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Marji’s impact on a particular experience can account for those Muslim Revolutionists who were in the same position as she was in Iran or in any Islamic country.

However, due to the restrictions of showing female nudity, Marji and her friends attend secret sessions and parties, away from the prying eyes of the religious police. Les dessins sont réalisés en noir et blanc. Par son grand-père maternel (qui fut Premier ministre de l'Iran sous Reza Pahlavi), elle est l'arrière-petite-fille du dernier Shah de la dynastie kadjar, Ahmad Shah Qajar. Alors que les Pasdaran (« gardiennes de la révolution ») font la loi dans les rues, Marjane apprend à biaiser et à jouer un double jeu dans une société d'imprévus, de tabous et d'interdits. As a child, Marji is a young girl living in Tehran with dreams of being a prophet and an emulator of Bruce Lee. It's 1980 in Iran, and Marjane Satrapi isn't rocking out to Michael Jackson or watching Dallas; she's being forced to wear a veil at her school, which is now segregated.

Persepolis Summary Madison Grant 4th period The End Marji and Reza designed "Disneyland in Tehran" She decides to divorce Reza along with Iran. Marji's family begins to fear for their lives since many of their friends and thousands of Iranians had fled the new regime to Europe or the USA, but they resolve to stay. Marjane, au début plus qu'heureuse de retrouver sa famille, son pays et sa chambre d'enfant, découvre rapidement qu'elle est aussi bien une occidentale en Iran qu'une iranienne en Europe, dans une ville devenue fantôme et une chambre vidée de beaucoup de ses souvenirs.

As the war intensifies, Marji rushes home one day to find that a long-range ballistic missile has hit her street.

This inquiry inspires her to participate in popular demonstrations against the Shah's regime in which people are asking for his exile as a way to safeguard their rights. Away from home, Marji's Iranian identity deepens and she is expelled from the school after a verbal altercation with a nun who makes xenophobic comments against Marji. [15], Persepolis reminds readers of the "precarity of survival" in political and social situations. Persepolis is an autobiographical series of bande dessinées (French comics) by Marjane Satrapi that depicts her childhood up to her early adult years in Iran and Austria during and after the Islamic Revolution. L'image se fait le reflet du texte et non l'inverse, ce qui a son importance puisque cela lui évite de n'être que purement explicatif.

CPS reinstituted the book in school libraries and classrooms.

Elle a, entretemps, fait quelques connaissances et s'est intégrée sans toujours parvenir à s'assumer, allant même jusqu'à renier ses origines, se déclarant comme française quand un jeune homme lui pose la question en boîte de nuit.

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis functions well enough to give some knowledge.
Marjane's mother and father often attend political protests, kind of like a more violent Occupy Wall Street, and … I think it's better to do both". This denotes that if such a connection occurs stereotypes affected by disdain against Muslims could possible lessen because readers now understand some Muslims possible xperiences. La bande dessinée a donné lieu à la production dun long métrage danimation, Persepolis, réalisé par Marjane Satrapi et Vincent Paronnaud et sorti en France en 2007. [19] Lisa Botshon, a professor of English, and Melinda Plastas, a professor of Women and Gender studies, comment that Satrapi’s depictions of the veil illuminate for Western audiences the extent of Middle Eastern women’s agency.

The Veil/The Bicycle/The Water Cell/Persepolis In 1980, the regime in Iran made it mandatory for women to wear the veil. If Westerners would have more knowledge on the good doings of the Muslim World like Nicholas D. Kristof, W. Shadid, and P. S. van Koningsveld there will sure be a lesser amount of negative stereotypes about Muslims in the West. Her family escapes the missile as it hit the neighboring building, which housed their (very rare) Jewish neighbors the Baba Levy's. Persepolis 2.0 was published online, originally on a website called "Spread Persepolis"; an archived version is available at the Wayback Machine. Whether it is religious, physical, traditional, or even affected by disdained feelings against them, Muslims suffer from all kinds of stereotypes.

Since the veil on her head in the first image is black and the rebellion image is predominantly black, and the image on page 6 demonstrates half of a Fundamentalists’ way of life and half of a Revolutionists’ way of life, Satrapi is obviously against Fundamentalism throughout the Islamic Revolution, making her a Revolutionist. After hearing what her parents had gone through while she was away in Vienna, she resolves never to tell them of her time there. Anoosh is arrested again and accused for being a spy. The graphic novel was awarded to Newsweek's Ten Best Fiction books list, and was created into a film in 2007. Frequent encounters with Muslims and people of the West, in fact, are the reasons why stereotypes have now become a serious issue. That night, God appears before her to teach her about forgiveness, and about how she should not take justice into her own hands. Is it their skin color? Chaque événement marquant dans la vie de la petite fille s'inscrit dans la toile de fond qu'est l'histoire de l'Iran, toujours présente en filigrane : la crise irano-soviétique de 1946 est liée à l’histoire de son oncle Anouche ; la situation difficile des gens modestes est abordée par le cas de Mehri, l’employée de maison des parents de Marjane ; la libération des prisonniers politiques de l’époque du Chah est représentée et appropriée à l'auteure par la réapparition d’amis de la famille, Mohsen et Siamak, tout comme les premiers exils et les purges d’opposants politiques. Debuting at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Persepolis won the Jury Prize but also drew complaints from the Iranian government before its screening at the festival. L’auteur y retrace les étapes marquantes qui ont rythmé sa vie, de son enfance à Téhéran pendant la révolution islamique à son entrée difficile dans la vie adulte en Europe. However, her trauma from Austria makes her fall into depression forcing her to attempt suicide twice. His stories cause her to value ideas of equality and resistance. Or maybe the tragic occurrence of September 11th? A precocious and outspoken Iranian girl grows up during the Islamic Revolution. Shadid & Koningsveld elaborate on this by stating, “Mutual contacts are based mainly on stereotypes and prejudice, which are clearly observable in the various reports in the media in which Muslims are described as fanatics, irrational, primitive, belligerent, and dangerous”, - Shadid, and Koningsveld, Persepolis Summary, Page 174.

[19], The original French series was published by L'Association in four volumes, one volume per year, from 2000 to 2003. After much contemplation, Marji decides to separate with a reluctant Reza.

C'est également l'époque de ses premières découvertes sentimentales et de l'apparition d'autres désillusions ; l'infidélité de Marcus, celui qu'elle aimait, s'ajoute au fossé qui ne cesse de se creuser entre les deux cultures dans lesquelles elle tente de se faire sa place ainsi qu'à la solitude et au manque affectif, elle sombre dans une dépression terrible et finit par se retrouver à l'hôpital après s'être évanouie dans la rue, après des jours à dormir dans la rue. [1] Originally published in French, the graphic memoir has been translated to many other languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Swedish, Finnish, Georgian, Chinese and others.

Ce film obtient le prix du jury du Festival de Cannes 2007. Summary; Matches; Squad; Statistics; Transfers; Trophies; Venue; Info Official website. Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize for Scenario, Internet activism during 2009 Iranian election protests § Webcomics, "Satrapi, Marjane | Gale Biographies: Popular People - Credo Reference", "A life in graphic detail: Iranian exile's memoirs draw readers into her experience", "Wartime Cosmopolitanism: Cosmofeminism in Virginia Woolf's, "To enlist Iran's youth, Islamic Republic adds a nationalist pitch", "Unveiling: Persepolis as Embodied Performance", "Persepolis | The Literature of Propaganda - Credo Reference", "CPS tells schools to disregard order to pull graphic novel", "Furor Continues Over PERSEPOLIS Removal", "Children of the revolution: a minimalist animation sheds light on the muddle of modern Iran", Iran Slams Screening off Persepolis at Cannes Film Festival, "Graphic novels, more than just superheroes", "‘Persepolis’ Updated to Protest Election,", "Man with a Country: Amy DePaul interviews Seyed Mohammad Marandi",, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from September 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 17:18. Since she cannot speak German upon arrival, Marji finds it hard to communicate but eventually overcomes it and makes friends.

[6] In an article titled "Why I wrote Persepolis", Satrapi says "Images are a way of writing. Over the years, Muslims have rapidly become subjects to one of the many groups that are strongly stereotyped throughout the West. L’histoire commence en 1979, peu avant la Révolution islamique iranienne.

Cet oncle essaie de se procurer des faux passeports pour sortir du pays. The parent also inquired into why Persepolis was assigned to the students to read on September 11.

Although some people might not notice it, Muslims are too stereotyped in the media. Schools were segregated between male and female. [34] The authors used Satrapi's original drawings, changing the text where appropriate and inserting one new drawing, which has Marjane telling her parents to stop reading the newspaper and instead turn their attention to Twitter during the protests. The new government then begins to reform Iranian society, especially having women cover themselves while out in public and putting restrictions on social freedoms. Ce premier tome de Persepolis se focalise essentiellement sur l'atmosphère qui règne au sein du pays à l'aube de la révolution iranienne, révélant les tensions véhiculées par l’ambiance très politisée de l’époque. In 1970s Iran, Marjane 'Marji' Satrapi watches events through her young eyes and her idealistic family of a long dream being fulfilled of the hated Shah's defeat in the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The contrast in the facial expressions of these two different kinds of men proves that not only are there two levels of Islam, but each level of Islam implies a difference in personality. "[24][25][26] Upon hearing about the proposed ban, upperclassmen at Lane Tech High School in Chicago flocked to the library to check out Persepolis and organized demonstrations in protest. The film has also received high honors, specifically, in 2007, when it was named the Official French Selection for the Best Foreign Language Film.[33].


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