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There are so many good reasons to eat cruciferous veggies, such as: They’re super healthy on their own but sprinkle on some mustard powder for extra flavor kick and the bonus of making those benefits more accessible to your body. I’ve linked to 2 smoothies above that she’s discussed previously that omit fruit. With gratitude. The income from these links helps pay for the considerable time spent reasearching and writing these posts. Eating is allowed only in the so-called “eating window”. Rhonda resides in a warm part of the world (San Diego, CA), and thus has taken to using what’s called a ChiliPAD. Throw together a big salad for a powerful micronutrient dinner. Click this link for more information on making version 2. This can be coupled with exercise, which also improves sleep quality (for both younger and older people).

What’s unclear is how much of a negative effect that has on ones health. It’s not just Rhonda who’s a fan, podcasters Peter Attia (source) and Tim Ferriss (source) also use them.

N95 vs FFP3 & FFP2 masks – what’s the difference? Whilst eating within the 12 hour (day time) clock, we metabolize glucose, amino acids, fatty acids optimally. However compliance can be worse, as you have to remember to put them on each evening. Tim Ferriss Fasting Technique – 3 Day Protocol, Alexis Ren Ab Workout and Diet – Tips and Tricks, Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Preferred Supplement List, Rhonda Patrick’s Pregnancy + Baby Product Recommendations, Best Sulforaphane Supplements for Nrf2 Activation – Containing Glucoraphanin + Myrosinase, Top Intermittent Fasting Questions Answered, Muscle Recovery Food To Get You Back On Track, Exercise That Isn’t Boring – How To Plan Effective Exercise, Scrambled egg topped with tomatillo salsa, Sauteed Kale + Garlic topped with olive oil, salt, and mustard powder, Avocado oil, for cooking the eggs and kale, Nut & Berry Cereal – including walnut, pecan, and macadamia nuts + blueberries, Chard (two rainbow chard leaves and stems), Chicken bone soup with vegetables and spices. What we don't yet have are guidelines on how to anonymize the data thoroughly and correctly, thus we run the risk of this data being de-anonymized. Their studies have uncovered huge health benefits using time restricted feeding in animals, and they’re currently researching further to understand which of these benefits apply equally to humans. I made the first smoothie this morning and it was surprisingly good! Kale has a ton of lutein and zeaxanthin. We are bringing you some of Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s Diet Ideas so that you can follow more closely to her plan. Does it have the correct ratio of carbs, fats and protein? With regards to varying the time window (in which you eat) day to day, I’d imagine it’s not optimal. Would love to compare their methodologies. It means that you eat at specific points of the day and you fast for a set period of time every day. It’s a delicate balance between having good information, and also making it brief and succinct! Please note that where I link to products, some of these links are affiliate links. You might have heard of intermittent fasting? I don’t think the study has been done where (for example), there were 2 groups doing intermittent fasting, kept to the same diet parameters, and one of the groups was allowed coffee in the morning, the other wasn’t. Rhonda is a huge advocate of smoothies. She has mentioned a couple of relevant bits of Twitter, which you’ve probably already seen: In answer to the question “What’s your take on the China Study in relation to your work?” she replied in 2014: “My take is it is more complicated than they say. There are additional supplements you can take depend on your individual health and circumstances. Above I was just giving examples of the types of foods that she has shared about eating. There is something about her that I can’t put my finger on…she’s a scorcher.

Around 16% of all menstruating women are actually iron deficient. Smoothies are great because they are easy to make, quick to consume and are packed with nutrients. Scientists used to ask the question “why do we sleep?” – looking for 1 big answer. There are quite a large number of DNA testing services available. Below we’ll look in greater detail at her core diet strategies, and then dig into the specifics of her breakfast, lunch and dinner. I see the potential life altering benefits of the information that Rhonda is spreading, so it’s nice to hear that this struck a note with you also. The Rock’s Supplements – Find Out What Dwayne Johnson Uses! Privacy Policy, – Built on WordPress, hosted w/ Cloudways ♥️ For 30% off the ChiliPAD, see this readers discount here. Learn more here. And getting adequate amounts of them is essential to our healthy survival. The best thing about smoothies is that they are easy and quick to make. I have a daughter and 3 nieces. If you believe something I've stated needs a reference, and I haven't done so, please let me know in the comments. Does it matter if I eat from 10am-8pm on Monday and on Tuesday I eat from 7am-5pm? Her diet emphasizes balance and health, so it is a great choice for those who want to improve their lifestyle. One encouraging sign is that Berkey’s can filter down to 0.1 micron or better (which is what gives it the ability to filter out tiny viruses). Regarding xylitol, another way to more or less continuously bathe your teeth in xylitol is too use a xylitol sweetener in your coffee and drink plenty of it. Part of this info comes via a Tim Ferriss podcast interview (link), and part is via recent updates. For example recently, she adjusted her supplements to provide additional immune support: Rhonda’s Daily Supplements – Focused on Immune Function. His “triage theory” informs us that even moderate micronutrient deficiency over time can damage our bodies.

However, past that 12 hour clock, say we’re eating at night, that’s when our metabolism in general no longer works as well. As such, you are allowed to eat most foods. It’s essential since no one has time to browse. For a less technical, but potentially more engaging description on the benefits of sulforaphane, see the below snippet from Rhonda’s podcast with Joe Rogan on JRE #901: Rhonda is a huge proponent of nutrigenomics, the idea that patterns in our DNA illuminate how we as individuals handle certain foods in our diet. Since this is a long fasting window, make sure to target is in such a way that you spend a good part of it sleeping. Vegetable smoothies are probably one of the easiest dietary adjustments to make that can have a huge impact on long term health. Would you recommend it for me? Thanks for this John–extremely helpful. Whilst that may not be everyone’s cup of tea content-wise – the general principle of reading offline content is likely to help, be it fiction, fantasy etc. If you don’t get adequate amounts, your health suffers (see, Pre-biotics – these are non digestible plant fibre that provides food for “good bacteria” to live and grow. As in hot. – (why Cloudways? I haven’t heard Rhonda talk specifically around hemp or rice protein powders, so can’t offer comment on those. Sometimes sweeteners can cause stomach upset, and with Xylitol that seems to kick in around ~100g/day for adults and ~45g/day in children. Studies show xylitol can reduce plaque and saliva levels of streptococcus mutans, a bacteria commonly found in the mouth, which contributes significantly to dental cavities89. There are a ton of great ways to eat this power fruit. I have 2 sister also with cancer and my mother at 40yo. One method that comes to mind, which doesn’t require altering much, is simply to finish your last meal of the day earlier, and start your first meal later. Wish we could have an overview like this from a Dr. Peter Attia approach. The cost of processing your report is $10, but for Patreon subscribers of $10 or more, it’s free. Additional smoothies (with fruit) Rhonda has discussed: As well as aiming to consume sufficient omega-3 fatty acids, Rhonda also aims to consume omega-3 fatty acids in “phospholipid” form. Not in the mood to cook? I know Rhonda mentioned that black coffee does. Rhonda is a big fan of sulforaphane, a compound derived from brassica vegetables. Specifically, they suggest adults consume 500 mg per day of EPA and DHA. But if you’re looking for a source of iron, b12, or zinc, you can’t go wrong with grass-fed steak. Philips Hue bulbs + software that controls them. All opinions remain our own. She has developed a science-based dietary regime that promotes health and gives effective weight-loss results. They randomly assigned the participants either an 6-hour eating window, or a 12-hour eating window. However, to keep things simple, the major two are 23andMe & Ancestry. Total: $5.13, So Im reading the china study- their findings on a carb based diet is a bit different …, Are you aware of any comparison or material where Dr Rhonda – talks a bout the findings of the China Study, Hi Brian, I’m not aware of any material where Rhonda has gone into detail on the China study.

Then when asked what Rhonda uses to filter her water, she replied on Twitter saying a Berkey filter (tweet link). I had lobular breast cancer in 2008 and again in the bone in 2016. Whilst this study wasn’t performed in humans, it does raise questions on their human safety with long term usage. Things like emails, social media and news headlines can all increase anxiety and alertness before bed. Wild Alaskan salmon roe is a great source of phospholipids, and thus Rhonda combined them with avocado to make a healthy (light) meal. There are two famous Dr. Rhonda smoothie recipes you can try: This content has been Fact-Checked by a Certified Nutritionist in our Publishing Team.

Is that plant replaceable with broccoli sprout or they are completely different? His diet limits carbs to 400 calories and healthy fats to 400 calorie. However, more recently, she has cut back on the fruit in her smoothies, after experimenting with a continuous blood glucose monitor, and finding that the fruit elevated her blood glucose higher than she wanted. To get your nutrigenomics data there are 3 simple steps: Once you have either report, you can start learning more about your DNA. You are not allowed to consume anything during this period, except for water. Throw on sauerkraut and you also get all the benefits of a fermented fiber, packed with probiotics that get your gut bacteria in optimal immune health. I mean…you even know what she has for breakfast.

Whilst Rhonda strives to meet all her micronutrient needs through diet, she also takes daily supplements in order to cover all bases.


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