is 30 minutes or less based on a true story

Meet us at Sushi Rox, we can listen on our Tek-Mate. Like, somehow he even nails Bundy's dead eyes?! In 2003, high school dropout, Brian Douglas Wells, was working as a pizza delivery man at the Mama Mia Pizzeria in Erie, Pennsylvania when on August 28 he was sent on a delivery that ended at a TV transmission tower site. He made it to the first clue, but before he could go any further he was apprehended by the police. Twenty-five years later, he set out to find the family he once had, armed with very little information. [12], On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 44% based on 162 reviews, with an average rating of 5.42/10. Warning: it may make you feel extra lazy for not wanting to do anything other than reheat a slice of pizza. It was produced by Columbia Pictures and funded by Media Rights Capital. But in the weeks before the robbery, Wells fell into debt with his crack dealers and needed cash. What's the Story Behind 'Rebecca' on Netflix? Not very funny. Dwayne and Travis go to a restaurant instead as Dwayne calls up Juicy to get her hit-man ally and to head to the rail yard.

Discuss 30 Minutes or Less. First of all, he was an Austrian mountaineer (as if that's a normal job) who ended up trapped in a British internment camp in India—from which he eventually escaped. The film was released on August 12, 2011. And yeah, they're all available to stream on Netflix. They also threaten to detonate the bomb if Nick notifies the police. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up.
For more on this story you can read the complete piece from right here and I also quoted a few items from Wikipedia. [Bill Rothstein] was one of them. During this struggle, a sniper caught everyone’s … Heinrich Harrer's life was straight-up crazy. With your jaw dropped, you whip out your phone and start frantically googling to find out what actually happened. What do a Pan Am pilot, a Georgia doctor, and a Louisiana prosecutor have in common? Beep… Beep… Beep. Nevertheless, the film drew criticism from Jean Heid, Wells' sister, and Jerry Clark, a former FBI agent who witnessed Wells' death and led the case's investigation. According to the note, it was a bomb. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links.

The final scene is at the Four Seasons in Atlanta, where Kate is managing the special events program. The part-comedian, part-critic talks starting out in comedy and her earliest childhood memory. If you were to tell the story based on the court’s decision after eight years of courtroom trials and police and FBI investigations, you would point your finger at the incredibly intelligent, yet bipolar Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong as the mastermind of the whole thing. Sarah Cooper’s Netflix Special to Feature Many, Many Guest Stars. In a post-credits scene, Dwayne (who survived the explosion), Travis, the Major recuperating in a wheelchair, and Juicy are seen in an advertisement for their new family business called "Major Tan: Tanning Salon". Boom! It's all about England's Queen Victoria and the sweet maternal-like friendship she developed with her Indian-Muslim attendant Abdul Karim. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. And now Trump has posted a 37-minute video of the interview to Facebook. When New York Post reporter Susannah Cahalan began suffering from a mysterious illness with no explanation, the many doctors she saw thought she was psychotic. It looked like he was trying to scoot backward, to somehow escape the bomb strapped to his neck. In 30 Minutes or Less, ... With that in mind, and without giving away the entire film, here are a few ways in which the movie and the tragic true story are similar — and different.

When Nick wakes up, he finds a vest rigged with explosives strapped and buckled onto his torso, with both a timer and a cellular phone-activated trigger.
In the alternate ending, Nick, Chet and Kate drive off with the money and discuss what they will do with their new-found riches. [17] As with the film, Wells was a pizza delivery man who was forced to wear a bomb and then robbed a bank under orders from the plot's mastermind in an effort to have the bomb defused. But it does raise the question: are there some stories that are too upsetting or dark to act as foundations for comedy? Wells died shortly after his bank robbery while surrounded by authorities. He goes to Chet's school job and alerts him of the situation, to which he reluctantly accepts. monitoring_string = "df292225381015080a5c6c04a6e2c2dc".

Based on the life of British high society's Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire, this movie's got Kiera Knightly, tight corsets, big hats, and even bigger hairdos. Dwayne and Travis tell him his situation: the bomb will detonate unless he robs a bank within ten hours. Based on true story of a Russian sniper Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev, The Enemy at the Gates features the battle of Stalingrad which was fought for 5 and a half months between Nazi’s and Russian Army. [7][8] The film was released on August 12, 2011. Wired‘s Schapiro then tells us, “four years later, her husband, Richard Armstrong, died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Everyone loves an underdog story, and this one's got Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, so it's pretty top-notch. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Meanwhile, just miles behind them, Dwayne is revealed to have survived the explosion that occurred moments earlier. Warning: scenes of Brad Pitt fly fishing in a tank top may be too much for some people to handle. Nick hands Chango the money and expects Chango to give him the code which will deactivate the bomb. Gary Oldman takes on the role of Prime Minister Winston Churchill during WWII and yeah, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor, so it's def a must-see performance. Of course, I haven’t seen 30 Minutes or Less yet. A stripper agrees to help Dwayne hook up with his father’s would-be assassin, Chango, played by Michael Peña.

I can’t pass judgement on it. That movie isn’t based on specific events, but it is about terrorism, and it includes some very realistic and upsetting scenes of innocent people being killed. (Though let the record show that the movie *did* take creative license with some key facts). Erin Brockovich is a total badass who IRL took on the huge energy corporation PG&E after she discovered that their power plant was poisoning the water in Hinkley, California, and giving people cancer.

You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. The pizza deliveryman took a few last gasps and died on the pavement. While there, the Major attacks him with a pen gun. Dwayne says he and Travis will meet Nick at an abandoned rail yard to make the exchange. And sure, maybe the f-bomb-loaded dialogue isn't technically historically accurate, but that's what makes this movie so great. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Lily Looks Like an American Girl Doll in 'Rebecca', Your Guide to Streaming Hallmark Christmas Movies, The 34 Most Terrifying Horror Movie Villains, The True Story Behind 'The Trial of the Chicago 7', The 21 Best Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime, The 13 Best Vampire Movies to Sink Your Teeth Into, How to Watch Broadway Shows Online for Free RN. Visit WIRED Photo for our unfiltered take on photography, photographers, and photographic journalism

On February 28, 2011 Diehl-Armstrong was found guilty of participating in the crime, and was sentenced to life plus 30 years. Pretty outlandish, right? The movie is based on the memoir of Susanna Kaysen, who, at 18 years old, was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and placed in a psychiatric ward. This movie is great for many reasons (Vatican scandals and cute old men friendships), but if nothing else, you need to watch it just to see how they select a new Pope, because the process is wayyyy more extensive than you'd think. Watch Queue Queue If you’ve yet to see a trailer for the film I have included it directly below and you can read my full review right here. Mathematician, cryptanalyst, and all-around granddaddy of artificial intelligence, Alan Turing was hired to decrypt German intelligence messages for the British government during WWII. is a property of Mandatory, an Evolve Media, LLC company. What do you do when you're 13 years old and your village in Malawi is facing a drought and massive famine? Like Diehl-Armstrong, Dwayne has devised a plan to have his father assassinated so he can get his hands on his money. They were just a few of the professions that teenage con artist Frank Abagnale (played by a baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio) pretended to be as he scammed his way to riches. So now “these idiots” are being portrayed on the big screen in a new film from Zombieland helmer Ruben Fleischer. One thing's for certain, it isn't a comedy. With that in mind, and without giving away the entire film, here are a few ways in which the movie and the tragic true story are similar — and different. Skip To: Start of Article. Rethinking their plan, he and Dwayne head to Kate's apartment in their masks and kidnap her.

At five years old, Saroo Brierley accidentally got on a train that landed him 930 miles from his home in India. S. Based on a true story posted by Strannger18. Exciting, no? The plot of the film bears a resemblance to a real-life bank robbery gone wrong that resulted in the death of Brian Wells in 2003. But I worry that I’ll be unable to get the real story out of my mind while watching it, and it’s tough to laugh at a funny movie when you’re thinking about a serious tragedy. It's adapted from a book by Michael Lewis about how the budget-conscious Oakland A's used data and stats to change the game of baseball. It was released on September 16, 2011 in the United Kingdom.[16]. If he doesn’t rob a bank and bring them the loot in time, he’ll explode. Okay, okay, I know this movie is well over three hours, but it's so worth it.

(Read Wired‘s account of the real-life collar bomb story.). He was tackled as he tried to sprint away and locked into the device at gunpoint.

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