buffalo grass sod albuquerque
Before you invest your hard-earned money in artificial turf, here are a few reasons you might think twice about it! Proper soil preparation can be done anytime before planting the plugs. per home) in a block of eight average homes, Tags : curb appealearth smartenvironmentlawnsoxygenplant real grasspollutionrun offsod benefitstemperaturewater quality, LAWNS & OUR ENVIRONMENT Turf grass is earth smart. Rake and remove all rocks, sticks and debris from surface area of the soil. We first introduced our "Gardens in a Box" over a decade ago and despite our efforts, we sell out every season. This can be a real labor saving method when replacing your existing lawn. Be sure and bury the edges of the plastic sheeting and place heavy rocks across the middle to anchor it and hold it down when the wind blows. A 25 lb. Once established, the amount of water needed next growing season will be much less! OUR LOCATIONS.

This causes burning of grass plug roots and induces a serious nitrogen deficiency that will stunt or kill newly planted plugs. It has been almost 3 weeks and the grass is taking amazingly it is turning this beautiful green (it was still a little yellow from the cold season which is probably a good time to do it) and we just followed the care instructions they provide. Adapted to the Pacific Northwest, Fine Fescue grows best in cool humid regions, coastal regions and in high elevations. We know your horses and livestock still need to eat! DO NOT use manure unless you know it has been actively composted to break it down. You can look up to see what the most popular grasses used in your state are. There are many differences between choosing to seed or lay sod, but, Well, they’re back at it again! USDA Grass Seed Guide Start fine tuning your grass selection based on what priorities you are looking for: drought, shade, texture, water use, etc. If you have real grass for them to play on, the answer is yes! survive the winter temperatures in your area. Assuming that the lawn was planted into well prepared soil, planting into the dead grass is a proven, labor saving method.
Both locations will open, Tags : kids love grassreal turf vs. fake turfsafest natural play surface. 10 Extra, Actually, it requires 18-24 months, from seeding to harvest, to achieve a quality, mature sod; ready for market. Lower-water alternatives include Buffalo Grass (Bouteloua dactyloides) and Blue Grama Grass (Bouteloua gracilis). All sod we bring into our Albuquerque location is for customers who have, UPDATED: October 19, 2020 Our Albuquerque lot will be closed through February/March 2021. Once established, Prestige can be left un-mown during the summer season, if a natural look is desired. How much sod can my half-ton truck carry? We love our sod, and you should too! And it’s the best sod you’ll see in NM! Our farm will remain open for hay sales over the winter. MAINTENANCE AND EXTENDED CARE for Established, Plug Grown Lawns: Watering: Once established Buffalo and Blue Grama grass are very drought tolerant, but they may need extra water during the hottest part of the summer to keep them green and actively growing. It is moisture and humidity tolerant and outperforms all other varieties of buffalo grass in the southern and southeastern United States. It seems we all shop and compare prices. Make sure the water is getting to all the, EXAMPLE: 1. On athletic fields, it can be used in mixtures with perennial ryegrass and/or tall fescue. If dry spots persist, an irrigation uniformity problem is likely, and an additional sprinkler head, When requesting more information or pricing through our website, we would just love if you used our Quote/Info Request form, rather than posting a “comment” to our website posts. PLANTING USING THE "DRILL AND FILL" METHOD- Planting plugs into existing turf areas. However, zoysiagrass still establishes slower than bermudagrass.

More frequent irrigation will be required if establishing the grass in hot weather or sandy soils. Bella’ bluegrass will need more water each month than Buffalo or Grama in western climates. Clover Seed, All varieties require little maintenance and like to be mowed at 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. In fact, homes built since 1995 in Albuquerque are allowed no more than 20% turf. The delivery guy was pretty cool too. Perennial and spring-planted bulb orders will arrive separately from seeds. Click on the product name (ie. High quality sod, locally grown, extremely healthy and looks great. It is moisture and humidity tolerant and outperforms all other varieties of buffalo grass in the southern and southeastern United States. c) Measure the grid: Use a string line marked every 6″ or 12″ (with a Magic Marker), stretch it between two stakes to show you where to plant each plug. ‘Hachita’ Blue Grama; needs only one application of Yum Yum Mix applied in early fall. For HAY ONLY (at farm after 12/16), call Don at 505-350-1906 to make arrangements. At City’s Synthetic Fields, HIGH LEAD LEVELS FUEL DEBATE, FAKE GRASS HAS IT'S DRAWBACK: It gets too hot, study says, NMSU Compares Water Use For Artificial Turf And Real Grass, Reuters: Study finds football knee injuries more likely on artificial turf, We are taking orders and delivering. ARTIFICIAL TURF: Does it Increase the Risk of Sports Injuries? Perennials and spring-planted bulbs are shipped at the proper planting time for your hardiness zone. Are they begging to play outside…or will they decide not to because they don’t have anything nice to play on? It has exceptional disease and insect resistance and a very low pollen rating. Buffalo Grass was one of the grasses that herds of buffalos roamed in the great plains, and the sod was once used by early settlers to help with the construction of their homes. 1. If you have followed our detailed planting and care instructions and you do not experience success, we will honor our satisfaction guarantee for up to one full year from delivery. About 10-30 times more than live turf grass, depending on the style of artificial turf you choose. Improved seeded buffalograsses are now available. Many grasses survive drought by going dormant only to “wake up” when water is made available. Initially, apply at least 1″ of water so the soil underneath is very wet. It also allows weeds to sprout and be pulled or rototilled prior to planting.

“Wire-Tied” Bales $10.00-13.00 ea (60-65 lbs.) Step-by-Step Sod Installation Instructions, 10% Off 100+ Alfalfa Hay Bales in Moriarty, Ahh…September, the month for planting seed for next years harvest.

Tall fescue resists heavy wear and high temperatures. When Is Sod Available for Pick-Up or Delivery? These can be augmented with ornamental grasses, but regardless of the types of grasses you plant, remember to maximize watering efficiency. But, when it comes to sod, there are vast differences in quality; however, many folks don’t shop and compare. It is NOT recommended that plugs be planted into a live lawn. Cool-Season Grasses: Density Buffalo ranks as a turf of choice for discerning lawn owners for it’s extremely low water requirements once established. A detailed planting and maintenance instruction sheet is provided with each order. USDA Zone Map Please check our product list for available sod products. Flower Seeds,


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