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I think a lot of people are hoping for some percentage of survival that may change them because they’re looking for change within themselves.

Maybe the Not-Yet-Swan Princess danced with someone she trusted. I'm really thankful for all your work on this. The word choice is very deliberate, and Bryan loves to foreshadow the upcoming events.

I am definitely on the side of "those two are 100% in love, both physically and intellectually", but I am still happy that it's a topic that people are really invested in discussing. They said it!" ", Hugh, answering the question what is happening to Will and Hannibal now: "Let's just say they're on a beach somewhere. Will adds some more romantic phrases, like “We are conjoined, I wonder if either of us can survive separation.” Such level of love is incredible, but you don’t say things like that to a person who you feel can just understand you. It is not ‘just in the heads’ of silly girls or overly-romantic viewers. emungere also did Where All Ladders Start And it is very, very good.


This is it, the textually explicit confirmation. NBC post made after the show was cancelled thanking the audience.

[Interviewer] Just chilling on a beach? Bedelia compares herself and Will to Hannibal/Bluebeard’s wives, and mentions how she would have preferred to be the last — the one that Will is. During the airing of S2-S3, and beyond, Bryan was the one who pointed out romantic and even sexual subtext, and promoted Hannigram further. K_S_Morgan's Will and Hannibal's relationship: How Hannigram Became Canon, K_S_Morgan's Will’s vs. Hannibal’s Ways of Expressing Love, Hannibalstan's Hannibal loved Will since S1. That makes us feel more secure in our bodies, in the dysmorphia of who you are on the inside versus who you project on the outside. For the ending with Gillian [Anderson], there are two place settings for a reason." It is a jealous and possessive reaction, which has been further confirmed by Mads. It was a great synchronicity of events where everything that Will was saying to Reba in the novel actually applies to Will Graham in the television series. r/HannibalTV: Subreddit for everything related to Hannibal, the NBC TV show.

The Red Pill, The Blue Pill, and the Moral Event Horizon: in which, as usual, nobody helped Will Graham (this one in hindsight is overly harsh on both Alan and Jack imo but I find it an interesting read despite that). So in that sense, it is kind of brutal, tough love. https://k-s-morgan.tumblr.com/post/187266698258/hannibal-sees-an-opportunity-in-this-young-man, Mads during S1: "When he sees Will, he recognizes himself to a degree. In 1.07, Will doesn’t come to the appointment and Hannibal is pining. Just as he said that "Hannibal was blinded by love.". I absolutely agree with you! For some reason, no one doubts that Hannibal was a surgeon even though we didn't see it, it was just mentioned, but if Hannibal is shown and stated to be in love with Will, some people either ignore it or even try to give this phrase a different, non-romantic meaning.


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