ninth configuration review

For that, and much else, it is unique. External Reviews Full Review | Original Score: 4/5


Or are they? First of all, forgive my English. Yes, the Shawshank Redemption was very good.

Brilliant, funny, moving examination of faith from Blatty. Blatty wrote an interesting novel concerning several of his constant obsessions. But this is a hidden classic. A soldier dressed as a nun exorcising a vending machine? "The Ninth Configuration" is a movie I've heard about over the years.
It slows down what would eventually evolve into a great story, and it stops the film from achieving greatness. Sensational directorial debut from William Peter Blatty! By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy Mostly, I've heard of it in the context of William Peter Blatty's other, far more well-known work. The Ninth Configuration (1980) was William Peter Blatty's directorial debut. I have seen this movie more times than I can count, and have found that it gains something EACH AND EVERY time I view it.

I'm a mexican who lives in Acapulco now, so I'm not Hamlet. (The last scene could be cut and everyone happy) Well, I want to know who sings the opening song, if anyone can help!!). FAQ This movie has it, all but it also requires some ability to think. should one ever be erected. New psychiatrist takes over an asylum for disturbed military men. A resolutely offbeat film which offers a richly rewarding and affecting viewing experience if you're willing to embrace it's esoteric flourishes. When he decided to make a movie, he luckily cast it extremely well and got the most out of his performers. It's rare to find five films that offer as much combined intelligence, passion, visceral excitement, and uncontrolled belly laughs as this. ****SPOILERS ALERT**** Arriving at a secret military instillation in the cold and rainy Pacific North-West that looks like a medieval castle Col. Vincent Kane, Stacy Keach, takes charge of mental therapy for those mentally broken servicemen incarcerated there who's psychosis is due to their military experiences. headed for the catalog titles, and picked this one out because--God, am I shallow--the cover looked interesting. It's my all-time favorite movie, not perfect but a real screen miracle all the same. The actors really go all the way in portraying these nut jobs. This is a terrific film, the ultimate in surrealism in film. It's my all-time favorite movie, not perfect but a real screen miracle all the same. Brilliantly Unique--Minor Spoilers after asterisks, an awesome, magnificent, wonderful, outstanding movie. I have several contenders but this brilliant movie must surely top the list! And then, you'll want to rewind it and watch it all over again, to pick out all the clues that slipped by you the first time through. But the film is a mix of a lot of different styles. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. You won't know where it's going at first. | If you can find this movie rent it, invite several friends over, and enjoy the discussion after. The first time I saw the Ninth Configuration, it was by accident and I caught it shortly after it started. Like many great works of art, it doesn't settle into any middle ground.
and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Well, well, well. | It tends to be somewhat confusing in the beginning but if the viewer sticks with it, he/she will be rewarded with an incredible experience - one that they will certainly want to repeat. The banter between the patients at the film's mental hospital is downright weird. This is the sort of movie they don't make any more, because they never really made anything like this. The questions extend to the audience itself. You've seen nothing like this before!!! Sign up here. I have watched it several times and find that I appreciate it more with every viewing. I certainly never heard of it before. The cast has a who's who of Hollywood cast-offs (William Peter Blatty has a cameo himself as one of the patients). Turning over to the back, I skimmed the summary, saw that it starred Mike Hammer and the guy who mooned us in the last season of "St.


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