bill clinton swag challenge

a few days prior, when the traumatic video of george floyd being murdered began to circulate the internet, a #blacklivesmatter instagram story tag was born. The Bill Clinton record challenge is a way for music lovers to show off their four favourite albums... with the help of one former president. i’m calling upon you to break the chain. The challenge originated on a website called “ Bill Clinton Swag,” which includes a template for the DIY meme. The meme actually requires somewhat complex image editing software, since you need to be able to add multiple images to a partially transparent picture, then rotate & resize them. this not only failed to be an effective way of educating but reduced the violent truths of police brutality to something as unimportant as a mirror picture or your favorite song, as if something as trivial as a hashtag could solve institutionalized racism. this past week, my feed was full of book recommendations, messages from black writers and influencers, guides on being anti-racist, and creative expression fueled with pain.

on tuesday, however, it became clogged up with emptiness. when blackness is criminalized, whiteness is legitimized. it only took a few swipes to realize that it was a part of the newest instagram trend: #blackouttuesday.

It's very simple and easy method. however, instead of pausing, social media users rapidly engaged in a chain of posting. when blackness is labeled as threatening, whiteness is labeled as unthreatening. this void of information is no better than silence. st. vincent took this opportunity to share extracts from toni morrison’s writing on racism and fascism and encouraged her followers to indulge in readings of their own. A post on Rap Genius from 2014 reveals it’s been popular among music … not every influencer fell into the trap of generating silence. create change with action: donate, sign petitions, and protest. from petitions to protests, reading lists to black-owned businesses, this document has almost everything you could look for in an anti-racist starter kit.

the campaign rapidly expanded. Encourage me … The Bill Clinton record challenge is a way for music lovers to show off their four favourite albums... with the help of one former president. in a sense, one of the most frightening parts of blackout tuesday is that it fell on june’s equivalent of super tuesday. there are countless posts using the tag #blacklivesmatter, despite the fact that in doing so, useful anti-racism resources and information under the tag are being drowned out by a sea of black. it began as #theshowmustbepaused: a call for accountability and change in the music industry. captions containing “all lives matter” are placed alongside ones saying “black lives matter,” neglecting that “all lives matter” was created to devalue black lives and proving just how little consideration goes into these posts. we are all a part of the fabric of institutionalized racism because we all, as white people, benefit from it. While people across the country are still challenging their friends to run 5km in an effort to raise money for charity, a new music related trend has hit Intsagram in the last few days. black square after black square appeared as i scrolled through my feed. How to do the bill Clinton swag Album Challenge On Instagram(Easy Guide) ,keep watching the video till the end. how do i fail to be anti-racist? with the aim of creating a digital environment in which black voices could reach a larger audience and white people could reflect on their own entanglement with racism, non-black influencers were encouraged to stop posting about their personal lives for a day. new mexico, south dakota, washington d.c., and montana were all scheduled to host their primary elections on tuesday, june 2. indiana, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island had also postponed their elections to the same date due to covid-19. the second issue is one of prioritization of information. on a day of eight elections, the last thing that we need is a lack of information. What is the Bill Clinton record challenge? But it's easier said than done. begin with introspection: take an implicit bias test and ask yourself how do i contribute to racism? The Bill Clinton swag challenge has existed in some form since 2012. jameela jamil used her platform @i_weigh to share a film and book list, places to donate, the platforms of black influencers, and the importance of impactful action.

instead of repressing their ego, individuals took advantage of the tag to prove just how “woke” they are — and they failed miserably. However, the original image that’s being used … The Bill Clinton album challenge on Instagram Another music challenge has made its way to Instagram and this one features Bill Clinton sitting amongst your four favourite albums. the third issue is one of performative activism. the first issue is one of ignorance. the emptiness troubled me. How to Make the Best 'Bill Clinton Swag' Album Cover Memes for the Nine Album Challenge Featured 04/21/2020 in wow The Bill Clinton Swag meme comes from a photoshopped photo of Bill Clinton sitting on the ground surrounded by album covers that was first used in a 1999 Onion article titled, "Clinton Writes Fan Letter to Joan Jett." What is the Bill Clinton record challenge? by posting a black square as a white person, instead of simply taking a step away from social media, you are labeling yourself as the “good” white person when there is no such thing.

blackout tuesday is not the first demonstration of this type of “chain activism”. we all need to stay in this fight for the long haul. i’ve seen the caption “silence has become complacency” on a post that shared no information on the nature of white supremacy or how to tackle it. little to no thought is going into these posts, which means that little to no thought is being sparked in those who view them. fatimah warner, known professionally as noname, and aaron philip shared thoughts on the dangers of blacking out social media during a time in which we need to maintain the momentum of the black lives matter movement.


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