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The spherical bearing itself allows the blade complete freedom to rotate around the ball, to which the upper red arrow is pointing. A contract for the delivery of 32 Ka-52K for Mistral was ready for signing. Figure 13: The hinge is designed so that flapping automatically introduces cyclic feathering, which corrects for dissymmetry of lift.
In the lower left corner of the picture, you can see the cable attaching to the pitch change mechanism. It was developed by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems (through their acquisition of Hughes Helicopters). There are several production helicopters that utilize the NOTAR system, which are produced by MD Helicopters: NOTAR is an American designed system and so this is true for American-made helicopters whose main rotors rotate counterclockwise (viewed from above). Two factors, rotor RPM and aircraft airspeed, control blade airspeed during flight. The Russian Defense Ministry began to consider the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier as the prospective carrier of Ka-52K.

Let’s talk tail rotors in general for a moment. The producer in Arsenyev in Primorye region has also mastered a new technology to make Ka-52K helicopters.

For this reason, tail rotors are painted with stripes of alternating colors to increase their visibility to ground crews while the tail rotor is spinning. When made with the blade feathering mechanism, the changes are called cyclic feathering. The ducted fan uses more numerous shorter blades, but otherwise works in very similar thrust principles to a conventional tail rotor.

He’s done consulting work for other manufactures and is, as I said, an expert. Since lift increases as the square of the airspeed, a potential lift variation exists between the advancing and retreating sides of the rotor disk. The pilot would then be forced to autorotate and make an emergency landing with significant forward airspeed, which is known as a running landing or roll-on landing. A particular spoke-type architecture of the motor is designed, and the performance of blades is analyzed by the CFD method.

The inset photo at the top left corner of Figure 1 shows another image of the same assembly from a very slightly different angle. Peer review under responsibility of Editorial Committee of CJA. Should the tail rotor fail randomly during cruise flight, forward momentum will often provide some directional stability, as many helicopters are equipped with a vertical stabilizer.

If you take a look at their idea, it is by far less complex than any of the previous systems we have discussed.
This is the design that Igor Sikorsky settled on for his VS-300 helicopter, and it has become the recognized convention for helicopter design, although designs do vary. Years later when Frank was designing the R22 he resurrected his investigation from Hughes and used the 63-415 NACA airfoil on the R22.


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