katherine pierce

Stefan tries to comfort a dying Katherine.

"I did."

But she needed a werewolf to do so.

Nadia thinks that she is worthy and has been thinking about a plan to keep her mother alive. In fact she freely admitted an admiration for her descendant's tenacity, a quality she values in herself. Anna reluctantly gives them information about him, stating that Mikael will kill all of them if awakened. Later on, Nadia wakes up to find the cane removed from her chest and looks up to see Katherine, and tells her she is a fool for not running because Silas will find her. to Stefan - Katerina.

In 1490, when she was about 16 or 17 years of age, Katerina became pregnant by an unknown man, a Traveler, and her family disowned her for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter.

The brothers refused Katherine's wish and it turned the brothers against each other even more. Because Katherine was no longer human, her blood no longer was a viable component of the ritual to undo the curse. Rose then explains to Trevor that Katerina used him to escape and, knowing Klaus will see their role in the escape, Rose attempted to kill Katerina with a stake.

After the interrogation, she finally met her doppelganger, Elena. "I loνed γοu. After Stefan stopped Damon, he and she left Mystic Falls.

After their conversation, Klaus/Alaric hands her a pocket knife and compels her to stab herself repeatedly until he returns.

Damon Salvatore (1864/Cured)Stefan Salvatore † (1864/Cured)Henry Wattles † (1864)Noah † (1864)Pearl †[1]Annabelle †[1]Most Of The Tomb Vampires † (1864) Katherine also helped Matt with his passenger and went to him to help her put off her death by exercises, though Matt still sticks to the belief "Katherine cares only for Katherine."

Katherine could care less about the repercussions of her actions.

She was willing to sell out those she considers friends, like Pearl and the other vampires in Mystic Falls at the time. After being force-fed to Silas in Season 5, Episode 5 Monster's Ball, she begins to age rapidly. In Disturbing Behavior, she is still in Chicago and catches Stefan's attention outside of a boutique where Rebekah is trying on clothes.

She is initially portrayed as the main antagonist, but the arrival of Elijah, an Original vampire, diminishes her attitude and frightens her with the knowledge of Klaus. Much to Mikael's surprise, Katherine stands up, throws wolfsbane grenades at the approaching hybrids and flees the scene.

Katherine takes now permanent control over her body. Katherine ignores her warning, and is able to locate his tomb with Jeremy's help. "It's OK to love them both," she adds. In Dead Man on Campus, Katherine was the one to help Matt with his problem. Her relationships with other characters also sometimes reveal a crack in the "psychotic bitch" facade.

She is staked and nearly killed by Luca Martin when he infiltrates the mansion via astral projection in an attempt to release Elijah, but is rescued by Stefan and Damon, who unwittingly burn Luca to death. Damon gives her the vervain and tells her she owes him and he will collect. In We're Planning a June Wedding, Katherine's remains were seen and a dagger made from her bones was created with the purpose to kill her.

Later that night Katherine was drinking and dancing until Klaus/Alaric returns to the apartment in a bad mood and tells her Alaric's body is no longer useful. While not physically appearing in Bring It On, Katherine did send the vampire Will to kill the werewolf Hayley, who was now no more than a liability, having served her sole purpose of telling Katherine where to find the cure and how to get it.

Their relationship ended when the town began eradicating the vampires.

Witch/Doppelgänger (formerly)Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline) Jeremy catches her and tells her to stop running and takes her back to the truck.

Katherine also planned to deliver Elena to Klaus in exchange for his forgiveness for running from him. It is hinted in Katherine's letter to Klaus that she knows about. However, Damon hallucinates that Elena has joined them. Evil-doer After finalizing a plan to destroy hell, with the help of Bonnie and Vicki, Damon returned to the tombs to confront Katherine, who assumed that Damon was bluffing, and would not actually carry out the plan. Katherine was sent to hell after her death. Nadia Petrova is the daughter of Katerina Petrova. Damon asks why Klaus didn't use him as the vampire. She gave George the moonstone, but instead of leaving right away, she turned to see Damon and Stefan's bodies lying in the road. Damon tells Katherine he has vervain, which won’t undo Klaus/Alaric’s compulsion but it will stop further compulsions. She is the first of three women in her family to have slept with Damon Salvatore.

Klaus/Alaric snatches the bottle away from her, throws it against the wall and compels her to sit down and shut up. Katherine points out that she doesn't let love get in the way and Damon tells her to enjoy an eternity alone.

Later, she went to see Caroline Forbes and told her to give the Salvatores a message: "Game on." Katherine says that it's all a fantasy. She asks them if the rope is really necessary and Jeremy reminds her that she almost got the two of them killed and left him to die. Meanwhile, Damon arrives at the screening and hallucinates, thinking he is seeing Katherine. Still suspicious, he compels her to remove her daylight bracelet, walk to the window and stand in the sunlight.

She admitted to Stefan that she returned for him, but she was furious because he told her that he hated her. She tries to convince him to care enough to stop Damon from killing Klaus, because she is going back to see the plan through. Why?

Later on after the dream ended, Stefan thought he was holding Elena in his arms, but then realized it was Katherine. Significant spells


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