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padding-bottom: 3px; margin-bottom: 1px; Election results and vote counts for New Hampshire federal, state, and county candidates for office, plus past New Hampshire ballot questions. font-size: 1.25em; text-align: center;

Hynes has demonstrated considerable ties to the Free State Project, including: When Hynes ran for State Senate in 2014, he noted that he is a FSP early mover and asked the Free State Project community for help to get him elected. overflow: hidden; For refusing a breath test or giving a test above the legal limit you will lose your license for 6 months or 2 years. State Senate | } display: inline-block; margin-bottom: 0px; color: white; height: 22px; His team of lawyers serve the entire State of New Hampshire. For a subsequent (second and up) offense or aggravated DWI, if convicted, there is mandatory jail time, up to a year. vertical-align: top; color:white; You may want to consider certain things when hiring a DUI attorney: Is your practice 100% DWI Defense?Are you a certified INSTRUCTIOR in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests? Campaign finance requirements | New Hampshire Gov. What do you perceive to be your state’s greatest challenges over the next decade? background-color: #f9d334; Hiring a DWI lawyer can often give you the best chance at the best defense. I graduated with a B.A. } .cfheader { left: 0px; font-style: italic; Jeanne Dietsch defeated Dan Hynes in the general election for New Hampshire State Senate District 9 on November 6, 2018. Some states have a limited number of available scorecards or scorecards produced only by select groups. Supreme Court | .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { }); .votebox { Federal courts | font-size: 12px; “I think it’s an important issue and deserves to be heard.”. .inner_percentage.CrossFiled { background-color: green; display: block; New Hampshire has some of the strictest DWI laws in the country. Dan Hynes completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey. font-size: 12px;

display: inline-block; display: block; width: 250px; @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { defer(); Elections for the New Hampshire House of Representatives took place in 2016. (603) 384-3264. padding-left: 0; .race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { As the New Hampshire DWI GUY, Attorney Dan Hynes is a DWI Defense lawyer serving all of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Roger H. Tilton was unopposed in the Democratic primary, while Gary Daniels defeated Daniel Dwyer, Dan Hynes and Maureen Mooney in the Republican primary. padding-left: 10px; rowCount: "25", .votebox-results-metadata-p { Dan Hynes defeated Terry Wolf in the Republican primary for New Hampshire State Senate District 9 on September 11, 2018. function defer() { .results_table { .widget-row.Democratic { tForeground: "#444444", padding-bottom: 0px; The results have been certified.


   background-color: #003388; Dan Hynes has helped hundreds of clients charged with DWI. Thank you Matt Mayberry for your support of our officers and holding these sign waves. } Financial regulation | 	font-weight: 200; 	font-size: .9em; He is the author of three books on DUI. 

For aggravated DWI, the minimum license loss is 12 months. Largest counties | } border:1px solid #FFB81F; Sununu’s spokesman, Ben Vihdstadt, said the order was most certainly within the governor’s authority.


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