positive attitude stories for employees

He opened the bag to find that it was stuffed full of gold coins, along with a letter from the king saying that the bag’s gold was a reward for the peasant to keep because he had taken the time and energy to move the boulder out of the road for the convenience of others who would be travelling the road in the future. A recent article in Inc. providing five sure-fire tools for achieving a positive attitude got us thinking. The wise man explained what had happened to the shopkeeper, who reacted with a sense of surprise, asking, “Why didn’t you buy the shoes yesterday?”, The wise man replied, “Because I forgot the stick that I had used to measure my feet back home. The farmer said, “Your Honor, I am poor. The girl got excited, saying, “I want that puppy!”, The owner replied, “You don’t want to buy that puppy. Finally, the man repeated the joke a third time–but no one reacted. The doctor explained to the little boy that it would save his sister’s life if he were to give her his blood. We deal with bad circumstances and make bad choices that we have to deal with later. You have to avoid wasting time and take appropriate action before problems get out of hand or become too much to handle. As good as Dr. Sean is, I have others who are even better. In this story, the jar represents your life and the rocks, pebbles, and sand are the things that fill up your life. Take out both stones and expose the banker’s cheating.

Storytelling is effective because it helps to establish connections among people, as well as between people and the ideas that unite humanity. 395 W. 600 N. .

Providing a head, heart and funny bone adventure is the focus of Rosie Taylor’s for the Love of articles. He even offered the recipe for free, asking for only a small chunk of the money that was earned. When the carpenter was finished, his boss came to look at the house. If she chose the black stone, the businessman’s debt would be cleared and the daughter would have to marry the banker. Stop for a minute before you speak and question yourself about why you’re saying what you are. He turned the burners off after twenty minutes and removed the potatoes from the pot and put them in a bowl.

He boiled three pots of water that were equal in size. The shop owner whistled for the dogs, who came running down the hall of his shop. Her stories are inspired by a colorful family, her Italian heritage and a network of diverse friends. The students were okay with that because they had been given a chance to study. He did the same with the boiled eggs. Friends- these are the family of our heart. The man eventually pulled the boy’s head up so he could get air.

So what are you getting from continuing to complain about the same problem?”.
Stories are one of the most powerful ways to guide, teach, and inspire people. Don’t let other people tell you that you can’t do something, and don’t hold onto an assumption that you can’t grow and learn from past failures. Honesty grows your character. As butterflies emerge from tight cocoons, it forces fluid from their body into their wings to prepare them to be able to fly. (Side note: Another positive way to improve your life is to read and learn something new every day.

Rather, it’s the amount of time that I hold onto it that makes an impact. His sons were hard workers, but they constantly fought with each other. If you see a job ahead of you, don’t leave it for the next person to do. His father’s goal was to help his son appreciate everything that he has been given in life. Toll-Free: 1-800-748-5102, Employee Rewards Don’t Have to Be Expensive. My Aunt Kay was 85 when she got her first computer or should I say, graciously accept the computer my brother and I purchased for her. However, if you fight all the time, anyone will be able to defeat you. One night in July at an all-girls summer camp, the campers were gathered around in a circle for their nighttime devotions. He then went to the market and finally came upon a pair of shoes that he liked. The girl agreed, as she found the marbles to be beautiful as well. December 21, 2016 at 12:39 pm . Here are some motivating stories that will maybe help you spark that motivational feeling. The counselor then told the campers, “this toothpaste represents the words you speak.

He then used a ladle to scoop out the boiled coffee and poured it in a mug. It doesn’t matter if you say I’m sorry one hundred times, the injury is still there.”. Honesty is always the best route–especially if you want others to be honest with you as well. The father then decided to teach his sons a practical lesson to help his sons forget their differences and become a united team. Despite the girl’s good intentions, she didn’t understand that the restriction of the butterfly’s cocoon and the struggle the butterfly had to go through in order to escape served an important purpose. In fact, it could make things seem a lot more complicated than they actually are.
Let go of things that are out of your control. If so, please let me know.Family/Friends. If you don’t give 100% in your relationships, you will always assume your partner isn’t giving 100% either. We have to go to the grocery store, but they are able to grow their own food. Then he asked again, “Is the jar full now?”. What are your values and priorities? Once, a psychology professor walked around his classroom full of students holding a glass of water with his arm straightened out to the side. __________ (99 Points).

2) Which tire was flat? Individuals each have diverse talents, strengths, and weaknesses to contribute to teamwork, so staying focused on the task at hand rather than allowing personal disputes to get in the way will help you achieve your desired results.

Being an effective member of a team helps contribute to the overall moral and motivation of the team. The following day, the boy got angry 37 times, and had to hammer as many nails into the fence. By being honest in relationships, you’re holding your partner accountable to do the same. Pointing out other people’s shortcomings does not make you a superior person. When in court, the judge asked the farmer how he was weighing the butter. Her father told her to take a closer look and touch the potatoes. . He would walk with a limp for the rest of his life. This holds true with the things you let into your life. Movement, on the other hand, can be anything – walking, skipping, swinging your legs, waving hello or goodbye and millions of other everyday actions that gets our bodies going in one direction or another . Within minutes, everyone had been reunited with their original balloon. If I hold it for, say, two minutes, it doesn’t feel like much of a burden. All of a sudden, the butterfly stopped moving–it seemed to be stuck. A lady was once heating up a pot of water on a gas stove with the intent of cooking pasta for her family for dinner. He was comfortable enough as he was.

Did I miss your followers passing the 100K mark? Attitude. The Dalai Lama says, “If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”. His dad noticed, and told the boy to remove a nail from the fence every day that he was able to keep his temper under control. Just look in the bag to see what color stone is in there now so you will know what color stone I picked.”. Turn to people that you know the best as well as professionals in any given market so you can start thinking about what may be better for you. Imagine, the ability to be happy lies within you. But the other frog continued to jump with all of his might. for the love of articles >>>, Monthly positive inspirational story and quote to refresh your spirit and boost the emotional bank account. You have to let go of your limiting beliefs in order to make the breakthroughs that are required for your ultimate success. Because the banker didn’t want his deceit to be exposed, he played along, acting as if the stone that the businessman’s daughter dropped had to have been white. The boy knew no one would ever believe this amazing thing that he had just witnessed. However, our happiness actually lies in helping other people and working together as a community.”, You will get your happiness if you help other people find theirs. They cannot be repaired. No – its my home page! There was once a very wise man living in ancient times. When they left the farm, his dad asked his son if he enjoyed their trip and if he had learned anything during the time they spent with this other family. A pet shop owner got a new litter of puppies and was ready to sell them to their “forever” families. In order to have a more effective and efficient life, pay attention to the “rocks,” because they are critical to your long-term well-being. But each is to a product that we've researched and highly recommend. Over the next few weeks, the boy got tired of hammering nails into the fence and he gradually started to control his temper. Some of the best stories contain several different meanings or lessons so they’re effective in communicating complex ideas in ways that are easy to understand. When he noticed the boulder, he put his groceries down and attempted to move it out of everyone’s way. Breathing together. You’ve probably heard of a professional who ditched his or her career to follow their dreams–or the person who remains unfulfilled in their job, but doesn’t try to make a change. Once he was satisfied with the answers he found, he was proud of himself for doing the research and he felt confident in his ability to buy a high-quality replacement for his old shoes. He spends the time needed when I visit, seldom looking at his watch every two minutes like others doctors I’ve seen over the years.

He had a giant boulder put right in the middle of the street. They continued on into the river, past the point of the water covering their nose and mouth. Lindon, UT 84042, USA He asked, “Who wants this $20 bill?”. People will probably forget what you said . I do not own an exact measuring tool. He gave the key to the carpenter and said, “This house is my gift to you for all of the hard work you have done for me over the years.”. The Best Doctors. I’m one of the lucky ones. After the peasant gathered up his groceries to carry on home, he noticed a bag lying in the middle of the road, just where the boulder once was. .

He wondered why the elephants didn’t break free from the rope, as the elephants were certainly strong enough to do so. However, there was a bit of a catch. In the 1940s, there was a man who, at the age of 65, was living off of $99 social security checks in a small house, driving a beat-up car.

This story also demonstrates the power of persistence. The baby camel asked his mom, “Why do we have these big bumps on our back?”, The mom stopped to think and then said, “We live in the desert where there is not much water available.


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