bickershaw colliery disaster 1932

He was supposed to have been trying to unfasten a lashing-on chain from the endless rope, which had got twisted, when his arm seems to have been drawn in between two billy-cock pulleys, and he got fatally crushed by the tubs, Landers, John, 20 Feb 1897, aged 21, Wagon lowerer, Inspection made and inquest attended. Ackers, William, 10 Nov 1865, aged 61, Enginewright, Being bruised by a tub in the pit eye, Ascroft, R., 08 Apr 1854, Fall of roof in drawing props, Ashurst, James, 26 Mar 1903, (accident: 25 Mar 1903), aged 33, Collier, Inspection made and inquest attended. On that afternoon they withdrew the men from the district because they found some indications of heating all round the top of No.7 brow. He was timbering the main haulage downbrow, and having drawn out a broken bar, he was proceeding to set a new bar when the roof fell upon him capping two bars set about three feet apart, Edwards, John, 21 Dec 1883, aged 47, Metalman, Inspection made and inquest attended. A temporary fence was placed around part of the staging platform to where coal was landed. NOTES A catastrophic overwind took place at No.3 Pit on 10 October 1932. The Coroner observed to the Jury that it was one of those cases where, despite all they could reasonably have done in the way of inquiry, they could not get to the bottom of the affair. The stopping on No.7 brow was 25 yards thick and was built of dirt, stone dust and two brick walls, each a yard in thickness. Almost to a man they are wearing cloth caps and macs or jackets. He found no sign of fire. They deemed it unwise to take the risk, having in mind all the circumstances. He was engaged widening a level, and when getting a portion of the side off, ready for a bar, a stone fell injuring his foot. Inspector of Mines, 1859 Mines Inspectors Report, West Lancashire and North Wales District by Peter Higson, H.M. A fall of roof took place upon the deceased at the mouth of a gateroad capping the props on each side of the roadway. NCB Leaflet: Coal in North Western Area, published 1967.

On the night of January 5th he received a phone message to go to the colliery and learned that there was something wrong in the Rise Unit district. Inspector of Mines, 1909 Mines Inspectors Report (Cd 5177), Liverpool and North Wales District (No. He was pushing at the side of an empty railway waggon towards the screens. The others went back to the pit bottom and he made his way out but after he had gone about 50 yards he collapsed. He estimated it at one per cent, and it was about two feet from the roof. On that occasion he went up the higher side slant but found no signs of heating there. Inspector of Mines, 1855 Mines Inspectors Report, by Joseph Dickinson, H.M.

That showed a marked improvement. Then there was a slight smell of smoke. Died 23rd, Murry, John, 02 Feb 1878, aged 20, Drawer, Deceased omitted to put in his scotches, and when he started "down brow" the tub overpowered and knocked him down, Mylett, John, 14 Nov 1890, aged 37, Contractor, Inspection made and inquest attended. It was evident that the source of the smoke was somewhere in front of them, When they decided to return they had covered a distance of 270 yards from where the last body was found. Neville said he stayed behind for a few minutes. Birds were taken down the pit, temperature tests were taken and senior officials of the company were always on the spot when the sealing operations were in progress. Benson was questioned about the stopping. Major Hart was the managing director of the Bickershaw Collieries, Ltd., which consisted of five pits. The latter was not lighted but undamaged. The men were found lying within a few yards of each other and seemed to have been following one another. Thomas W. Monaghan aged 40 night manager, Sherwood House, Crankwood Road. Inspector of Mines, 1876 Mines Inspectors Report (C. 1734), Liverpool District by Henry Hall, H.M. The banksman was sending four big lamps down the pit, and he attempted to put them in the descending cage against men coming up (contrary to rule), and as he was putting them in the engineman lowered the cage unexpectedly, and one lamp fell down the shaft, and struck the bonnet of the ascending cage, and also deceased's head, Frost, David, 04 Jun 1886, aged 23, Collier, Deceased was holing without any sprags being set, when the coal fell over on to him, Garvey, Patrick, 21 Dec 1896, aged 43, Daywageman, Inspection made and inquest attended. Coal shortages following nationalisation create problems for other industries.

//--> The place was well propped, but there was no timber under the end of the stone in the goaf, and it appeared to have overbalanced, Shepherd, Thomas, 10 Oct 1932, aged 20, Shaft accident, overwind, down cage crashed through landing platform into the sump [More information ...], Shovelton, John, 07 Mar 1863, aged 57, Day labourer, Fall of coal, Smith, James, 18 Feb 1882, (accident: 03 Feb 1882), aged 24, Labourer, Deceased was struck by an empty tub in the side, receiving injuries from which he died on the 18th, Starkie, William, 10 Apr 1896, aged 60, Daywageman, Inspection made and inquest attended.

After examining the stopping, which was intact, the team returned to its base. He had a gablock and chain provided but did not select to use it, Stott, James, 26 Dec 1909, aged 35, Coal cutter, Deceased was attending to the coal cutting machine, at the face of the workings, when the roof over the coal cutter fell upon him. 4 - 641 (577 below, 64 surface), 1923 - No.


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