ainvayi meaning

So, here is the conversation where I got the word... Me: Hello sister, Do you really know Hindi?!! However, will tell you what it actually is about.The guy basically is talking about the eyes of the girl which are applied kohl, kind of a black line made at the bottom of the eyes to make them look more pronounced.and as for looking hi-fi, it's common phrase for people, but this is probably the first time someone uses them for eyes. Me: from where u are learning n how's ur exam? 1-3? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. can anyone please post the entire ainyavi song lyrics translation ... can sum1 plz translate da whole sng kindly cz i really dn undrstnd punjabi bt i jus luv dis song :)thnk u, With the vessels of eyes filled with colloriumEven flippant look hi-fiA dagger passes through my heartMy heart jump's and asks 'why? i think this is a reference to getting lost in love but you don't know how or why it happens and so they say it just happened Kyun meri gali mein aake wait karda: Why do you come in my lane and wait around: Harkat down market karda: Why do you do down market things: Dekhu joh hata ke khidki ka parda Did Muhammad ban all depictions of him on pain of death because he was hideously ugly and deformed? I think maybe 'just because' might be better. however, it does look interesting here.Please let me know if that solves your query or is there something I completely missed in what you asked.Thanks. Ainvayi Ainvayi … Skip to content; Skip to main navigation; Skip to first column; Skip to second column . Lyrics: Translation: Munda ek kanwara, bachelor bechara: A poor bachelor guy: Condition khatara badi aaye haye: His condition is bad, oh my: Khetan se nikalke, up to date banke It's a response to someone's message.? var sc_project=6034226;

Biden, in debate, sees a 'dark winter' ahead on COVID-19, Embattled Felicity Huffman wants her passport back, 'Cruel troll tweet' irks pregnant ESPN reporter, Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia, Ex-49ers star gets 15 years to life in rape conviction, As cold weather nears, millions could have power shut off, No black sheep here: Pistachio is a green (yes, green) puppy, Documents in Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein case unsealed, LeBron: 'I damn sure won’t go back and forth with [Trump]', Mahomes shares baby news in elaborate gender reveal, CDC changes COVID-19 'close contact' guidance. The boy shrugs and says "just because" (I don't know...there was no reason). Are these sentences correct correct? var sc_security="b7aab2bb"; Receive meanings and translations in your inbox. (expecially "look hi-fi")Thanks. Should books have images on their covers? Best and most easy to use word list available on internet. friend: Haha not so well but little... Me: from where u are learning n how's ur exam? Did the invention of word processing software influence the way books are written? Ainvayi ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Ainvayi का हिंदी में मतलब ). 'I have become a biscuit dipped in teaI am squandered without any reasonGet aside,you wretch,you dish of indicaWhy don't you leave me and stop roaming about meI shall make you right by hitting youWith my sandal on the headYou have turned into a Romeo without permitI have applied gel to my hairI have exercised to get a broad chest and muscular bodyYou have defeated me by your plan,With the basket ball of your talksYou can't impress a girl with gelYou can not pass life with musclesI know perfectly what's in your heartThe nature of boys does not changeYou stick to girl like a fly to sweetWhy do you keep waiting in my lane?Why are your actions so down market?Whenever I see through the windowYou wistle and irritate meLeave your attitude and agree,girlI shall give a blank cheque or even my lifeSoften your heart made of brickSee this young guyI have reduced to one and half feet from six feet. I think it just simply means 'without a reason' - the words ainvey ainvey!!!! Harshit you are right I'm sorryI missed to say that I'm italian so I don't understand the meaning of the common phrase I need a literal traduction I mean what do you want to say with "even flippant look hi-fi"?Maybe tha the eyes are beautiful?By the way thanks for the first part of the verse :D, I had to be more clear I'm sorry :DI'm italian so i have some difficulties to keep the meaning of the sentence "even flippant loo hi-fi" even if it's a common phrase Could you please be more "literal" By the way thanks for the first sentence :DPS Sorry for my english :P. My Italian friend.


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