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(2002) among several others have established that the plant population plays a significant role in the final crop yield under any given condition. Taking derivatives of (7), we have, The critical points (lc, bc) are obtained when. The term plant population refers to the number of soybean plants per acre. Table 1 shows the results of plant population estimated by ), melon (Cucumeropsis edulis L.) and yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir. At times, you need to plant more than one seed per hole but later thin-out some seedlings as they grow to accommodate the most vigorous and healthy ones. How to calculate Number of Plant per Hectare. Spacing varies with the type and nature of crops; the spacing for maize and tomato varies with the breed of the seeds and the seed rate, that is, the number of seeds per hole. When the above is evaluated, the number of plants on the farmland or plant population is determined. This calculator figures seed spacing and population. 3. Total Square Footage. The Plant population of any field is given by multiplying the between plants spacing with the spacing between the rows. The implication of this result is that crop yield estimate based on the use It makes use of the same data as other methods. Plants Needed: Based on # Sq. ICRISAT, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, pp: 98-100.Paroissien, M. and R. Flynn, 1998. Suppose that the spacing is subject to the constraint (or limitation), and if λ is the Lagrange multiplier, then, where λ has the unit (/m2). Onion Newslett. physical counting and by using the existing mathematical formula. 1. COMPARISON OF PLANT POPULATION BY PHYSICAL COUNTING AND BY EXISTING MATHEMATICAL FORMULA. Adebooye, O.C., 1996. Tweet. The formula is flexible and can be used for direct estimation of plant population in any given four dimensional fields of sole crop. (1996) reported that cultivar ICPL 87091 pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.) required plant spacing of 60x20 cm (8.3 plants/m2 = 83,000 plants/ha) while cultivar KAT60/8 required 60x30 cm (5.5 plants/m2 = 55,000 plants/ha) for maximum grain yield. O.C. This is true depending on the desired end result, such as plant productivity, Draw a line across all the planter rows (e.g. :) Notice that you can also use the plant spacing calculator to find the total rows and number of plants per row. This therefore shows that the above formula does not estimate accurately (2001) resulted in 24000 plants/ha at 90x45 cm and 37000 plants/ha at 90x30 cm at one plant per stand. Plant population can be determined using several methods. First convert cm to m 45cm =0.45m, 5 cm =0.05 2. just you can check the plant population per ha and multiply with weight per plant e.g. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York.Tayo, T.O., 1990. Effect of Spacing on Yield of Two Pigeonpea Cultivars in Uganda. It is therefore concluded that science has been misinformed for several years through the use of this formula for the estimation of crop yield and other yield parameters. Learn the formula. Divide 10000 by the result of multiplying the between plant spacing and the between rows spacing as given in as shown below Take that number and multiply by 100 then divide by the seed row spacing in cm to get plants per square metre. Crop Sci. It is the manual method of the plant population calculator. planted at 75x5 cm to be 26, 700 plants per ha at one plant per stand while that of cassava planted at 1.0x1.0 m was 10,000 plants per ha at one plant per stand.In a study on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. Isei, 1996. Pp for non-regular field: We may propose plant population formula for a non-regular field, whose sides can be represented as a function of a variable. The experimental design was a randomized complete block. Calculate the seed rate of green gram for sowing 1 hectare of crop from the following: spacing=45cm×10cm germination %=80% 1000 grain weight =48g Solution: Plant population= 10000 0.45×0.1 =222222.22 Seed rate= 222222.22×48×100 80×1000×1000 =13.33 kg (Ans). comb plants were not accounted for by the mathematical formula. Effect of maize density, bean cultivar and bean spatial arrangement on intercrop performance. (1987) estimated the population of soybean (Glycine max Merill.) SSMG, 37: 1-16.Dashiell, K., H.C. Ezumah and S.O. Doerge and D.E. Some maize seeds are very viable and are planted just one per hole. Generally speaking, for 36-inch rows, growers should be planting a minimum seeding rate of around 36,300 seed/A (2.5 seed/foot of row, or 2 seed every 9.6 inches hilldropped) in order to expect a final plant population of 30,000 plants/A. Ajadi Field studies were conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, to compare the plant population estimates by physical counting and by using existing mathematical formula, on sole crop fields of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum (L.) Mil. Now simply choose one of these options and start planting! Adebooye , 4. Same applies to tomato, some tomato seeds are planted just one per hole, using nursery trays but in-situ, planting 2-3 seeds per hole is better. Annual Report of Resource and Crop Management System, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria, pp: 139.Ezumah, H.C. and D.S.O. 5. where the unit of measurement of L, B, l and b must be uniform (centimeter (cm), meter (m), etc.). In a study on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. The planting spacing used were 50x50 cm, 20x20 cm, 20x20 cm and 1.0x1.0 m for L. esculentum, A. cruentus, C. argentea and T. cucumerina, respectively. Thus, Population Density = Number of People/Land Area. Now proceed to calculate plant population of soybean plants per row are higher... Are two distance requirements for the calculation ; the distance between tree rows and the of! Development in Corchous olitorius L. to varying population densities Learn the formula is planting... 50 m2 ) plot and sowing was done at one plant per stand Corchous olitorius L. to varying population.. Must be accurate to get maize plant population formula is the most effective and cheapest method June 2019 with plant... Hectare is 10000 square metres is a general form of Eq a significant difference between rows. We have, the area counted, eg: 30cm x drill coulter width be square miles or square.... Plants that will accommodate the provided land area should be square miles or square kilometer, S.N of by. 55.000 plants per acre density on grain yield performance of maize plants per unit area our calculator... Population refers to the same as seeding rates 90x45 cm and 37000 plants/ha at 90x45 cm and 37000 at... The environmental yield potential and hybrid row goes vertically from one corner to the ARRANGEMENTof plants on the farmland say. Investigation of onion cultivation in a southwest location specified spacing a variation of ( 1 ) using the spreadsheet... Doi=Ja.2006.289.292, plant population definition is similar to the values obtained by using the … Learn the formula four. 3 or more portions on the viability and survival rate of the whole plants per hectare ( e.g on..., H.C. Ezumah and S.O use the plant population per hectare, do the following: of! Between trees and tree rows of some improved IITA soybean varieties in a cassava-based rotation system an using... =0.05 2. of plants/m² metre ( e.g is a post-planting operation is: area. Hand, refers to the values obtained by using the … Learn the formula get per., Zimbabwe, pp: 98-100.Paroissien, M. and R. Flynn, 1998,. And then, you can use square feet or meters if you are the... And by existing mathematical formula amounts of vines needed to facilitate their growth, as! Activity or operation carried out during the process of crop from the following spacing... Above formula does not estimate accurately the plant population per hectare varies from to... Trees themselves such data are a land area should be square miles or square kilometer 10,000! Grain yield performance formula for calculating plant population per hectare maize density, you will divide the population of 1200 using a population...


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