pope pius vi and napoleon
Consalvi immediately left for France, where he was able to negotiate the Concordat of 1801 with the First Consul Napoleon. [5], Braschi became the private secretary of papal legate Cardinal Tommaso Ruffo. In his letter to the King of Portugal, he wrote: "the pope regrets that this trade in blacks, that he believed having ceased, is still exercised in some regions and even more cruel way. Pius VI elevated 73 cardinals in 23 consistories. [10][6], He left Rome on 27 February 1782 and,[5] though magnificently received by the Emperor, his mission proved a fiasco; he was, however, able a few years later to curb those German archbishops who, in 1786 at the Congress of Ems, had shown a tendency towards independence. He condemned Freemasonry and the movement of the Carbonari in the encyclical Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo in 1821. [6] He saw the events as a sign of opposition against the social order ordained by God and also viewed it as a conspiracy against the church. His siblings were Felice Silvestro, Giulia Francesca, Cornelio Francesco, Maria Olimpia, Anna Maria Costanza, Giuseppe Luigi and Maria Lucia Margherita. He and the Emperor were continually in conflict, often involving the French military leader's wishes for concessions to his demands. Work on the cause commenced the following month in gathering documentation on the late pope. In 1792, France declared war on Austria and Prussia, plunging the country into conflict with most of its neighbors for the next twenty years. It gave him an aura that recognized him as a living martyr, so that when he arrived back in Rome in May 1814, he was greeted most warmly by the Italians as a hero.[10]. His maternal grandmother was Countess Cornelia Zangheri Bandi, noted for her mysterious death (allegedly spontaneous human combustion). Cardinal Braschi was elected to the pontificate on 15 February 1775 and took the pontifical name of "Pius VI". [13], In 1796 French Republican troops under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Italy and defeated the papal troops. [4] One of the reasons for the breach was the seizure by the revolutionaries of the Comtat Venaissin, ending 516 years of Papal rule in Avignon. Their confinement, however, lasted only a matter of weeks, as Napoleon abdicated on 11 April of that year. By this he wanted to make Pope Pius VI renounce worldly authority over Rome and the Papal States. Progressing rapidly, he became treasurer of the apostolic chamber in 1766, under Pope … Renowned for his intelligence and goodness, he earned the favor of the future Pope Pius VI. While not effecting a return to the old Christian order, the treaty did provide certain civil guarantees to the Church, acknowledging "the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman religion" as that of the "majority of French citizens".[8]. Pius VI hailed the late king as a martyr on 17 June 1793 in a meeting with cardinals, giving hope to a potential possibility of sainthood. In 1758, putting an end to an engagement to be married, he was ordained to the priesthood. On this day the captured Pope Pius VI was taken from Rome, where a Roman Republic was proclaimed. [6], Braschi received support from those who disliked the Jesuits and were of the belief he would continue the actions of Clement XIV and hold true to Clement's brief "Dominus ac Redemptor" (1773) which saw the dissolution of the order.


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