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And then maybe the shorter answer would be that you just really have to have a warped mind in some way, and just let it rip on camera and be able to turn it off.

He’s a lot of fun.

And credit to his parents, man, credit to those guys for keeping him straight. I think he’s so messed up that there’s only glimpses and maybe a little bit of hope here and there that’s never gonna be realized; and (2) I don’t think you ever wanna see him redeemed. There’s a wealth of material from which to draw out there in the real world. She joins the Seven and is kind of a refreshing mix to the Seven.

Win a Paramount Pictures Halloween Blu-ray prize pack! Antony Starr & Aya Cash Interview: The Boys Season 2. It’s a horrible way to have people find the show, but perhaps people are a little more excited about it because there has been such a reduction in the content that’s out there. Well, I think that burnout is exactly what [I was talking about above] for Season 1, but for Season 2, you’re right. She's only interested in who she can use. And you know what? That doesn’t mean that we don’t wanna understand what makes the guy tick, and every now and then, have conflicted feelings about him, but with redemption as a broader sort of ideal, I don’t wanna see Homelander turn into some good guy.

It is refreshing to not see some sort of anti-hero thing going on because that’s flooding movies these days. We talked to 'The Boys' star Antony Starr about the deep dive into Homelander's psyche and what people do when they see him on airplanes.

Who better to guide us through it than the leader of The Seven, the charming (in real life), Antony Starr. AS: Karl and I know each other from New Zealand.

The Boys have to go to some dirty little places, tiny alleyways and shitty little rooms and it is like whales and things. He’s right! Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ premieres Season 2 with three episodes on September 4, with episodes to follow every Friday. Homelander really does confront himself in episode four and it is…something to behold, but then the rest of the season is really…it’s a pretty crazy batshit journey.

Antony Starr: To hit this head on, because I think it's difficult for Aya to answer some of these questions. We really lucked out on the material and the creative team on this and it just makes it fun, you’re sticking your tongue down a bottle of breast milk and everyone’s there enjoying it and willing to get the most out of it and it’s a very positive, creative environment.

He's such a f***ed up character that it's great for us to come on board and tinker around with that. There’s something really positive here.” I’m always very cautious about overselling something or going too far with it, but I think that was the first time that I was very cautiously optimistic about the show and felt really good about it and thankfully that was reflected by the public response. The Boys season 2 premieres September 4 on Amazon Prime. It’s really finding the pieces that work and add a pinch of narcissism and a pinch of sociopath [laughs] and we’re on our way. To my knowledge, I’m the only person who’s been crying through lasering someone in the head. See, we’re only talking on the phone! At least I don’t. The Amazon show is introducing Aya Cash as Stormfront, who acts as a foil to Homelander (Antony Starr) and his worst nightmare. We do see the best and the worst of that on a day-to-day basis. We also discussed a Homelander scene that didn’t make the Amazon cut last year, but there’s hope for the future on that note. Antony Starr Interview… AS: Well, he’s an anomaly. We interview The Boys season 2 stars Antony Starr and Aya Cash about Homelander's development, Stormfront joining the show, and more. And here for a good time, not for a long time. Or even something that you do like and want to really see him be a part of. That’s my favourite set. As soon as that happens, the world backs off. Copyright © 2017 Brief Take.

Bizarrely, a few of us jokingly referred to this show as “a virus we were unleashing on the world,” and of course, the world has unleashed its own virus on us, and that’s kinda created a captive audience to a large extent.

We’re not trying to be, well, the show has no moral ambiguity. There’s the obvious one in season one with Chace (Crawford) and Erin’s moment of #MeToo, which was despicable, and ever since The Deep has been paying for it. Every Update, The Mandalorian Theory: Baby Yoda Is Used To Create… Snoke, Everything Unsolved Mysteries Leaves Out About The Oslo Plaza Woman, Game of Thrones: The Character Natalie Dormer Originally Auditioned For, Ratched Is Netflix’s Top Original Of 2020 According To Streamer’s Data. Which is…it’s funny, you’ve seen up to episode three, there’s a very interesting sequence in episode four that you’re going to love. Facebook. Okay. BT: Did you know fellow Kiwi Karl Urban before doing this show together? Interview: The War with Grandpa’s Tim Hill, Interview: Alone’s Tyler Posey and Summer Spiro, Exclusive: Trailer and poster reveal for Easy Land, Interview: The Other Lamb’s Raffey Cassidy and Michiel Huisman, Interview: Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajala, Interview: Filthy Rich’s Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Interview: Star Trek: Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green, Interview: The Haunting of Bly Manor’s Victoria Pedretti, Interview: The Haunting of Bly Manor’s Amelia Eve, Interview: The Boys in the Band’s Matt Bomer, Interview: Michael Imperioli on The Nicotine Chronicles, Interview with author and Star Wars star Anthony Daniels, Interview with Fight Choreographer Brynn Knickle, The Joe Carter Classic Summit Suite Event Recap.

At the end of the season, the only way to fix the damaged hair is to shave my head. I think the damage is done! I don't want to give that away, but I don't know. And on top of that, we’ve got….I loathe saying this, because I sound like every cliché bloody actor that speaks in an interview, everyone’s always banging on about how great the actors are with whom they work and everyone’s great and this and that.

But then you expect that to break somewhat or potentially someone to come in as a guest or potentially that would not necessarily be an asshole, but is not necessarily part of the group and could go anywhere.

These things exist only with the support of the fans, we’re very lucky. He’s a professional and more than that, I mean that’s great. It is in your face. I think that we all feel very blessed to be a part of the show in general, but I’m certainly okay with not being in their environment and I’m certainly very okay with being in the Supes’ world.

I know it's a lot of questions. And they’re usually lying and I’ve done the same myself.

BT: You’ve discussed being the social coordinator amongst the cast while filming in Toronto and going to Bar Raval in particular. I remember a friend of mine saying that to me years ago. We’ll see, it’s all speculation right now, but I’m in favor of the timing of it coming out because I think people need relief. Stormfront is a brand new character that we can see. We were on a Zoom video chat about a month ago, he at in his home in Los Angeles, sans the cape and the suit (and blond hair), on screen after ushering his beloved dog into the next room. How will the sense of megalomania kind of grow through the season? Obviously, COVID is a curse completely, but doing press in the middle of a pandemic?

In the middle of summer, I tend not to, so it’s funny because there were a lot more odd glances at the potential psychopath in their midst. I’ll answer both questions. So, she comes in really messing with his head. I do think that she ends up trusting someone. He's a facilitator in the art of language and a fan of both playwright Samuel Beckett and TV scientist Dr. Samuel Beckett. BT: What kind of themes have stuck with you? So, it’s a bummer not to have that interaction, out there in the world and to feel it in a slightly more tangible way.


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