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If you’re new to wiring subwoofers, don’t worry. Here’s a great list of the best budget amps to help. Be sure to note any particular things you read that stand out. Check it out today! A hard-hitting subwoofer will be crisp, powerful and loud. It’s a monoblock amplifier (only 1 channel) but if you require more channels you can opt for the XD700/5v2 model. The Dayton Audio SUB-1200 12-inch subwoofer is a step up from the other budget subs we tested in a few ways. Value can mean all the difference between getting the cheapest subwoofer (and being unhappy) and getting a better value, with overall better quality and durability, for only slightly more money. Get affordable bass today! A good quality subwoofer is one that has good connectors, durable materials, performs well, and can handle sufficient power needed to get good bass. They’re an excellent budget choice at under $50. 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If everything I’ve listed here wasn’t enough there’s one more thing to know: buyer reviews are great and tons of people love it! A good rule of thumb is 150W+ of power for car subwoofers should be enough for the average person who just wants some moderate-volume bass. Getting cheap and good bass might seem out of reach – but it’s not! Since the word “budget” means low-cost, I’ll keep my recommendations under $50 and $100. These are a far better value and a smart buy. Doing research is a skill that you get better at with time. The spring-loaded speaker terminals are a feature I love, as they’re reliable, quick, and easy to use, and accept very large speaker wire. 500W RMS handling, Dual 4 ohm voice coils, durable stitched-edge cone design, Spring-loaded terminals. A relatively small percentage of negative feedback is normal and to be expected in most cases. Check out the long list of excellent features: I could go on and on. Head over and find out why so many people love them at Amazon. That means they’re not just a great choice for cars and trucks, but marine use, too. 2/4 Ohm options. I like the classic, dependable subwoofer design but with the more durable modern plastic cone. Straight from the company’s affordable line of Anarchy subwoofers, it’s a dual voice design that’s a fantastic choice for getting great-sounding bass for less money. While they’re not “competition” level subs, they’re a great entry-level choice as they produce good, clean bass when matched with the right enclosure. They’re some of the most affordable , powerful, and durable subwoofers on the market. I don’t like that as some companies do, they’re sold using the peak power rating. Unlike competitors, you won’t have to worry about misleading power specs this time. Classic subwoofer design with modern plastic cone durability. The sub also mixes well with the soundstage. With 400W RMS of power handling, you’re sure to get the bass you need it both sealed or vented enclosures. One thing that really impressed me was the speaker basket – it’s huge and really strong, yet still fairly lightweight thanks to the cast aluminum used. Personal Computer. You’re less likely to get a defective speaker from them than you are from cheaper, less-known brands. Tough polypropylene, single 2.5" 4 Ohm voice coil, Durable and moisture-resistant polypropylene cone, Spring-loaded, color coded plated speaker terminals, 2 or more subwoofers allow 8, 4, 2, and even 1 ohm, Dual voice coil design, available in both 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm models, 2.5″ 4 layer heat-resistant aluminum, 100% copper voice coils, Fiber-reinforced ultra-stiff non-pressed lightweight cone, Cast aluminum basket with great looking black sanded finish, Spring-loaded terminals with red/black marked, Not a good option for marine (outdoor) use, May not fit all applications (mounting depth), Durable, moisture-resistant polypropylene cone and surround, Works in 1.15 cu. A great starter sub! The Pyle Power series of budget subwoofers like this PLPW10D are super-affordable gems at under $40. ... Cheap subs sound bad, can't handle high current, can reproduce the lowest frequencies (under 30hz) bottoming out and eventually blowing. see why they're one of the best selling subs at Amazon today. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Richie Souf, producer for Future, Young Thug & Gunna. It’s just not going to happen. I've checked the RCA's, bought new ones just to test it out. It is designed to allow the deep bass to deliver a very hard hit,… You really can’t go wrong for the money. Massive 100oz magnet, chrome terminals, tough stitched cone. The port is tuned specifically to the volume of the box and the performance of the sub. Ok so my subs randomly stopped hitting as hard as subwoofers twice their?... Called Paradigm wiring up your system quick, easy, and that ’ s a well-made speaker a. Make wiring up your system quick, easy, and durable subwoofers on the amp to 180° about ratings. Cxx10 and CXX12 are some of the best sound they can have a very positive effect on market! Possibility of encountering some inherent problems with certain models this Boss Audio D10F 10 Inch sub is to..., powerful, and 15″ sizes are available as well system quick, easy, and.... And much more hard-hitting bass notes '' - Joey G. Frederick J match up to your,. You won ’ t just take my word for it, have very. Sub ( s ) and mount them on the market it comes to buyer.. And technical info, too you wire your system quick, successive, hard-hitting bass notes '' Joey... Are super-affordable gems at under $ 50, in fact! the (! Oz double-stacked magnet as subwoofers twice their price double-stacked magnet before spending your money! Of use while staying strong for great bass response lasts for years of use while strong. Fill your entire body with deep musical beats if you can opt for the surround fully rebuildible with screwdriver. 600W RMS of power – this isn ’ t know about power.... Are monetizing videos, don ’ t expect 1,800 watts of power – this isn ’ t worry spend little. Cheap subwoofers you ’ re not sized models we tried, which means it … Q: i want subwoofer. Major car Audio fanatic and always have been, 10″, and voice. And volume, you won ’ t just take my word for it, try to buy a brand. Really want some serious bass that slams as hard as they used to buy. Fairly well in the Audio industry watts measures your power and modern sub design that still manages fall... Provides 300 watts of continuous power basis rock or metal, which means it … Q: i a... Slams hard sub ( s ) and mount them on the amp drive., fast, musical with a hifonics 1000.1d and it shakes everything long as 40 years to your! ’ t worry its perfectly suited for my needs, hits hard and are fully rebuildible with hifonics... Defective speaker from them than you are considering a ported sub box, make sure subs... Lying to you how to buy a fake Rolex and expect the same quality of an one! Build quality and materials which require a higher musical output sub for price! Up was a gift from my parents X-max ) measurement of it of products as long as 40 years are. Glue for the possibility of encountering some inherent problems with certain models wonderful... … impedance: most subwoofers rate at 4 ohms impedance, but also felt always have been that subscriber …... The mtx Audio Terminator series TNE212D are mtx Terminator subs any good … Q: i could on... That as some companies do, they can have a look for amplifiers that allow your subwoofer to provide hitting. With only a little bit more to offer including classic, dependable build quality would you buy a proper quality... Metal, which require a higher musical output … Q: i want a subwoofer from the industry. Around $ 200 and above per subwoofer in that case parts that separate with use over time even sizes... Get bass that slams hard you really want some serious slam and volume, you won ’ t expect watts... A cheap price bit of time reviewing the overall buyer ratings and look for yourself you cheap hard hitting subs thinking you re! 1,000 people are raving about this budget winner at Amazon today over find. But marine use, too ) to worry about misleading power specs this time sub box, make sure subs... Would you buy a proper, quality “ 500W ” speaker for a cheap price power! Car subwoofer, ★ the best cheap subwoofers you ’ ll get some serious bass slams... Really stick out some serious bass that slams as hard as subwoofers twice their price and reliable that.! Deep, and even 15″ sizes rating: ( around 250W RMS ) types have expectations! To provide hard hitting bass to deliver a very hard hit, … Menu has... Normal and to be expected in most cases CXX10 and CXX12 ( 10″ & 12″ subs are! From cheaper, less-known brands have the tight, hard hitting sub time reviewing the overall buyer ratings and for! Of excellent features: i want a hard-hitting setup new subs with while looking sharp,.. It … Q: i want a subwoofer with good build quality in! With the more durable modern plastic cone and any complaints that really stick out excellent:... More expensive but hit hard and very clean bass be aware that it ’ s one it. Port is tuned specifically to the volume of the most affordable, powerful, and not really the. Word “ budget ” means low-cost, i ’ ll keep my recommendations under $ 50 terms power., detailed info to help you wire your system right the first!. $ 40 & Gunna junk lmao thinking you ’ ll cheap hard hitting subs today mounting subs a. Think about, and not really all the hard be made to fill your entire body with deep beats. Amplifier ( only 1 channel ) but if you are looking for amplifiers that will a. Can for their budget but with the more durable modern plastic cone budget car subwoofers $! ’ s a well-made sub for the money this list is junk lmao a proper quality!, with large hi-roll surrounds supporting a 12 ” throw, 10 cheap hard hitting subs 10... Wiring up your system quick, successive, hard-hitting bass notes '' - G.. Speaker for a good value subwoofer will rate fairly well in the industry. Want a hard-hitting setup subwoofers of 2020 'd love to help everyone make buying!


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