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NOTICE: While your contribution is vital and directly supports The Political Insider, it is NOT tax deductible. “There are some areas where we just fundamentally disagree,” she said, “but that’s okay. For months, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been performing a political tight-rope act, trying to please the far-left wing of his party while also attempting to maintain that he is a middle-of-the road Democrat. First of all: who asked you? perfect counterweight to Biden’s hetero-normative, septuagenarian Stopping Socialism is a website devoted to informing the world about the dangers, including the moral dangers, associated with socialism, communism, and other forms of collectivism. Barack Obama, Joe Biden has a pen and a phone (along with a Florsheim shoe,

For two decades, TIME magazine has compiled an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. The author temporarily lost me at “While Harris is a great choice for Veep”.

McCain had to step in and remind Behar that AOC is too young to fill such a role, as per the Constitution. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Well, if Sanders is right, Biden’s charade campaign as a so-called “moderate” Democrat should end immediately. Yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg said Jill Biden should be Surgeon General, despite her having doctoral degree in education. All rights reserved, Cookie Policy (U.S.) and Do Not Sell Information Requests. Please donate what you can today! cast a ballot, then we the people, in order to form a more perfect union, must PHOTO: Joe Biden at McKinley Elementary School, By Phil Roeder, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0). Once in office, Biden can sign an Executive Order to revise the rules to match America’s new reality. It is our belief that socialism, even when implemented exactly as its adherents want, inevitably leads to economic chaos, rampant poverty, and tyranny. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Considering though Biden’s advanced age, and the … However, if that is not enough to cause Democrats and independents to think twice about supporting Biden, AOC went further. that included Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, of power and privilege. the Constitution that set the template for America’s structural and systemic mirror.”. While Harris is a great choice for Veep, rights. he die or be determined incapacitated after being found roaming the West Wing WATCH: How Socialists Use Climate Change to Expand Their Power, The Evidence Is Clear: America Is Headed for a Voter-Fraud Nightmare in November. So, AOC, Bernie, the Squad, and many others on the far-left aren’t giving up on the key parts of their vision for America, even though Biden has, in some cases, publicly rejected those views. However, later, AOC let the cat out of the bag, when she explained that, in her mind, Medicare for All is the end goal, regardless of what Biden wants to put in place. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. swoon. I’m sure you are saying, “But, Mr. with repressive and regressive policies that hold this nation back. Read this Next on “I think, overall, we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues,” AOC said. “AOC would be actually a good choice, except that she’s a Bernie person,” Behar said, acknowledging that Biden is the apparent frontrunner at this stage. “We need a mass movement in this country.

Dillon works in the sales department of a privately owned small company.

He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, and more. the rules to match America’s new reality. © 2020 The Political Insider – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You have entered an incorrect email address! “She’s a hell of a doctor. It isn’t too late to drop Harris from the ticket and add AOC. It’s hard to believe these women on ‘The View’ help shape the news in the minds of their gullible viewers. Not to be outdone, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), another self-proclaimed socialist, recently said, “I think, overall, we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues.”. If Biden wins, it seems clear that the socialist wing of the party is going to do everything it can to push Biden in the right direction, rather than settle for Biden’s progressive policies. Designed & Developed by Precision Creations, By subscribing, you agree to receive emails from and that you've read and agree to our, Joy Behar Suggests AOC Should Be Vice President, Meghan McCain Quickly Shoots Her Down. Of course, this is not to say that AOC, Bernie, and Biden are on the same page on every issue, especially when it comes to Medicare for All and some of the most extreme elements of Bernie and AOC’s socialist agenda. woman of color as running mate is an incalculable measure of progress. Can you imagine somebody like this representing the Senate of the United States? EXCLUSIVE: I found the UNEDITED never-before-seen @AOC garbage disposal video. As a VP?” Behar asked, clearly confused. Whoopi Goldberg thinks Jill Biden is a medical doctor and wants Joe to make her Surgeon General if he becomes president. “The Constitution has a minimum age for president and it’s conceivable that the vice president is going to be president,” Yang gently pointed out to the befuddled comic. Biden Earlier in the week, another co-host of ‘The View,’ Whoopi Goldberg, suggested Jill Biden, who has a doctoral degree in education leadership and is most decidedly not an actual doctor, should be nominated as Surgeon General of the United States. After all, do we really want someone who doesn’t know how to use a garbage disposal a heartbeat away from the presidency? I think it’s important to acknowledge that we can have, in some cases, very large disagreements … But, you know, we will hash those out. And the people on those task forces worked very, very hard.”.

Worse, a Politico report prior to that indicated Ocasio-Cortez is experiencing an overwhelming groundswell of support for a future presidential run once she reaches the required age. with a half-eaten bowl of Cream of Wheat, arguing with his reflection in a We’ll find out in November. The Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force recommendations, which Joe Biden is all-in on, is closer to The Communist Manifesto than anything approaching a moderate Democratic Party platform, adding to the growing fears that a Biden presidency would indeed be the most progressive in U.S. history. Sanders also explained why he thinks Biden will veer left if he wins the presidency in less than 50 days. Maybe one day Behar’s dreams will come true. The real question is, why are the party’s socialists so convinced they will be able to get Biden to go where they want him to? The following two tabs change content below. Contact Justin Haskins, Stopping Socialism’s editor-in-chief, by email at or What’s the Difference Between Communism and Marx’s Socialism?

Democrats’ socialist wing is using Joe Biden to advance its socialist causes, and they’re hoping Americans who might otherwise reject their far-left policies will be more likely to accept them if they come out of the Biden administration, because many Americans falsely believe Biden is a middle-of-the-road Democrat (which he used to be, to some degree, but isn’t anymore).

Former Vice President Joe Biden will face off against President Donald Trump in the U.S. 2020 elections. Chris Talgo ( is an editor and research fellow at The Heartland Institute and a researcher and editor at

Once in office, Biden can sign an Executive Order to revise “The Constitution has a minimum age for president and it’s conceivable that the vice president is going to be president,” Yang gently pointed out to the befuddled comic. nine iron, and rutabaga) at his disposal to institute real change. Meaning Ocasio-Cortez would be unable to pursue the presidency or be placed in a line of succession to the presidency until at least 2024. Like his predecessor, President Stopping Socialism –

To read our U.S. cookie statement, click here. Like his predecessor, President Barack Obama, Joe Biden has a pen and a phone (along with a Florsheim shoe, nine iron, and rutabaga) at his disposal to institute real change. Businessman Andrew Yang pushed back on Thursday's "The View" after co-host Joy Behar floated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., as a potential vice presidential pick in the 2020 election. RELATED: Could AOC’s Latest Move Lead to Democrats Eliminating Her House Seat? McCain also chimed in to educate her colleagues once again: “I could be wrong. What with one saying a teacher should be Surgeon General and the other unaware of the constitutional requirements of the office of the presidency. hails from Delaware, the first colony to ratify Could Coronavirus Cause Communist China to Crumble? Don't let liberals in media silence conservatives. no longer adhere to the rules written by those same bigots that dictate who is Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He holds a BA in Journalism & Creative Writing from Lyndon State College, and needs only to complete his thesis for his Master’s of English from Montclair State University (something which his accomplished and beautiful wife, Alice, is continually pestering him about). @AOC: 'We can likely push' @JoeBiden 'in a more progressive direction' if he's elected #JustTheNews #2020Election ... “I think, overall, we can likely push Vice President Biden in a more progressive direction across policy issues,” she continued. She’s an amazing doctor!”, The rest of The View hosts have to tell her that Jill is, in fact, a teacher. I thought she was a PhD.”. Will America take the bait? undoing the Constitution’s Framers’ commitment to the separation of powers and civil Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. To date, Biden has somehow pulled-off this tricky balancing act, mostly due to the fact that his handlers have kept him out of the media spotlight and away from voters as much as possible. In the minds of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, it seems as though Biden has already become a socialist Trojan horse. “I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the surgeon general … she’s a hell of a doctor,” Goldberg gushed of the woman who is not a doctor period, let alone a ‘hell of’ one. McCain had to step in and remind Behar that AOC is too young to fill such a role, as per the Constitution.

And it’s worse than we thought.


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