ben wallace 2k20

This card isn't even ben wallace. Suggestions? Sorry for the "spam", but as a MYTEAM community, i think its the best place to ask some help. I think this was made pretty much because Ben has been perceived as unusable by everyone forever. All lay ups.

(please do it this is the only time ima do this), have $840k to spend. any suggestions Perfect, perimeter and interior defense.

Yeah one of the greatest defenders and inside jammers ever doesn’t have 99 for blocking stealing or driving dunk?! Can u help me with my squad?


some suggestions? Any comments or suggestions? Suggestions, thinking about grinding tto to lock in prime series 3 don’t know if good idea tho, He actually cant play his real position LOL. Boosts the ability to hit high degree of difficulty layups, Provides more explosive first steps out of tripple threat and size-ups, Improves the ability to convert contact layups and dunks in traffi, Heightens the effectiveness of layups over taller defenders, Increases the chances of a player successfully backing down their opponent, Boosts the shot percentage for layups when moving across the paint, Improves a player's ability to beat defenders with an advanced layup or dunk gather, Boosts player's Takeover meter when completing a dunk on a fastbreak, Improves the chances of completing a successfull alley-oop dunk/layup, Increases shot percentage as the roller in a pick & roll, Gives an additional boost for having good layup timing, Increases shot percentage when attempting a putback after an offensive rebound, Boosts the chance of hitting a jump shot immediately after a catch, Gives a boost to shots taken near the corner, Reduces the penalty suffered from mis-timed jump shot releases, Increases the bonus given for consecutive excellent releases, Strengthens the player's ability to get the open off the ball, Improves player's shooting ability after making first shot until a miss occurs, Boosts the shot percentage for attempts taken in a player's favorite spots, Improves a player's free throw percentage during the critical moments, Extends the range from which a player can effectively shoot, Improves a player's ability to make shots when fatigued, Boosts shot percentages as shot attempts accrue throughout the game, Increases overall speed with the ball in transition, Boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots after catching a pass, Teammates receive an offensive attribute bonus when player is in the game, Improves the chances of completing a successful alley-oop pass, Improves a player's ability to start and stop with the ball, Improves a player's ability to break down their defender, Improves a player's ability to box out opponents, Raises the chances of getting a chase-down block, Boosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter, Decreases opponents' Takeover meters when achieving a highlight play on defense, Intimidates offensive players causing them to miss shots more often, Improves a player's ability to bump and harass the offense off the ball, Improves a player's ability to navigate through screens effectively on defense, Improves a player's ability to steal the ball from a ball handler, Improves the ability to attempt multiple blocks in succession, Improves the defender's ability to defend post moves, Improves a player's ability to chase down rebounds, Improves ability to block shots, gives boost to the Takeover meter for blocker/teammates, Reduces energy lost when exerting efforts on defense, Allows rebounders to swim or spin around box outs more easily, Boosts the defensive abilities of teammates when in the game, Increases effectiveness of screens and drains energy from opponents on physical contact, Increases chances at getting steals in passing lanes, Receives an earlier cue on the Read and React system while playing defense, Strengthens a defender's ability to move people around in the post, Makes life difficult for the offensive players when trapped, Goes beyond the typical work ethic of an NBA athlete,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Un avis ?

Totally accurate. This Card sucks lol., what about the 90 3pt shaq with HOF range extender? Then why are you always hating on good players? It's funny, but also kind of sad., 40 post hook on a big man lmao. You obviously don't know hoops.

This isn’t even glitched it’s flash!, Ben can Shoot and Speedboost? About Shuajota.

One of the worst 3 point shooters to ever have grazed the hardwood Haha they gave him shitty post moves and instead gave him a 3. Ben Wallace: goes 7 for 51 from 3 in his entire career

PCBasket 2K20 + Update 2.0 All-In-One Roster, NBA 2K19 - Official Roster Update - [Offline Users], NBA 2K19 Shuajota´s Roster Update Season 2019-2020 Released, NBA 2K18 PC│DNA ULTIMATE ROSTER│MASSIVE MOD RELEASED│By Shuajota, NBA 2K18 DNA Ultimate Roster [Patch 2018-2019] RELEASED, NBA 2K19 - Shuajota´s Realistic Roster v7.3 (NBA + Euroleague) Released, PC Basket 2K20 All-In-One Roster: NBA, Euroleague, ACB & FIBA - Info and Previews, NBA 2K20 Draft Class 2020 by Shuajota and Unique Mazique, #NBA #NBA2K18 #NBA2K19 #KevinLove #Mod #Cyberface #dnaobb, PES 2019 Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

Just play 3v3 and he never dunks, like 1 out of ten times.,, help suggestion, But 91 3 point shot sure 2k. Wait what the hell a SF? His strength rating on his diamond is 2 points higher.

100 Standing dunk What a crazy game!

SF? He was a center! Suggestions please. He has a problem with dunks but at the same time hes a top 3 best defensive card in the game, arguably the best. 2K has something wrong because he is doing lay ups all the time like if he had 60 dribing dunk and he has 100??

Who even is this dude and how in the heck did he get a PD?!?!?!?!?

Need some advice, suggestions, how can i improve the line up. NBA 2K series, all player cards and other game assets are property of 2K Sports.

Theres a bug in the game, I played him and the tendencies are wrong. 90 strengyh is way too low.


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