blink book summary
A geologist tested the calcite layer on top of it with a high-powered microscope to determine if it was real or fake. What were some of the deciding factors? However, they did not take a deeper look into him, which led them to be wrong about their assumptions. Be it that you're an art expert who instantly knows an object is fake, or a police man who thinks that the victim is pulling a gun out of their pocket rather than a wallet, it's very clear that human beings do have this constant auto-pilot running, an unconscious "survival mode" that gives us most of the clues we might need in the "blink" of an eye, and sometimes those clues might be wrong. Here, the unconscious mind has the advantage over the conscious one. don't get me wrong, i finished the book. Ultimately, Blink offers anecdotes that elucidate conflicting arguments for the usefulness of thin-slicing. With screened auditions, women and people of color gained acceptance into orchestras while improving the overall quality of performances within those institutions. Gottman has been able to predict with 95% accuracy whether a couple will still be together fifteen years later. Gladwell’s next example is of speed dating, which he describes as an event in which people meet each other for the first time and determine if they’d like to get to know that person better. This method takes a long time to learn but it gives you insight into what others are thinking by analyzing their faces. For example, he says that it would not surprise us if someone with a high IQ was successful. He cites many examples which are also interesting to read. Gianfranco Becchina, a famous Italian art dealer, approached the Getty Museum about a marble statue dating from 6th century BC known as kouros. The author believes that this type of judgment can be made quickly because it involves a lot of snap judgments. The incident falls into a gray area between deliberate action and accidental action, which makes it a powerful example of how mind reading can go haywire. They wanted the audition process to be formalized and objective so that they could level the playing field when it came to hiring new players. Blink is about the decisions we make, consciously or not, in the first few seconds of an experience. These findings imply that when people are stressed out enough by life-threatening situations, their minds limit the amount of information they can process at once so they can focus better on what’s happening around them. Coke was losing its market share to Pepsi in blind taste tests. This lays the groundwork for rapid cognition. Malcolm Gladwell tells the story of Kenna, a musician who was born in Ethiopia and moved to America when he was fifteen. This frees up the conscious mind to focus on tasks that only it can complete, like those involving logic. These errors arise from unconscious bias, which can be ferreted out with implicit-association tests that reveal prejudice among even the most open-minded people. Although there is a lot of information about relationships, Gottman has been able to simplify his findings. Your email address will not be published. Like this summary? The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, [Poll Ballot] Blink by Malcolm Gladwell - 3 stars, Mamba Mentality || Quick Thoughts on “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell, Malcolm Gladwell Examines the Real Danger of Talking to Strangers. Gladwell also fails to consider other explanations for his phenomenon, such as the possibility that some people are just naturally slower than others when processing information and making decisions. Two-person squads tend to speed up the officers’ decision making process because they’re less likely to waste time communicating with each other. Chapter 4: What Makes Great Presentations? Gladwell makes a stronger argument in this section. Paul Ekman, who studied under Tomkins, created a system to describe all the different facial expressions we make based on our feelings and emotions called Facial Action Coding System (FACS).

They were told to walk into different dealerships around the city and wait for a salesman who would approach them first. The other president liked Kenna’s music too and brought him to New York for a meeting with U2 (the world’s most popular rock band). There were two teams: Blue Team, which had greater intellectual resources than perhaps any army in history and essentially had every resource of the Pentagon available at their disposal. This involves rehearsing our desired spontaneous responses and developing rules we can fall back on in times of stress. Equally interesting was the last e. Blink is an interesting read. Conant’s skills were exceptional and she got hired – but her employment became difficult due to unfair treatment from the music director (who demoted her unfairly) as well as physical tests to refute claims that she lacked the power necessary to play certain pieces. He led his men with confidence and effectiveness because he was strict but fair to them, as well as being aggressive enough to get results from them. I don't know why that came out so long winded, the reader will find out how interested they are by the first or second chapter. In contrast, the unconscious mind can assess available information in seconds and zero in on the most pertinent details. This book explores the way people make decisions, particularly snap judgments, which are based on the unconscious mind. He saw that he had qualities that would make him a good President, so he helped him get elected to office. People should take rapid cognition seriously and pay attention to the power of first impressions. The book is about making decisions in the blink of an eye, to be precise. Some people more accurately than others. Acknowledging your biases is difficult and uncomfortable. The book is worth reading, especially if you are a very patient person. I was worried that knowing this might ruin this book for me – but it has not. Shortform has the world’s best summaries of nonfiction books and articles. Chapter 4 reviews two lessons about making good snap judgments: Neither deliberate nor intuitive decision making is inherently good or bad. The strangers were shown around campus and asked to rate the person on a variety of scales: talkativeness, reserved personality, originality, etc. Conant played behind a screen during the first round of the audition. Warren Harding was not a particularly intelligent man. This is the third of Gladwell’s books I’ve read in quick succession and this contained lots of information about things that have made me think and sparked my interest to learn more. Improv actors have to make spontaneous decisions, but they do so carefully and with a lot of practice. but i suspect t. so i bought this book in boston's logan airport about 10 minutes before i had to board a flight to seattle. Also behind the scenes was Harry Daugherty, who arranged for Warren Harding to speak at the Republican National Convention in 1916 and convinced people that he should be president. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. and the first 100 pages or so did the trick... until i realized that gladwell wasn't so much building an argument as telling stories about a certain topic.

but i suspect the author might've lacked the attention span necessary to lend this book any coherence.
He was 22 years old and worked as a street peddler. I reread this after realizing I couldn't remember enough to compare with Kahneman`s book.


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