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As we mentioned above, they have in their fleet two Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners, that have been grounded/sent for urgent maintenance in Singapore, due to problems with their Rolls Royce engines.

[119] EADS acknowledged that the cost of repairs would be over $130 million, to be borne by Airbus. Zdecydowano się na ten krok, gdyż cyfra 8 przypomina poprzeczny przekrój dwupokładowej maszyny, a ponadto w niektórych kulturach oznacza szczęście. [3] In 2016, The A380 development costs were estimated at $25 billion for 15 years,[30] $25–30 billion,[31] or €25 billion ($28 billion). The Airbus A380 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus. The A380's interior illumination system uses bulbless LEDs in the cabin, cockpit, and cargo decks. with its first flight on 27 April 2005. Light checks would be required after 1,000 hr instead of 750 hr and heavy check downtime would be reduced to keep the aircraft flying for six days more per year. Hi Fly Airbus A380 flight baptism today at Reunion Island, Indian Ocean. The A380 is to operate this route 3 times a week, from 24thof August 2018 (Paris departure) to 8th of September 2018. In late 2003, Boeing forecast 320 “Boeing 747 and larger” passenger aircraft over 20 years, close to the 298 orders actually placed for the A380 and 747-8 passenger airliners as of March 2020.

Airbus's newest concept would be a stretch of the A380-800 offering 50 seats more—not 100 seats as originally envisaged.

[111] British Airways and Emirates are the first two customers to have received this new option in 2013. In September 2006, the working group presented its first conclusions to the ICAO. [226][227] Proposed amenities resembled those installed on earlier airliners, particularly 1970s wide-body jets,[228] which largely gave way to regular seats for more passenger capacity. Is there a place for the world's largest aircraft? Be in the know. Skrzydła są wytwarzane w Filton i w Broughton w Walii, a następnie transportowane statkami. [89] Airbus planned to deliver "between 20 and 25" A380s in 2011 before ramping up to three a month in 2012. The real backlog is much smaller than the official 107 with 47 uncertain orders: 20 commitments for the A380-specialized lessor Amedeo which commits to production only once aircraft are placed, eight for Qantas which wants to keep its fleet at 12, six for Virgin Atlantic which does not want them any more and three ex Transaero for finance vehicle Air Accord. [354] The A380F version attracted 27 orders, before they were either cancelled (20) or converted to A380-800 (7) following the production delay and the subsequent suspension of the freighter programme. [376], There were 228 aircraft in service with 14 operators as of 23 May 2020[update].[378]. W celu przewozu dużych elementów konstrukcyjnych A380 opracowana została trasa, znana jako Itinéraire à Grand Gabarit. Replacing a blanket 10 nautical miles (19 km) separation for aircraft trailing an A380 during approach, the new distances were 6 nmi (11 km), 8 nmi (15 km) and 10 nmi (19 km) respectively for non-A380 "Heavy", "Medium", and "Light" ICAO aircraft categories. Airbus studies started in 1988 and the project was announced in 1990 to challenge the dominance of the Boeing 747 in the long haul market. W styczniu 2016 Iran Air podpisał list intencyjny ws. Pięć spośród nich, które wyznaczono do prób, wylatały łącznie ponad 2300 godzin w trakcie 730 lotów. [148][149][150][151], In September 2020, Airbus completed assembly of the final A380 fuselage. Fotele rozkładane są do pozycji leżącej. od 2019[14]. w 2017, 12 szt. [105] By July 2010, the 31 A380s then in service had transported 6 million passengers on 17,000 flights between 20 international destinations. It obtained its type certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 12 December 2006.

Fourteen customers have ordered and taken delivery of the A380 as of April 2019. [140], After achieving efficiencies to sustain production at a lower level, in 2017 Airbus delivered 15 A380s and was "very close" to production breakeven, expecting to make additional savings as production was being further reduced: it planned to deliver 12 in 2018, eight in 2019 and six per year from 2020 with "digestible" losses. In mid-1988, Airbus engineers led by Jean Roeder began work in secret on the development of an ultra-high-capacity airliner (UHCA), both to complete its own range of products and to break the dominance that Boeing had enjoyed in this market segment since the early 1970s with its 747. The second model, the A380F freighter, would have carried 150 t (330,000 lb) of cargo over a range of 5,600 nmi (10,400 km). W styczniu 2016 roku linie Qantas zapowiedziały, że nie odbiorą pozostałych ośmiu A380, bo 12 posiadanych egzemplarzy całkowicie zaspokaja ich potrzeby[30]. [302], In 2007, Airbus estimated a demand for 1,283 VLAs in the following 20 years if airport congestion remains constant, up to 1,771 VLAs if congestion increases, with most deliveries (56%) in Asia-Pacific, and 415 very large, 120-tonne plus freighters. [57], Airbus obtained type certificates for the A380-841 and A380-842 model from the EASA and FAA on 12 December 2006 in a joint ceremony at the company's French headquarters,[58][59] receiving the ICAO code A388. [211], The A380-800's cabin has 550 square metres (5,920 sq ft) of usable floor space,[212] 40% more than the next largest airliner, the Boeing 747-8.

[314] In 2012, Airbus clarified that the aircraft production costs would be less than its sales price. [205][206] First used in military aircraft, high-pressure hydraulics reduce the weight and size of pipelines, actuators and related components. [14][15] In July 1995, the joint study with Boeing was abandoned, as Boeing's interest had declined due to analysis that such a product was unlikely to cover the projected $15 billion development cost. [274] zakupu Próg rentowności w produkcji (przychody przekraczające koszt produkcji) osiągnięto pod koniec 2015 roku[11]. Samolot ma następującą konfigurację:

The firm also warned production might slip back into red ink (be unprofitable) on each aircraft produced at that time, though it anticipated production would remain in the black (profitable) for 2016 and 2017. Its range will increase by some 150 nautical miles (280 km), taking its capability to around 8,350 nautical miles (15,460 km) at current payloads. [109] In 2014, Emirates stated that its A380 fleet had load factors of 90–100%, and that the popularity of the aircraft with its passengers had not decreased in the past year. Next: Long-haul travel on short-haul planes.

ewakuację 853 pasażerów i 20 członków załogi w czasie poniżej 90 sekund przez jedynie połowę wyjść) celem wydania certyfikatu EASA i FAA. Linie Qantas zawiesiły wszystkie loty A380. Emirates is at odds with Rolls-Royce over shortfalls in fuel savings from the Trent 900s, and could switch its order for 36 A380s to the smaller A350. Pierwszy A380 – numer seryjny 001, rejestracja F-WWOW – został zaprezentowany w Tuluzie 18 stycznia 2005. [242], In the 1990s, aircraft manufacturers were planning to introduce larger planes than the Boeing 747. Gdy go ukończono, koszty programu wynosiły już 11 mld euro. [163][164] The electrical power system is fully computerised and many contactors and breakers have been replaced by solid-state devices for better performance and increased reliability. The reversers are electrically actuated to save weight, and for greater reliability than pneumatic or hydraulic equivalents. [154] The design range for the A380−800 model is 8,500 nmi (15,700 km);[155] capable of flying from Hong Kong to New York or from Sydney to Istanbul non-stop. Przednie i tylne części kadłuba wysyłane są na jednym z trzech statków ro-ro z Hamburga w Niemczech do Wielkiej Brytanii. [6][374], On 21 March 2019, All Nippon Airways received its first of three A380 painted with the Sea Turtle livery. [203] They have self-contained hydraulic and electrical power supplies. [50][51] Three days later, the A380 received European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to carry up to 853 passengers. 23 stycznia 2002 rozpoczął się montaż pierwszego samolotu. [100], In February 2009, the one millionth passenger was flown with Singapore Airlines[101] and by May of that year 1,500,000 passengers had flown on 4,200 flights. A380neo. [344] Norwegian Long Haul briefly leased Hi Fly Malta A380 in August 2018, which operated the aircraft following engine problems with their Dreamliner fleet. [357], In late July 2014, Airbus announced that it had terminated five A380 firm orders from the Japanese low-cost carier, Skymark Airlines, citing concerns over the airline's financial performance. [321] Negotiated discounts made the actual prices much lower, and industry experts questioned whether the A380 project would ever pay for itself. [157] [296] On 12 June 2017, Fabrice Brégier confirmed that Airbus would not launch an A380neo, stating "...there is no business case to do that, this is absolutely clear." [297] Several A380s which are in service have been offered for lease to other airlines. [358] In 2016, the largest Japanese carier, All Nippon Airways (ANA), took over three of the orders and the remaining two that were already produced and put into long-term storage were taken up later by the main customer, Emirates Airlines. [162] W 2016 roku pierwszy odbiorca samolotu – linie Singapore Airlines zapowiedziały, że nie przedłużą 10-letniego leasingu pięciu A380, które odebrano między październikiem 2007 i czerwcem 2008[32]. Even the teardown value is questionable, in that the engines, usually the most valuable part of a scrap aircraft, are not used by any other models. Chwile grozy na pokładzie Airbusa A380. It then goes to pick up the belly and tail sections from Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA in Cádiz, Spain, and delivers them to Bordeaux. Ta sama maszyna poleciała następnie do Singapuru w barwach Singapore Airlines, by wziąć udział w wystawie Asian Aerospace 2006. Producent samolotu apelował do wszystkich dostawców wyposażenia, aby dostarczane części były możliwie jak najbardziej odchudzone. The Airbus A380 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus.It is the world's largest passenger airliner. Hi Fly Airbus A380 is also raising awareness on Coral Reefs at Reunion Island, aiming to preserve this underwater tropical paradise, with a rich biodiversity fauna and flora in its 9 km of reef environment. The MFDs were introduced on the A380 to provide an easy-to-use interface to the flight management system—replacing three multifunction control and display units.

[180], The hybrid fibre metal laminate material GLARE (glass laminate aluminium reinforced epoxy) is used in the upper fuselage and on the stabilisers' leading edges. [2][352] One VIP order was made in 2007[353] but later cancelled by Airbus.

Two others returned from Singapore Airlines in the coming weeks (June 2018) but they could stay with an existing Asian A380 flag carrier. Boeing 747-8 napotkał równie niski popyt, a 2/3 sprzedaży dla 747-8 stanowiła wersja towarowa[16]. Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, "A380" redirects here. The full-length double-deck aircraft, sometimes nicknamed the superjumbo, has a typical seating capacity of 525, though it is certified for up to 853 passengers.


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