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I'm old but naiive; I still imagine people I've seen on telly and in the movies will live forever (they get to live on more than the old dude next door who was only loved by his family and possibly not even them). MetaFilter is a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. This vintage LP was released in 1962 and features "Laugh In's" Henry Gibson reciting the following poems-How To Write A Poem,The Alligator,Why I Like Soap,How To Skin A Polecat,How Now Calpurnia,How To Take Care Of The Plum Tree,I Fell Down The Subway,Why I Like Poetry plus more!American comic actor Henry Gibson acted professionally since childhood, but didn't gain prominence until his discovery by Jerry Lewis for a role in The Nutty Professor (1963).

Signed LP, Ameche, Don Frances Langford The Bickersons LP Signed, Edwards, Vince Vincent Sings LP Signed Ben Casey, Chakiris, George LP Signed Autograph West Side Story, Rubin, Benny Len Weinrib Have A Jewish Christmas Signed Autographed LP. Here's hoping there's a giant cocktail party in the sky for him. Henry Gibson(Liberty LST 7593)-"By Henry Gibson"-LP. He was a great part of my early days watching Laugh-In. Henry Gibson continued throughout the next two decades playing strong movie character parts (the neo-Nazi commander in 1980's The Blues Brothers) and bright little cameos (the closet-smoking security guard in 1990's Gremlins 2). Newer », This thread has been archived and is closed to new comments.
I know people die every day, even people who've never been slightly famous, but crikeys. « Older Astounding Stories   |   Conservatives of Color are Angry White People? Damn, I always enjoyed seeing his work. Apparently Floyd, the food dude, just died also. RadEditor's bottom area: Design, Html and Preview modes, Statistics module and resize handle. Complete your Henry Gibson collection. I love that guy's face". I'm dreading opening the paper or logging on. RadEditor's Modules - special tools used to provide extra information such as Tag Inspector, Real Time HTML Viewer, Tag Properties and other. Whenever I see his name, I think of Henrik Ibsen. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Henry Gibson - The Alligator and Other Poems By at Discogs. All cities are mad, but the madness is gallant. I hope his passing was peaceful. Character actor and comedian Henry Gibson died today at 73. As an original member of the ground-breaking comedy series Laugh-In, Gibson's characters The Poet and the cocktail party priest helped make the show a wild success. He also was a treat as a judge Clark Brown on Boston Legal. He had so many unique and odd roles. Messages about the album: "The Alligator and Other Poems", RadEditor's components - toolbar, content area, modes and modules. I had no idea Henry Gibson was on Laugh-In, or was supposed to be funny (and I'm not young enough not to know it). One of his best film roles of the '70s was Haven Hamilton, a hard-driving, flag-waving country-western star in Nashville (1975). Take a break, Reaper. When I first saw The Blues Brothers and he appeared I nearly lost it he was so good. Henry Gibson as Haven Hamilton in Altman's Nashville, singing ", He always had that ability to look ... caught, and yet somehow innocent, which is hard to pull off at his age. In "Nashville," he was the perfect cynical showboater; in "Magnolia," he expressed contempt with a boomerang behind it.

This is a public service announcement from the. I loved this guy. Gibson not only delivered an expert performance but also co-wrote the songs sung by Haven Hamilton, including the deliberately banal Bicentennial ballad, "200 Years", which opens the film. The Alligator and Other Poems. Even his little bit part in, Gibson had only recently dipped his toes in the Intarweb stream. Gibson stayed with Laugh-In until 1971, whereupon he launched a reasonably successful career as a straight character actor. Never saw him in Boston Legal, but I will now. He played a cruder variation of his yokel character as a patron of the "Belly Button" bar in Billy Wilder's Kiss Me Stupid (1964), and was hilarious as a hip-talking Indian in the Three Stooges' feature film The Outlaws is Coming (1965). Awh...I liked him. Loved him in the 'Burbs and the Blues Brothers.

I'm diggin' talkin' with ya. All posts copyright their original authors. So convincing was this persona that many viewers believed Gibson was a genuine Southerner, though he actually hailed from Pennsylvania. Henry Gibson(Liberty LST 7593)-"By Henry Gibson"-LP.
A genius comic actor, and someone who will always make an Ibsen play that little less boring by the reference. Join 6,437 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Just chill out for a bit if you don't mind. I watched reruns of Laugh-In a lot as a kid. Gibson, Henry "Poems By" 1962 LP Signed Autograph Laugh In "The Alligator". Character actor and comedian Henry Gibson, "I usually show at the credit union on Vashon.". September 16, 2009 3:25 PM Subscribe. Oh man that is sad. I just watched "Magnolia" again the other night and when it came to the scene in the bar with Henry Gibson I said to myself, "Damn, there's Henry Gibson. What have you got in the cellar, Herr Klopek?! You're a really enlightened cat and I like that about ya. My condolences to his family. Gibson was also ubiquitously available as a guest star on such cable-TV reruns as Bewitched (he played a leprechaun) and F Troop (he was jinxed Private Wrongo Starr).The LP has been autographed on the front cover by Henry Gibson in blue......................CONDITION OF VINYL,COVER AND AUTOGRAPH IS VG PLUS............. Levenson, Sam-Everything But Money-Book-Signed-1966, Wons, Tony-Scrap Book 1931-32 Edition-Book-Signed, Bagdasarian, Ross Chipmunks 1960 LP Signed Autograph David Seville, Barry, Dave-Will The Real Howard Hughes Please Stand Up? Loved Laugh-In as a kid. He introduced me to painting statues by number. This vintage LP was released in 1962 and features "Laugh In's" Henry Gibson reciting the following poems-How To Write A Poem,The Alligator,Why I Like Soap,How To Skin A Polecat,How Now Calpurnia,How To Take Care Of The Plum Tree,I Fell Down The Subway,Why I Like Poetry plus more!American comic actor Henry Gibson … You must be logged-in to add a new message, Happiness Can Be Yours For Little Or No Money, Reflections Of New York (Broadway & I Fell Down The Subway), Two Functional Poems (A Birthday & The Wedding), What Freedom Means To Me In 25 Words Or Less. Sorry to see Henry's gone. By Henry Gibson. To me he was the eyebrow-lifting, innocently sinister "that guy" - all the more frightening because he was so small. And now he's dead, too. A Poem. I think you're a special special man.

Gibson quickly developed a comedy act for TV variety shows, in which he passed himself off as a fey, Southern-accented "blank verse" poet. RadEditor - please enable JavaScript to use the rich text editor. Gibson might have continued in small roles indefinitely had he not been catapulted to stardom in 1968 as part of the ensemble on TV's Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, where his introductory "A poem...by Henry Gibson" became a national catchphrase. By: Henry Gibson Releases: Year: Type: Label: Catalog # 1962: LP (Captain Wayne) Reviews: Facts: Web pages about this album: Where to Buy: Messages about the album: "The Alligator and Other Poems… His. For some reason, he's always going to be the guy who out-limmericked and hit on William H. Macy's crush/bartender in PT Anderson's. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members.

A typical weblog is one person posting their thoughts on the unique things they find on the web. I didn't get a lot of the references, but his segments always made me laugh. Gibson …


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