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When Kekrops arrived to lead them to Gaea, Piper and Annabeth both agreed that it was a trick. Oedipus's children will always bear the weight of shame and humiliation because of their father's actions.[44]. Very accurate Physical attack against a single enemy.

Alisha Newton as Young Annabeth in Sea of Monsters movie, Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth in Sea of Monsters movie. They are the comic elements of the story, a parody of Homer's Odyssey IX. Up ahead she finds a large cliff that she needs to climb down to continue onward. When she was five, her father got married and had two sons with her stepmother, the twins Matthew and Bobby. Later, when the Argo II reached Charleston, Annabeth went on a girls adventure with Piper McLean and Hazel by following a map to find a ghost, and empathized with Hazel when she saw that she was nervous, thinking about everything she must’ve seen in the Fields of Asphodel already. Eventually, Creon is convinced to free Antigone from her punishment, but his decision comes too late and Antigone commits suicide. She even told Reyna, the location of Camp Half-Blood in a token of friendship. As a result, there are some inconsistencies: notably, Creon is the undisputed king at the end of Oedipus Rex and, in consultation with Apollo, single-handedly makes the decision to expel Oedipus from Thebes. Frank Zhang, her friend and crew mate aboard the Argo II. Percy watches as Annabeth holds a piece of Thalia's Tree in her hand and looks over it worriedly. Setne drops the Book of Thoth when Carter yells "stahp", and then he disappears with Nekhbet's Crown of Upper Egypt. Piper comforted her by talking to her and taking her hands as she cried. It is revealed she and Percy are still dating. Annabeth even thinks of having children in the future as she promised Iapetus and Damasen that she will tell their stories and goodwill to "our" children. "General Introduction" pp. The three of them are held in the brig where Annabeth becomes suspicious of Tyson's involvement in their capture. (There are three heads on the staff) Serapis then is vanquished, and Sadie tells Annabeth about her speculations that Setne was the one who released the Son of Sobek and Serapis. The next morning, Frank finds them and is terrified that Coach Hedge is going to kill them for sneaking out, as everyone thought they had been kidnapped. Athena made Annabeth the new architect of Olympus after the damage caused during the Battle of Manhattan. 1–2. When Jason's mother appears, Annabeth informs him that it's only a remnant of Beryl Grace. Despite the beams being too wide and weak to walk across, Annabeth uses the kite string to weave a rope bridge across. When Annabeth refused, she escaped and led Percy to a secret hideout, revealing how she met Luke and the promise that he and Thalia would be her new family. Sophocles is thought to have written over 100 plays, but only seven fully survive today: Ajax, Antigone, Trachinian Women, Oedipus the King, Electra, Philoctetes, and Oedipus at Colonus. But the whole point about the wheel is that you needn't get on it at all.... People get hold of ideas about life, and that makes them think they've got to join in the game, even if they don't enjoy it.
A seven-year-old Annabeth was hiding under a sheet of corrugated iron in Richmond Ironworks, the same alley twelve-year-old Thalia Grace and fourteen-year-old Luke Castellan were hiding in once they escaped the house of monsters. Sadie says that they'll split up and that Annabeth could deal with the god that they couldn't remember the name of with her staff creating a forcefield around her.

Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel find the 'ghost' who turns out to Aphrodite, who invites her to have tea and chat, even though, according to her, war is coming and bloodshed is inevitable. She feels a cold presence, which seems to be laughing at her and the bad choices she is making. Annabeth informs Arachne that she is the new architect for Olympus, and would love to feature her work in the main hall. She is freed when Percy tells Polyphemus he is "Nobody," since Annabeth was a girl. Piper and Annabeth later took a walk, where Annabeth told Piper about camp and being a demigod. It is plain therefore, that he declared the condition of the dead to be better than that of the living.". During the battle, Annabeth receives a cut on her leg and spills blood and Percy gets a bloody nose. Annabeth decides to follow the monster, as they normally do not leave demigods like her alone. This puts him in a company of phallic or half-animal tutors of the gods, a group that includes Priapus, Hermaphroditus, Cedalion and Chiron, but also includes Pallas, the tutor of Athena.[3]. Dionysus originally shoots down the quest idea but announces it later that night, appointing Clarisse to lead it much to Annabeth's dismay and annoyance. Alex mentions Annabeth when saying Magnus is away visiting her. Sometime during the fight, Annabeth also received a cut on the side of her neck. Despite their enmity toward him, Odysseus persuades the kings Menelaus and Agamemnon to grant Ajax a proper burial. The Theban plays are not a proper trilogy (i.e. Percy uncaps Riptide in order to untie Grover from his post and Percy runs off to fight Luke as the rest of them are left to fight Luke's men. Her actions effectively caused the Sphinx to attack them.

The Argo II then continues to attack the city. However, through the challenges and difficulties they faced, their relationship has become stronger. The Cyclopes used a variety of her friends' voice to try and lure her out into the open, using her father's voice when they finally located her. They inspect the tree and watch as Thalia regains her human form and is awaken. Annabeth took the last name of her father. [43] A number of other Sophoclean works have survived only in fragments, including: There is a passage of Plutarch's tract De Profectibus in Virtute 7 in which Sophocles discusses his own growth as a writer. When Percy checks on Annabeth, he decides to tell her where his Achilles heel is. to their father's going to exile, which is one of his bitterest charges against them.

After Gaea's defeat, Reyna and Annabeth, along with Piper and Hazel, become inseparable, as they help the camps get along. It doesn't suit everyone..."[10]. After the Battle of the Labyrinth from the entrance of the Labyrinth under Zeus's Fist in the woods, Luke and his army are forced back into the Labyrinth, leaving after causing many, but only two named casualties. They tried to make it work three times, with the third try finally working out for the most part. After safely arriving at the bottom, she places the kite string back in her backpack. As a reward for rescuing them, Hermes teleported them to Paris, where they enjoy a dinner, a walk, and a boat ride. In The Mark of Athena, it is revealed that Annabeth has always had mixed feelings about Nico di Angelo, and suspects that he had a crush on her. They once ran into Zoë Nightshade and the Hunters of Artemis, who tried recruiting Thalia among their ranks, but she refused in favor of remaining with Luke and Annabeth. Annabeth is often shown to be in awe of Leo's skills with building. Jordan Weller is a Canadian actor and FORD model who plays the saytr Ichneutae in the film adaptation of The Sea of Monsters. No matter how many times, she tried to throw the silver coin away, it kept returning to her pocket like Percy's sword, Riptide. If you get them all they will furnish the entire house "as a gift". Oedipus eventually learns of the Delphic Oracle's prophecy of him, that he would kill his father, and marry his mother; he attempts to flee his fate without harming those he knows as his parents (at this point, he does not know that he is adopted). They force Annabeth and Percy to part once more and take her to the starting point of her quest. Piper was angry at Annabeth at first when she called her a Half-Blood, since she is mixed race, but she calmed down when Jason explained what it meant. Young Annabeth and her friends witness Thalia's growth into a tree and the creation of the invisible borders around the camp created by Zeus. Piper and Annabeth met for the first time when Annabeth rescued Piper, Jason, and Leo from the Grand Canyon in The Lost Hero. One of her most impressive displays was in The Titan's Curse, where after holding the sky for hours and starting to die, she vehemently protested against Artemis for taking her burden. As Annabeth starts walking toward the ship, she is pulled backward toward the pit of Tartarus and Percy grabs her, but falls in as well. Annabeth told Luke "You were like a brother to me, Luke, but I didn't love you." Despite the crew of the Argo II trying to reach Greece in order to hopefully meet with Annabeth and Percy, they run into problems. A stub on the Ichneutae under the title The Tracking Satyrs existed until a few hours ago; Ichneutae was a redirect to that stub. When the squad finds Setne, he is trying to summon Nekhbet.

Once in the Mediterranean Sea, Percy has a dream of Ephialtes talking with a shadowy figure about how Gaea prefers using him and Annabeth as sacrifices. Percy and Annabeth ride Frank, in the form of a dragon, into Salt Lake City to get tar, although they run into some tar monsters, they return safely with a big bucket of tar.

Right after finishing his narration of this book, Percy reveals that after the events of The Blood of Olympus, he, Annabeth, and the rest of the Seven started the tradition of monthly Argo II reunion parties, and he is quite worried about being late to the current one. Dionysus often got Annabeth's name wrong, replacing her name with names such as "Annie Bell" and seemed to care very little for her well-being like he did with another demigods, despite being their camp director. He later mentions that she must have kissed him a lot - also hinting that he did stupid stuff a lot too.


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