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In an article about distinguished alumni, the university wrote that “Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University in 2011 with a BA in International Relations and Economics.”

All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except for material where copyright is reserved by a party other than CFI. Fox News's Chris Wallace said he wished his experience moderating the first presidential debate mirrored the final one on Thursday that was moderated by NBC's Kristen Welker.

So, you want to use this to push more free stuff. The pride of Harvard David Hogg is outraged that President Trump refers to immigrant parents as…, Laura Ingraham points out ‘how you know Trump won the debate’ with a single CNN screenshot, Dem Rep from Georgia questions Trump claim about border ‘coyotes’ (and people have thoughts), ‘Unreal’: Politifact ruling on Trump claim about campaign spying sends heads CRASHING to…, Joe Biden says he would ‘transition’ from the oil industry, claims he never said he wanted…, ‘Rather hilarious’: Guess what caused Biden’s quick pivot from ‘my family’…, Lie of the year: Joe Biden claims that no one lost their private health insurance under Obamacare, Surprise: Joe Biden brings Rudy Giuliani and Hunter’s laptop into the conversation, Here we go! Meanwhile, AOC’s critics make fun of her for being a bartender. We’re thinking ‘mallen’ speaks for many of us.

This is an emergency. As I noted here at last year, economists nowadays seem to spend a lot of time ripping off the insights of historians, sociologists, psychologists, and political scientists.

Following the presidential debate, many of moderator Kirsten Welker's colleagues at MSNBC called for critics to apologize to her. — Jim Howard ⭐⭐⭐ (@jafo404) March 17, 2020.

AOC appears to have the same beliefs that many economics grads do. If you needed a reminder that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a super genius when it comes to economics look no further than her tweets raging about Trump’s ‘rescue package’, which includes tax cuts, economic stimulus, small business loans, AND literal checks sent out to every American in the next two weeks. These snide remarks about “the bartender AOC” seem to assume that bartending is some sort of disreputable line of work that only idiots pursue. The freshman congresswoman later clarified that she had mistaken Milton Friedman with Keynes. Inexplicably Blinded By Political Lies? What she did learn on these topics was likely built on the premise that the state ought to be intervening in and tinkering with all these things.

That Explains Why She Spouts Idiotic Economics. They tore it down and returned it … Joe Biden says Hunter Biden laptop story is 'Russian plan' despite lack of evidence, Trump's 'good buddy is a thug': Biden accuses President of legitimizing Kim Jong Un, Trump gets out of his own way to paint Biden as creature of Washington, 'You're the big man': Trump accuses Biden of benefiting financially from Hunter's foreign business dealings, In more-civil debate, Biden still on defense, Trump claims 'fumes' from building wind turbines are dirtier than natural gas, Frank Luntz declares final debate a 'tie' — that bodes well for Biden, Biden pledges 'transition' from oil industry, MSNBC hosts say critics owe final debate moderator Kristen Welker an apology, Trump says he prepaid his taxes in years he reportedly paid little, 'I'm jealous': Chris Wallace says he wishes chaotic first Trump-Biden debate mirrored final one, 'I ran because of you': Trump blames Biden's poor leadership for his first presidential run, Trump’s four-year national security report card: As, Bs, Cs, and several incompletes, Healthcare facilities scramble to stock up on personal protective equipment, Christmas in October: Retailers start early by offering holiday discounts before Halloween. But why is it so hard to believe that she has a degree in economics? The theoretical foundations behind such things are mentioned, of course, but at many institutions they are most certainly not emphasized. This is how it works: AOC makes a statement that is notably antimarket, prosocialist, or generally clueless about general concepts from the field of economics.

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But we need payment suspensions to get people through.

(@stclairashley) March 17, 2020. Nothing gets money in the hands of Americans faster than cutting their taxes.

“Serving” in Congress is much less impressive. Ocasio-Cortez, 30, said that Keynes was not entirely wrong because technology and GDP "have advanced wildly since the 1960s" but that wealth inequality has kept people from experiencing a shorter workweek.

It's John Maynard Keynes. President Trump knocked former Vice President Joe Biden during the final presidential debate over recent news stories tying him to his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine. It seems that far too many people have rather inaccurate ideas about what is taught in economics programs nowadays.

I need to know who I need to make the check out to. Someone obviously didn’t listen to Trump’s White House presser just now. It appears that Ocasio-Cortez has a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in both International Relations and Economics. The Progressivism Of The Future Is Really Just The Socialism Of The Past. Leave us your contact information below to recieve a free copy of CFI's 10-Point Manifesto for Individualism, Join the CFI Mailing List using the form below to recieve a free Sample Chapter of Hunter Hastings' The Interconnected Individualism, Leave us your contact information below to recieve a free copy of Reliving We The Living, The Center for Individualism is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization with a mission to promote Individualism in America.

(@hollandcourtney) March 17, 2020. Last year, for example, Vox happily reported that in a new introductory economics course at Harvard “[t]here’s little discussion of supply and demand curves, of producer or consumer surplus, or other elementary concepts.” Moreover, it’s getting easier to get through an economics program without any knowledge of economics because economists are increasingly less interested in economics proper.

“When we look at all of our data, what’s really unfortunate is that 80% of the facilities that have asked for supplies have no supply left of at least one of those types of PPE,” Dr. Ali Raja, co-founder of the organization Get Us PPE, which procures protective equipment for healthcare providers, said. The idea that economics is the dispassionate study of understanding how hiring is affected by an imposed price floor (i.e., a minimum wage) or how opportunity cost affects consumer choices is rapidly becoming hopelessly outdated., — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) March 17, 2020. Expanding small biz loans is an acceptable consideration- but we must avoid allowing this crisis to put millions of people in insurmountable debt. Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he would transition away from the oil and gas industry over time as part of his climate plans, opening the door to Trump campaign criticism in the election’s final stretch. This is why the most revealing research on the Fed as a political institution is conducted primarily by political scientists. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is "a thug' who has benefited from President Trump’s diplomatic outreach, according to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Only economics students, for example, are naive enough to think that central banks are “independent” and nonpolitical institutions. Appalled By Politicians’ Pretensions?

For decades now, economics has been moving further and further away from teaching microeconomics and how firms and households work. AOC’s Primary Education Major 2 is economics.


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