phil baran

Professor of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute. Chem. 2010, 132, 7119 – 7137. 3. Chem. A., deGruyter, J. N., Baran, P. S. Peters, B. K., Rodriguez, K. X., Reisberg, S. H., Beil, S. B., Hickey, D. P., Kawamata, Y., Collins, M., Starr, J., Chen, L., Udyavara, S., Klunder, K., Gorey, T. J., et al. B., Su, S., Rodriguez, R. A., Gianatassio, R., Fujiwara, Y., Sobel, A. L., Baran, P. S. Chen, K., Ishihara, Y., Galan, M. M., Baran, P. S. Newhouse, T., Lewis, C. A., Eastman, K. J., Baran, P. S. Schultz, A. W., Lewis, C. A., Luzung, M. R., Baran, P. S., Moore, B. S. Cipres, A., O'Malley, D. P., Li, K., Finlay, D., Baran, P. S., Vuori, K. Sella, E., Weinstain, R., Erez, R., Burns, N. Z., Baran, P. S., Shabat, D. Seiple, I. Soc., 2011, 133, 13922 – 13925. Burns, N.Z. He consults for numerous companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb (since late 2005), Boehringer-Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, DuPont and TEVA, and is a scientific advisory board member for Eisai, Abide, and AsymChem. Articles Cited by Co-authors. The Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology, Skaggs Graduate School of Chemical and Biological Sciences, NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. E. J. Corey, RASS-Enabled S/P-C and S-N Bond Formation for DEL Synthesis, Electrosynthesis: Sustainability Is Not Enough, Enantiodivergent Formation of C-P Bonds: Synthesis of P-Chiral Phosphines and Methylphosphonate Oligonucleotides, Electrifying Synthesis: Recent Advances in the Methods, Materials, and Techniques for Organic Electrosynthesis, Total synthesis reveals atypical atropisomerism in a small-molecule natural product, tryptorubin A, Two-Phase Total Synthesis of Taxanes: Tactics and Strategies, A survival guide for the "Electro-curious", Hindered dialkyl ether synthesis with electrogenerated carbocations, Impact of stereo- and regiochemistry on energetic materials, Expanding reactivity in DNA-encoded library synthesis via reversible binding of DNA to an inert quaternary ammonium support, Cluster preface: electrochemical synthesis and catalysis, Modular, stereocontrolled Cβ-H/Cα-C activation of alkyl carboxylic acids, A radical approach to anionic chemistry: synthesis of ketones, 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scalability, Flavin-mediated dual oxidation controls an enzymatic Favorskii-type rearrangement, Bioconjugation by native chemical tagging of C-H bonds, 14-step synthesis of (+)-ingenol from (+)-3-carene, Synthesis of ent-kaurane and beyerane diterpenoids by controlled fragmentations of overbred intermediates, Radical-based regioselective C-H functionalization of electron-deficient heteroarenes: scope, tunability, and predictability, C-H functionalization logic enables synthesis of (+)-hongoquercin A and related compounds, Total synthesis of taxane terpenes: cyclase phase, Preparation and purification of zinc sulfinate reagents for drug discovery, Convergent synthesis and structural confirmation of phellodonin and sarcodonin epsilon, Enhanced reactivity in dioxirane C-H oxidations via strain release: a computational and experimental study, Regioselective bromination of fused heterocyclic N-oxides, Strategic redox relay enables a scalable synthesis of ouabagenin, a bioactive cardenolide, Direct synthesis of fluorinated heteroarylether bioisosteres, "Donor-two-acceptor" dye design: a distinct gateway to NIR fluorescence, Practical and innate carbon-hydrogen functionalization of heterocycles, Cyclin-dependent kinase 8 mediates chemotherapy-induced tumor-promoting paracrine activities, Guided desaturation of unactivated aliphatics, An analog of the natural steroidal alkaloid cortistatin A potently suppresses Tat-dependent HIV transcription, Why a proximity-induced Diels-Alder reaction is so fast, Innate and guided C-H functionalization logic, Scalable, divergent synthesis of meroterpenoids via "borono-sclareolide", Palau'amine and related oroidin alkaloids dibromophakellin and dibromophakellstatin inhibit the human 20s proteasome, Intermolecular Ritter-type C-H amination of unactivated sp3 carbons, Configurational analysis of tetracyclic dimeric pyrrole-imidazole alkaloids using a floating chirality approach, A new reagent for direct difluoromethylation, An approach to mimicking the sesquiterpene cyclase phase by nickel-promoted diene/alkyne cooligomerization, Scalable enantioselective total synthesis of taxanes, Scalable, enantioselective synthesis of germacrenes and related sesquiterpenes inspired by terpene cyclase phase logic, Sequential C(sp3)-H arylation and olefination: total synthesis of the proposed structure of pipercyclobutanamide A, Strained cyclophane natural products: Macrocyclization at its limits, Total synthesis and structural revision of the piperarborenines via sequential cyclobutane C-H arylation, Practical radical cyclizations with arylboronic acids and trifluoroborates, Enantioselective total syntheses of (-)-palau'amine, (-)-axinellamines, and (-)-massadines, Scalable, stereocontrolled total syntheses of (±)-axinellamines A and B, Innate C-H trifluoromethylation of heterocycles, Scalable synthesis of cortistatin A and related structures, Terpenoid-alkaloids: Their biosynthetic twist of fate and total synthesis, Practical C-H functionalization of quinones with boronic acids, Oxidative coupling of indoles with 3-oxindoles, Synthesis-guided structure revision of the sarcodonin, sarcoviolin, and hydnellin natural product family, C-H functionalization logic in total synthesis, If C-H bonds could talk: Selective C-H bond oxidation, Total synthesis guided structure elucidation of (+)-psychotetramine, The psychotrimine natural products have antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria and act via membrane disruption, Direct C-H arylation of electron-deficient heterocycles with arylboronic acids, Two-phase terpene total synthesis: historical perspective and application to the Taxol problem, Total synthesis of eudesmane terpenes: cyclase phase, Scalable total syntheses of N-linked tryptamine dimers by direct indole-aniline coupling: Psychotrimine and kapakahines B and F, Functional characterization of the cyclomarin/cyclomarazine prenyltransferase cymd directs the biosynthesis of unnatural cyclic peptides, 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evaluation of D-ring cortistatin analogues, Enantiospecific total synthesis of the hapalindoles, fischerindoles, and welwitindolinones via a redox economic approach, Total syntheses of (+/-)-massadine and massadine chloride, Intermolecular enolate heterocoupling: Scope, mechanism, and application, 1,3-diol synthesis via controlled, radical-mediated C-H functionalization, Synthesis of 1,9-dideoxy-pre-axinellamine, Total synthesis of (+/-)-axinellamines A and B, Scope and mechanism of direct indole and pyrrole couplings adjacent to carbonyl compounds: Total synthesis of acremoauxin A and oxazinin 3, Modern synthetic efforts toward biologically active terpenes, Total synthesis of dimeric pyrrole-imidazole alkaloids: Sceptrin, ageliferin, nagelamide e, oxysceptrin, nakamuric acid, and the axinellamine carbon skeleton, Total synthesis of marine natural products without using protecting groups, Organic chemistry: A tuxedo for iodine atoms, Massadine chloride: A biosynthetic precursor of massadine and stylissadine, One-step synthesis of 4,5-disubstituted pyrimidines using commercially available and inexpensive reagents, Enantioselective total synthesis of avrainvillamide and the stephacidins, Intermolecular oxidative enolate heterocoupling, Mechanism of the vinylcyclobutane rearrangement of sceptrin to ageliferin and nagelamide E, Oxidative C-C bond formation in heterocyclic chemistry, Short, enantioselective total synthesis of sceptrin and ageliferin by programmed oxaquadricyclane fragmentation, Enantioselective total syntheses of welwitindolinone A and fischerindoles I and G, A remarkable ring contraction en route to the chartelline alkaloids, Direct coupling of pyrroles with carbonyl compounds: Short enantioselective synthesis of (S)-ketorolac, Short, enantioselective total synthesis of stephacidin A, Total synthesis of avrainvillamide (CJ-17,665) and stephacidin B, Direct coupling of indoles with carbonyl compounds: Short, enantioselective, gram-scale synthetic entry into the hapalindole and fischerindole alkaloid families, Sceptrin as a potential biosynthetic precursor to complex pyrrole-imidazole alkaloids: The total synthesis of ageliferin, The first method for protection-deprotection of the indole 2,3-pi bond, Short, enantioselective total synthesis of okaramine n, A short synthetic route to (+)-austamide, (+)-deoxyisoaustamide, and (+)-hydratoaustamide from a common precursor by a novel palladium-mediated indole -> dihydroindoloazocine cyclization, Novel chemistry of alpha-tosyloxy ketones: Applications to the solution- and solid-phase synthesis of privileged heterocycle and enediyne libraries, Iodine(V) reagents in organic synthesis. Voica, A. F., Mendoza, A., Gutekunst, W. R., Fraga, J. O., Baran, P. S. Mousseau, G., Clementz, M. A., Bakeman, W. N., Nagarsheth, N., Cameron, M., Shi, J., Baran, P., Fromentin, R., Chomont, N., Valente, S. T. Krenske, E. H., Perry, E. W., Jerome, S. V., Maimone, T. J., Baran, P. S., Houk, K. N. Bruckl, T., Baxter, R. D., Ishihara, Y., Baran, P. S. Dixon, D. D., Lockner, J. W., Zhou, Q. H., Baran, P. S. Lansdell, T. A., Hewlett, N. M., Skoumbourdis, A. P., Fodor, M. D., Seiple, I. Phil S. Baran's 523 research works with 24,181 citations and 5,775 reads, including: Serine-Selective Bioconjugation Racemic and asymmetric synthesis of bicyclo 4.3.1 key building blocks, Total synthesis of the CP-molecules (CP-263,114 and CP-225,917, phomoidrides B and A). ‘I’d come in in the morning, and on my desk would be a vial, or an NMR spectrum, of something he’d just made.


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