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In terms of politics, I guess a change in political party in power shows an example of tail risk, since those at the outer edges of the left and right bell curves are those affecting the change more drastically. I’ve seen so many people talk about smart money in hindsight that I reckon we may have actually created a fault in time somewhere along the line. 3M USD LIBOR is lagging spot USD by a large amount. Let’s look at them contextually, compared to the previous high or low. We were in a downtrend, and got early indications of a change in trend. I’d argue that a mid term hold of 1.45 and you could hold GBP and keep adding to a very long term position.
If we rewind to the previous defined trend, we can get hints as to when a trend will change. External to this, USD LIBOR rising could be causing investors to shy away from USD denominated assets over the next few months as dollar hedging costs become too great relative to potential yields. Is the chart going from bottom left to top right? It’s also relatively a pointless remark to make since if China dump them all then they have 0 leverage at all. My focus this year and late last year has been to be building a thematic case based upon one or two key themes in the market and finding a corresponding asset class to execute in. The first thing that went wrong was that I actively wanted to do business on ECB day. This particular breakout occurred in conjunction with my favoured horizontal support and resistance. Price ends up bouncing at areas of high volume as there are resting orders, people taking profits and new entrants into the market (trading at higher volume areas, Guestpost: Is the trend really your friend? Later today (1.30GMT) sees the release of Q4 GDP data in the U.S. Wyckoffian schematics indicate a move to $1,050. I will be blindly short from current resistance on market open. I generally look at the dollar index as a function of equal weights. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Is it really that easy?

Click to follow this blog and receive notifications of trading tips, strategies and more via email. He refersto it as ‘the straw that will break the camel’s back’. There are other nuances as to whether I want to take it or not (I’m not going to say them all), but that’s the barebones – and Heikin Ashi has made where I want to do business so obvious it’s scary. This is yet another obstacle to trend trading. I read his article and noticed that he is using a different USD gauge. • China slowing down affects the Aussie hugely. We’ve had a pretty large spike in bearish volume at lows back before Christmas. Given that he is a newbie to the Agora Lifestyles Financial Team, there is initially some question over just how good a thing this is. For me, this signifies a lack of confidence in the US economy, where we are reversing the 2014 move I.e the end of the balance sheet increases. David Belle of TradingView.

Study the following charts. This could also be reliant on a Euro collapse. Smart money: Nonsense, or something to pay attention to? One simple way would be to look at the structure of highs and lows in the market. For a time, yes. The below chart of the FTSE does not look healthy to me. Arguably, it’s irrelevant as to what your filter is, but I’d say find something that makes it as obvious as possible. Essentially, I feel the dollar is currently heavily under priced if we follow the underlying money market fundamentals.
Smart money: Nonsense, or something to pay attention to? Probably what you hear about everything. In FX, simplicity is best… #fx #btc #audjpy, What I have learnt after 7 years of trading, Oh look… the FTSE looks like cable before the referendum sell off… uh oh, Oil, Gold, USD, GBP, Yen COT report breakdowns & interpretation #fx #oott.

This can provide certain confidence to traders being long yen vs. commodity backed currencies such as the Aussie. The slow grind or the fast unwind?

David stumbled into trading accidentally at the age of 18 where the YouTube algorithm saw that he was searching for ‘interest rates’ and ‘stock markets’ while studying economics at A-Level. These are the Referendum moves but work for extended and strong, thin moves as well due to the volume mechanics which I will explain at the end. This has a vastly different usage to simply being currency, since it is now connected heavily to economic activity of consumers. You’ve heard this before, haven’t you?

To plot the fib, you take the open of the candle at the start of the big move and end it at the wick of the end of the big move. I think confidence will be lost, gradually. We have a slight Wyckoff bottoming pattern. Leave a comment below if you do, there is more than one way to skin a cat and we’re curious to know how other people do it. I shall explain in terms of the histogram (volume profile) on the side. Then you repeat the process when you’ve calmed down. It seems the wall will be built but the question remains “who will pay for it? I have found it after seven years… seven years of thinking a chart display was a broker’s trick…, As I said, you learn something new everyday, so thanks @ForexCobain. You’d be a fool not to buy in that market. Let’s look at a lower timeframe of the above chart: We see more conflicting evidence. If the conditions would allow, then we could see a slip to ¥68-¥69 and an upside retest of that ¥70 level. Let’s face it, we’re currently off the highs up at 7800 by 800 points. It’s pretty simple which I quite like. pic.twitter.com/AK8n7e9CQ8, — David Belle (@david__belle) April 25, 2018.


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