 kilometres (620,000 mi), carrying 14,000 passengers and 127,500 kilograms (281,100 lb) of freight, on a route network extending to some 5,000 kilometres (3,100 mi). [14]:23, Aeroflot introduced the Antonov An-10 and Ilyushin Il-18 in 1959, and together with its existing jet aircraft, the airline was able to extend services on modern aircraft to twenty one cities during 1960. Fleet. The type can reach a speed of 880 km/h and has a cruising altitude of 12,500 meters, being able to fly non-stop on distances up to 10,500 km. Aeroflot Fleet Boeing 777-300ER Details and Pictures.On current fleet, Aeroflot operates 19 long-range wide-body aircraft Boeing 777-300ER. See where it is day and night on the map at a glance.

In the spring of 2004 an expansion on the domestic market was undertaken, aiming to gain 30% share by 2010 (as of 2006[update] it held approximately 9%). [14]:17 The Ilyushin Il-12 entered service on Aeroflot's all-Union scheduled routes on 22 August 1947, and supplemented already existing Li-2 services. It registered the Aeroflot-Cargo trademark in 2006. Time difference of arrival based aircraft tracking technology. IATA: SU ICAO: AFL In addition, the document defined rules for the operation of foreign aircraft over the Soviet Union's airspace and territory. He designed posters encouraging citizens to buy stock in Dobrolet and the famous "Winged Hammer and Sickle" logo still used by Aeroflot. [21] Smaller regional airlines which emerged from the old Aeroflot were sometimes referred to as Babyflots;[19]:2 Bashkirian Airlines, Krasnoyarsk Airlines, Moscow Airways and Tatarstan Airlines were among the carriers that were formed from former Aeroflot directorates. In 1976, Aeroflot carried its 100 millionth passenger. If you are using a proxy server or VPN, please disable it in order to continue viewing our data. [74] At that time, the Aeroflot Group employed 30,328; 17,678 of these people worked for Aeroflot JSC. [70] In late August 2018, Savelyev was re-confirmed in the CEO position for a further five-year period. [24] The Aeroflot fleet shrank dramatically in the post-Soviet era, dropping from 5,400 planes in 1991 to 115 in 1996. They do not include all outstanding orders as reported by aircraft manufacturers. The net profit reached $309.4 million (RUB 7.98 billion) in 2006, a 32.3% increase from 2005 earnings of only $234 million (RUB6.03 billion).

At-a-glance altitude and speed information when you hover over any portion of a selected flight's track. [14]:24 The expansion of the Aeroflot fleet saw services with modern aircraft being extended to forty one cities in 1961, with fifty percent of all-Union services being operated by these aircraft. The revenue for the same 2005–2006 period rose by 13.5% to reach $2.77 billion with an 8.7% gain in passenger numbers.


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