shiva and shakti symbol

If for Shiva grace , through Sadhana or the vibration of the Guru,  someone realizes the true knowledge of reality, which is the permanent state of Lord Shiva, final liberation is attained . Panchamakara , The ritual of the five M, practiced in the sacred ceremony  of Maithuna unfortunately has been missunderstood , reinterpreted and applied to the letter by Western Tantra, but the real secret of this ritual can only be understood by the initiated Sadhaka who perceive its symbolic value: The linga and the yoni always go  together, first of all on the level of opposites. Tantric intercourse leads to the reunion of the metaphysical dyad, the union of Shiva and Shakti , distroying  duality and revealing the fullness  as One. Maya’s  teachings  follows the principles of the Tantric ancient traditions: Kaula and Sakta ,  according to the sacred text “Mahanirvana Tantra” and the union of “Shiva and Shakti” of the Kaula ligneage, the inner shakti yoga, the worship of the Dasha Mahavidya (the Ten tantric wisdom goddesses) and the great Mother of  the  Sakta path and the principles of Truth , Simplicity and Love, the message  that Babaji Shiva Mahavatar left to the world. To display trending posts, please ensure the Jetpack plugin is installed and that the Stats module of Jetpack is active. The Atman or higher Self is the ultimate linga or determinative force of our nature that remains steady and elevated (transcendent) through all our life experiences, the Atma Linga. Understanding them is central to the inner Tantric Yoga and its transformative processes. During tantric rituals  the woman is seated “to the left” of the man, so is the woman who is “Vama” and she takes the leading role of the “Initiator”. Yet the Sun itself is revolving around other stars and creating a yoni or circle of its own. The concept of Shiva and Shakti is by no means confined to India. Maya was initiated in 2000 to the Kaula tantrism by Swami Shri Anand Guptananda during her long stay in the Himalayan mountains in India. awareness of the currents of life energy within the body).

Shiva and Shakti hold the whole world. In tantric spiritual path ,one seeks to develop a perfect balance between masculine aspect and feminine aspect. The linga is the symbol of the Shiva principle of immutability, stability, strength and endurance, which is reflected in the cosmic masculine principle, the higher side of masculine values and virtues. SHAKTI symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy. The tantric tradition considers Shakti a lifeforce that is dynamism and power, pure manifestation of the absolute action. The Shiva linga is connected to the upward pointed triangle, which is also the symbol of fire. Working with this universal polarity in order to reach the pure unity behind, is the basis of real Tantric Yoga. If you approach it with the right intention, it can offer much more than the fulfillment of your desires, it can help you to achieve the ultimate goal of embracing the life of the whole universe into your own consciousness!

Shiva is beyond every action, while Shakti is the power of action at all levels. Yantras are present in the world of nature as the crystalline forms in minerals and in snowflakes. The Shiva linga is often described in terms of light, crystal or transparency. This androgynous symbol is not hermaphrodite, and does not reflect ethnic decline as in the modern world. At least pick up a picture or drawing of the linga, which one can find in books or on the internet. SHIVA symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle. Shiva is the state of equilibrium; and Shakti is the energy of transformation that arises spontaneously from it. All yoga practices aim to cultivate a calm awareness of Shiva and a corresponding dynamic force of Shakti. The Shiva linga can symbolize this subtle or light body, which has an egg-like form. The linga is a place where energy is held, generated and sustained. Or, from another perspective, Shiva and Shakti are the two currents of energy through the spine, with the Shiva force following an upward and concentrating motion and the Shakti force a horizontal, circular and downward movement. Shiva, the divine seed, fertilized the entire planet in the golden era, during which reigned peace and unity, protected what is spiritually alive, respecting his function of destroyer. Vama, in sanskrit means: “which is at the left hand side” and it refers to Ida Nadi  (subtle female channel),  located at  the left hand side of Sushumna Nadi (center channel) , and has the “lunar”, “female”, “aqueous” (kapha) character. The Tantra aims to union and non-duality in every aspect of life and sexuality is exalted to transcend sex itself reaching mystical union. In fact, the term Dharma originally refers to what upholds things and can be symbolized by a pillar. Many lingas enshrined in Hindu temples like that at Kedarnath, the most important Shiva site in the Himalayas, are rocks in the shapes of small mountains. The linga is present in the male sexual organ both in plants and in animals. Every issue is dedicated to the well-being of Mind, Body & Soul, featuring in-depth articles on Ayurveda, yoga and holistic health practices. The linga with the yoni below it shows the union of male and female energies, not just in sexuality, but also as electro-magnetic forces, with the currents of  circular Shakti entwining the still upright linga, like an electrical energy transformer. Shakti is the personification of the universe, and her activity is to love, while Shiva shares the state of supreme consciousness. Uniting the linga and the yoni is not just a matter of sexuality, but of uniting the centrifugal force (linga) with the centripetal force (yoni), or uniting the electric force of Shiva with the magnetic (attractive) force of Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are present together reflecting each other in our lives at every level. Visualize this Shiva linga with its circular yoni base in your heart and the conical linga extending up to your head, opening and steadying all the higher centers of consciousness within you.


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