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Interrupting the fights with lacklustre comedy makes its 77-minutes feel a whole lot longer, drains it of the fun and joy that go hand-in-hand with the collection. "Sister Street Fighter: Fifth level fist" isn't strictly part of the "Sister Street Fighter" series anymore, as it does not continue the story of the same characters, but it's good fun for its own qualities. The Street Fighter was a crazy game-changer, and it naturally spawned its fair share of sequels and spin-offs. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. That's some serious inventiveness. Starring Etsuko Shihomi, Mitchi Love, Ken Wallace, Masafumi Suzuki

The killer with the poor card trick is an obvious homage to Lee Van Cleef in Leone's westerns (the hanging scene on the hill continues that perfectly), while his boss reminds me of an eccentric Bond villain - even making the same mistakes, such as letting the hero escape when he easily could have killed him, or her in this case. Shihomi is now playing the daughter of a kimono salesman, entangled in a convoluted plot revolving around criminals using a film production as a front for their illegal activities. Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2019, Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The movie is packed from beginning to end with fight scenes that are now almost entirely bloodless, which feels like a big loss after all the drop-your-jaw, cover-your-eyes gory moments of the first two films. Etsuko Shihomi plays Li Koryu, a martial artist brought in by the police to rescue her undercover cop brother from a Yokohama drug lord. It may be derivative and less worthwhile than the original, but it’s still a pretty exceptional action movie with next to no filler. That being said, I'm pretty sure 65 minutes or so is completely dedicated to action sequences and often hilarious twists that make it far more entertaining than good.
The plot, too, is estranged from those of the earlier films, which sounds like a good thing in theory but in practice is monumentally boring. When Koryu's childhood friend Shurel is abducted by gangsters, the desperate young woman recruits a female martial artist and a tough-as-nails stranger to join her for a dangerous rescue mission. This is a movie in which characters fight in racetracks, on top of moving trains, and even on logs floating on a river. While it would be a pretty big stretch to call this a comedy, the film is rife with visual gags—my favourite being when a man is punched in the face and his hat flies off and lands neatly on the head of a statue. It’s never funny enough during the comedy moments or exciting enough in the action sequences. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2019. Before you cry “hey, we’ve seen that before,” take note of the fact that this time around she’s rescuing a woman, not a man, and her captors are diamond smugglers, not drug smugglers. The complication? Terry Sugury is hired to recover one of two tapes containing a formula for making heroin for a price of 200 dollars a pound. The third installment of "Sister Street Fighter" is hardly surprising at first sight. We refine our estimates from week to week as more data becomes available. With more room for the narrative to breathe, it becomes painfully apparent how flimsily constructed the story really is. Arrow Video (Blu-ray) (US/UK RA/RB HD), BCI/Eclipse (DVD) (US R1 NSC) / WS (2.35:1) (16:9).

That's Yasuaki … Elsewhere, the film just feels like it regained some of the exploitation movie spirit lost in its predecessor. Not a bad story, if cliche. Color, 1976, 76 mins. Sister Street Fighter franchise box office earnings. (as Jirô Chiba). That's some serious inventiveness. directors: Kazuhiko Yamaguchi (I-III) • Shigehiro Ozawa (IV) But he gets double crossed. There's a problem loading this menu right now. starring: Etsuko Shihomi (I-IV) • Sonny Chiba & Hiroshi Miyauchi (I) • Yasuaki Kurata (II-III) • Nobuo Kawai (IV).

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The series found its footing again with the third and technically final film, which feels familiar—yes, someone else has been kidnapped in Yokohama—but never boring or stale. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking the formula, which feels necessary after three remarkably similar films, but it just doesn’t come together. Takuma "Terry" Tsurugi returns. Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist is only an entry in the critically acclaimed franchise about empathic, resilient and tough martial artist Li Koryu on paper.

And who's the guys he's gonna fight? Basically, this one is just a vehicle for Sonny Chiba’s fighting as the story is paper thin. Metacritic Reviews. Koryu is back, of course, and this time around she has to contend with a man who’s taken a young girl hostage to lure Koryu to him and his carefully selected gang of villains. Directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi

It’s not a bad movie and has its moments, but it’s a letdown when viewed alongside the first three. Directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi Starring Etsuko Shihomi, Tamayo Mitsukawa, Michiyo Bandô, Hisako Tanaka, RETURN OF THE SISTER STREET FIGHTER

So he wants the tape back.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The villain is a cartoonish carbon copy of Auric Goldfinger and the action feels lighter and less self-serious. Note: This list contains actors who appeared in at least two movies in the franchise. For example, if our weekly retail survey estimates that a particular title sold 1% of all units that week, and the industry reports sales of 1,500,000 units in total, we will estimate 15,000 units were sold of that title. SISTER STREET FIGHTER |

From out of the arctic comes a gigantic flying, fire-breathing turtle that sets its sights on destroying Tokyo. Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread is the second film in the martial arts franchise about the empathic, resilient and tough lead character Li Koryu. No content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused without the written permission of its author or creator. Mere months after Bruce Lee’s death and the posthumous release of his most famous film, Enter the Dragon (1973), Sonny Chiba emerged in The Street Fighter (1974) as Japan’s answer to the kung fu superstar. Etsuko Shihomi plays Kiku Nakagawa, daughter of a family who wants to see her married soon, but she prefers to attend her martial arts lessons and kick some butt. That being said, that lack of freshness is hardly a major issue given that nobody is watching a movie titled Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread for a nuanced narrative. The weapons vary in eccentricity for your average everyday nunchucks to sai to—my personal favourite—proto-Wolverine knuckle blades, and all of them are used to their most extreme and violent possibilities. New Line then cut 6 minutes of graphic footage, removing all shots with considerable amounts of blood and gore. That's Yasuaki Kurata of course. Starring Etsuko Shihomi, Sonny Chiba, Asao Uchida, Sanae Ôhori, Bin Amatsu, SISTER STREET FIGHTER: HANGING BY A THREAD This site uses cookies to improve your experience. But wait, there’s more! From the start you can tell this is not really another sister street fighter. Select the department you want to search in.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average.

They seem to pay homage to (rip off) Bruce Lee.

Instead of living in the shadow of the original film series, the Sister Street Fighter films take their cartoonish style and turn it up to eleven: more outlandish villains, more nudity, and, most importantly, plenty more gore. In this film there is even a Lee Van Cleef-like character.
"Return of the Sister Street Fighter" shows some of the best locations and even adds something new. In particular, we adjust weekly sales figures for the quarter once the total market estimates are published by the Digital Entertainment Group. Of course they use the child as a hostage, or rather a bait to get hold of Koryu. Tough karate master Terry Tsurugi takes it upon himself to protect a late businessman's daughter from the Yakuza. This time Terry Sugury (Sonny Chiba) was a fist for hire. Entertaining action thriller unrelated to the franchise, The Fifth is the fourth and different than the three. I … After escaping from an insane asylum, a medical student assumes the identity of a mysterious dead man, who appeared to be his doppelganger, and gets lured to a sinister island ruled by a mad scientist and his malformed men. With Etsuko Shihomi, Akane Kawasaki, Mei-Ho Chang, Miwa Cho. Release Date Title Production Budget Opening Weekend Domestic Box Office Worldwide There are however three similarities between this film and the three previous movies. Directed by Shigehiro Ozawa Gone is the wall-to-wall action and the plot takes priority. View production, box office, & company info, Gregor's Top 100 Japanese (Chambara/Karate/Samurai/Ninja). Return of the Sister Street Fighter (1975). | I voted 8/6/8/7 for the 4 "Sister Street Fighter" movies, if you count this one as part 4. The market share is converted into a weekly sales estimate based on industry reports on the overall size of the market, including reports published in Media Play News. It’s the best sequel in the series, no question, but it’s missing the morbid humour that came with the extreme bloodshed of the first two Sister Street Fighter films and Sonny Chiba’s original The Street Fighter. The fourth and final movie of the "Sister Street Fighter" series makes good use of its comedy elements, from the crazy film crew to Kiku's father who secretly helps her, but would be happier if she was living more traditionally (he is a kimono salesman) and first of all, he is very afraid of her mother. The tone is off and director Shigehiro Ozawa seems to have forgotten that the reason people watch these movies is for the near-constant action. When the crime boss has to pick one of his thugs for a fight he takes his knife, throws it to the roof and kills a butterfly with it, then the knife falls to one guy's shoulder and that's ... 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. In this sequel, he sets out to bust up a phony charity put together by the Yakuza. Looking for some great streaming picks? Additionally, Etsuko Shihomi was deliberately credited with the more Western name of Sue Shiomi. Directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi. Fun second version of Sister Street Fighter. FRAME RATED is an online publication focusing on the world of film and television. This is a goofy, nonstop rollercoaster ride of martial arts movie tropes blurring together into a bizarre, thoroughly offbeat whole. A teacher assumes a position at a school that's run by a vampire. The gangsters pretend to run a film studio and make movies by daytime - an opportunity to ridicule the circumstances of cheap, fast productions.

The second film in the series doesn’t have quite the same shock value. Color, 1974, 85 mins. writers: Masahiro Kakefuda & Norifumi Suzuki (I-II) • Masahiro Kakefuda & Takeo Kaneko (III) • Isao Matsumoto & Motohiri Torri (IV).

I suppose the protagonist has been inspired by Lee. Of course they believe Koryu defeated, but then she returns alive and kicking. As if that wasn’t enough, these assassins seem to be hoarding an impossibly large arsenal of weapons, all of which are announced in freeze-frame action shots each time they’re employed. The consumer spending estimate is based on the average sales price for the title in the retailers we survey.


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