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In 1967, Jinnah gave a historical speech to the nation. The contents of the site focus on the political history of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Anxieties would have been much greater and my health much worse, but for the restraint imposed by her”. Fatima Jinnah was not only Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s sister, but his guardian and political companion too. Later, as her brother rose to prominence in regional politics, she followed him across the world and then back home again after he successfully founded a new country. Some historians indicate that the date of her death was actually July 2, 1967. In 1965, Jinnah ran for President of Pakistan. This was the worst action from Ayub khan. It was primarily due to her initiative that the All India Muslim Women Students Federation was organized in February 1941 at Delhi. March forward under the banner of star and the crescent with unity in your ranks, faith in your mission and discipline. Fatima Jinnah: Mother of the Nation. G. Allana was her choice. This article was last updated on Sunday, June 01, 2003. In this family of seven siblings she was the closest one to Mohammad Ali Jinnah. In 1940, she attended a session of the ‘Muslim League’ in Lahore. Some people accused Fatima of being overprotective of her brother. She along with Begum Liaqat Ali Khan made the greatest contribution in the realm of women’s awakening and participation in national affairs. This site is based on the best-selling CD-ROM “Story of Pakistan: A Multimedia Journey”. Latter on Rattenbai died after eleven years in February 1929. political ideology: All-India Muslim League (Before 1947), Muslim League (1947–1958), Independent (1960–1967), See the events in life of Fatima Jinnah in Chronological Order, Fatima Ali Jinnah is generally regarded as the 'Mother of Pakistan'. In 1955, Jinnah helped organize a committee to help victims of a flood in East Pakistan. The people of Pakistan hold Miss Fatima in high esteem. She didn’t only live with her brother but she also accompanied her brother on the numerous tours. Crowds in all cities of East and West Pakistan were enormous. In 1962, the constitution was amended. She was prompted to do this after his wife’s demise. Close to a million people attended Jinnah's funeral. At that time Jinnah married Rattanbai. After his death, she often issued important statements on important occasions, as a reminder to the nation of the ideals on which Pakistan had been established. Paying tribute to her sister, the Quaid once said, “My sister was like a bright ray of light and hope whenever I came back home and met her. Fatima Jinnah is widely considered as the spiritual role model for women in her native Pakistan. Continuing her devotion to his ideals, Fatima continued to engage herself in charitable work after her brother's sudden and untimely death. Other sources say that she was 'beastly' and 'bickered constantly' with her brother. Miss Fatima Jinnah initially lived with her brother for about eight years till 1918, when he got married to Rutanbai. Another woman, Fatima Baqi Bacho, claimed that she had found a hole in … Madar-i-Millat’s Message to the Nation on Quaid-i-Azam’s Birthday, 25 December, 1963: “The movement of Pakistan which the Quaid-i-Azam launched was ethical in inspiration and ideological in content. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/fatima-jinnah-5823.php, Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, Famous Role Models You Would Like To Meet. In March 1940, she attended the Lahore session of the Muslim League. Born to a large family in what was then a colonial territory, Fatima grew up with very strong-minded men. Fatima Jinnah then closed her clinic and winded. The Quaid would discuss various problems with her, mostly at the breakfast and dinner table. After her death, she became a source of universal respect and admiration, http://english4matric.blogspot.in/p/important-days.html, https://www.flickr.com/groups/mypakistan/pool/with/8713894405/lightbox/. After her father died, she was enrolled in a disciplinarian school where she received high quality education. She did this to promote better prenatal and newborn health in her country. Fatima Jinnah’s name is an important one among the leaders of Pakistan Movement. She narrowly lost the election to Ayub Khan. Fatima Jinna joined the Bandara convert in Bombay in 1902 where she remained in hostels as her parents had died. He also acted another mean action to get victory over Fatima Jinnah by having the support of ulema that were of the view that in Islam women can’t b the head of the state. In her early rallies almost 250,000 people came to see her in Dhaka and million of the people, than millions of the people lined from there to Chittagong. She took the charge of Jinnah’s house and went to his bungalow. In 1919 she got admitted to the highly competitive University of Calcutta where she attended the Dr. Ahmad Dental College. She joined the All India Muslim League and attended the annual sessions of the party. The syed race people said that they will support Ayub in election but Hazrat Fatima Jinnah said that she can represent them better then Ayub Khan. Her train which was called Freedom Special train was 22 hours late because men at each station pulled the emergency break and they begged her to speak to them. She also returned to towards the political life when she ran for the presidency of Pakistan. She formed the ‘Women's Relief Committee’.

Jinnah had seven siblings. Miss Fatima Jinnah, younger sister of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was born in 1893. She dedicated her entire life to the service of poor and weak. The sight of this dynamic lady moving in the streets of big cities, and even in the rural areas of a Muslim country, was both moving and unique. Finally, in the later years of her life, she rose to political prominence when she challenged a military dictator who had her nation in his iron grip. She stayed there four years and perfected her English. Miss Jinnah’s greatest advantage was that she was sister of the Founder of Pakistan and had been detached from the political conflicts that had plagued Pakistan after the Founder’s death. At the same time, her brother and guardian, Muhammed Ali Jinnah founded the nation of Pakistan. Miss Fatima Jinnah, younger sister of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was born in 1893. She was involved in politics side by side with her brother. She is the most loved one for being the closest supporter of her brother and founder of Pakistan and the leader of all India Muslims Quaid-e-Azam. She did a lot of job for the settlement o the Mohajirs after the creation of Pakistan. She also played a significant role in the settlement of refugees in the new state of Pakistan.

During the transfer of power Fatima Jinnah formed a women’s relief committee, latter on it was formed as the nucleous for the (APWA) known as All Pakistan Women’s Association founded by Rana Liaqat Ali Khan.

She was the youngest of seven surviving children: Muhammad Ali, Ahmad Ali, Bunde Ali, Rahmat Ali, Maryam, Fatima and Shireen.


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