dolly winch for inflatables

A heavy duty 5000-lb winch with controls mounted on the frame along with  a wireless remote control. then you just found the best place to buy a dolly. You'll also see why Jolly Dolly is the most trusted power hand truck on the market. The frame is curved for cradling inflatables and an angled to provide maximum leverage. Medium Duty 2 Wheel Dolly - Angled Design, Heavy Duty 2 Wheel Dolly with 1000 Pound Capacity, HD3 Dolly with adjustable rear caster 1200 weight capacity, Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Dolly with 2000 weight capacity. Save lots of time and energy by buying the right dolly to move inflatables from the beginning. A stowable chain allows the dolly to be staked to the ground to allow heavy pulling without the dolly moving. Imagine the time and labor saved when you multiply that by how many setups you do every day, every week, every month! It has a quarter-inch-thick load plate, 14 gauge frame rails, and cross bars and structural components made from schedule 40 steel pipe and 3/16” steel flat bar. If you have employees, they will not tire out as fast.

The HD Winch Dolly has a 5000-pound winch with controls mounted on the frame rail as well a wireless remote control. We know our product is solid, so we stand behind our it with a three-year written warranty. The Winch Dolly converts to a wagon to take all the weight off your shoulders much like The Original HD Jolly Dolly. Add your newest employee to your fleet to assist with rolling those heavy inflatables with an all-in-one winch dolly. It is designed as a heavy duty dolly for inflatables to move the biggest inflatables over the most difficult terrain. Take a look at why it sets us apart from the rest. The six-foot-tall angled design provides maximum leverage. We understand the importance of worker safety and efficiency to keep you running smooth and profitable.

Don't waste your money on a cheap dolly only to find out you needed to buy a dolly from us to get the job done. Our customers have asked for it and now it is available, the new employee added to their arsenal, The Best Inflatable Dolly in the market! The Jolly Dolly Power Plus motorized dolly is the best powered dolly on the market.A motorized dolly is the key to reducing fatigue and make a difficult job much easier.

The HD Winch Dolly features a industrial strength welded steel frame with curved ribs designed to cradle inflatables. Just be warned that the drivers will fight over it if you only but 1 or 2 and everyone you know will want to borrow this dolly to move something they have including your customers. At AZ Hand Trucks, we have custom dollies that are designed to transport the loads typical within the inflatable rental business. Powered by a 12-amp hour battery in built-in enclosure.

For larger setups, you can haul blowers, sandbags, and other accessories by themselves in wagon mode, making the job much quicker and easier. Jolly Dolly Power Plus Motorized Dolly and Hand Truck for …

The HD Winch Dolly is a Jolly Dolly HD Dolly with a self-contained winching system. Vertical cargo bars allow you to carry blowers, sandbags, and accessories.

You can also load up a blower, tarp, stakes, extension cords, and other accessories and make one trip to the setup location. It will last for a full day of rolling inflatables before needing to be charged. The gold standard of heavy duty dollies for the inflatable industry The Original Jolly Dolly is the result of years of being the owner of an inflatable rental company and putting prototypes to use on a daily basis. Just be warned that the drivers will fight over it if you only but 1 or 2 and everyone you know will want to borrow this dolly to move something they have including your customers. of coarse you need to know how to roll them properly otherwise no dolly will work. The Jolly Dolly HD is the best and most reliable dolly for the inflatable industry. Our heavy duty dollies will save you time and money in a short period of time not to mention having employees working for you that will not work near as hard as you will so buy them a tool they can use so you don't have to help them every time. A motorized Dolly for inflatables does all the hard work for you, moving heavy heavy inflatables over rough terrain with barely any effort.


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