luka meaning croatian

Pronunciation Diminutive of... zrel (Slovene)
The relative popularity of names Luka in Croatia. It is one of the most common names (among the top hundred) in Croatia, with over thirty thousand namesakes living there. HTML tags and links are not allowed. There are no user-contributed notes for this entry. Origin & history The general term "gryposaur" is sometimes used for duckbills with arched nasals.

Postanite pokrovitelj ovog imena potporom projektu digitalizacije povjesne građe! The Croatian language has a very rich vocabulary, and that is also the case with slang. Cite this page: "zračna luka" in Online Dictionary (29th September, 2020) Link to this page:

With the same meaning in English, this Croatian swear word is not used for an ACTUAL catastrophe.
Origin & history Tira, sada u Libanonu, bila je dio teritorija Tugtakina, atabega Damaska. Chakra Number: 9: The number of the Chakra "Pineal Gland" The Pineal Gland is about the size of a pea, and is in the center of the brain in a tiny cave behind and above the pituitary gland which lies a little behind the root of the nose. It should be mentioned that Serbian children also attend it, and due to decimation of Croatian population in Banja Luka and Bosanska Posavina, the school has more Serbian pupils than Croatian.

Današnja Civitavecchia je važna trajektna i turistička. Ravenna je vađna komercijalna i turistička, Ravenna has an important commercial and tourist, Izraz "griposaur" se ponekada koristi za dinosaure sa nosnim kostima u obliku. Luka Modrić: Luka Modrić (; born 9 September 1985) is a Croatian footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Croatia national team. }, place on a coast or harbor where ships can land. The seaport of Tyre, now in Lebanon, was part of the territory of Toghtekin, the Atabeg of Damascus. In Banja Luka bishop Komarica managed to found a Catholic School Center for pupils. When it comes to choosing Croatian male names and Croatian female names, the traditional names with Slavic origin are highly favoured, though many are derived from Christian names too. zrcalan (Serbo-Croatian) luka definition: Proper noun 1. It is open to everybody, regardles to national or religious affiliation. Luka Modric, Croatian footballer Luka Milivojević, Serbian footballer Luka Svetec, Slovene politician Luka Jones, American actor/comedian Luka Sabbat, American male model Luka Bloom (born Barry Moore), Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bodhi Colicchio, son of TV chef Tom Colicchio Luka Lepkowski (b. Write a usage hint or an example and help to improve our dictionary. It serves the Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport. zrcadélko (neut.) Most of the persons named Luka live in the following cities and municipalities: Zagreb (over five thousand), Split (over a thousand), Rijeka (over five hundred). Origin & history In the sources analysed in the project Acta Croatica so far, the name is mentioned over five hundred times, the first time 1516 in source Catholic Church Parish Records.

zrcátko (neut.) This includes the large anchorage off Greenock known as the Tail of the Bank in reference to the sandbar which separates the firth from the estuary of the River Clyde. , glavno odredište za putnike centralne Italije za Sardiniju, Siciliju, Civitavecchia is today a major cruise and ferry, , the main starting point for sea connection from, Godine 1447., primjerice, firentinske galije planirale su povezati 14, In 1447, for instance, Florentine galleys planned to call at 14. Noun valorar (synonyms), What does valorant mean. Relatively speaking, the city with the highest percentage of namesakes is Otok (dalmatinski) (1.27% of total population). Home: Search: Contact & Info : Home > Search > zračna luka. ... zrcalo (Serbo-Croatian) Croatian names have a unique composition, lettering, and structuring that is similar to that of the Slavic people and other traditional European naming systems. 'Op Losse Schroeven' and 'When Attitudes Become Form' 1969. Search our collection of historical sources, World directory of Croatian organizations. The singer/songwriter, Suzanne Vega, stated in an interview that the song "Luka" is a fictional (fake, untrue, made up) song, based upon only the name of a real life little boy that she once knew in her younger days, named Luka. The references include Cambridge Dictionary Online, Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales, Century Dictionary,, Dictionary of the Scots Language, Dictionnaire Illustré Latin-Français, Duden, Oxford English Dictionary, Find more Indonesian words at! Quote & Print. With the opening of Falcon Field and Williams Field in the early 1940s, more military personnel began to move into the Mesa area. Showing page 1. with a large surrounding area under its jurisdiction. Origin & history Croatia is a country in south-eastern Europe, south of Slovenia and east of Italy, with the Adriatic Sea in between. Pronunciation In the oldest instruments, an indicator is placed at the centre of the arc. Cookies help us deliver our services.


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