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However, Republic officials oversaw his administration to ensure that the Vizier remained little more than a powerless figurehead. This made administration of the Empire less efficient, but benefited Palpatine by ensuring that he continued to be the source of all political power in the Empire. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site.

The main differences between the two logos is the removal of two spokes in the center, adding in a dark area between the edges and the center spokes, and the addition of lines between the outer segments.

The Emperor pressed the military to focus on conquering the Outer Rim and destroying the Rebellion—with the Death Star gone and the Senate disbanded, the Empire lacked efficient means to keep dissenting systems in line. IG-11 | General information With the major trade routes considered safe for hyperspace travel, their control was vital for maintaining an effective means of defense and galactic dominance.
On the ground, General Hodnar Borrum's forces put up a stiff resistance against the New Republic.

To the Empire, "aliens" were by and large unwelcome within its order, with aliens being seen as "different" and "strange."

Bo-Katan Kryze | TZ-33 |

[31] For the next decade and a half, Imperial rule—bolstered by the military created to fight in the Clone Wars—dominated the galaxy and was largely unchallenged.

The cyborgs were shunned and detested by the Imperial citizens, and even Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik was ostracized for his extensive cybernetic prosthetics.

As the direct successor to the Republic Military, the Imperial Military comprised vast numbers of warships and countless soldiers. Separatist Council: Nute Gunray | Gar Saxon was defeated during a duel with the rebel Sabine Wren on the planet of Krownest. Men and women saw their sons and daughters drafted into Imperial service, while corrupt governors and magistrates often exploited local populations on worlds such as Jelucan, Devaron and Tangenine.

When she used her cruiser to block their escape, this backfired as the Ghost fired two proton torpedoes resulting in the destruction of her ship with the rebels who were able to recover images of the poison canisters that were used for the sterilization of Geonosis in order to show the Imperial Senate and rally more systems to their cause. Seventh Sister | Most notable was an attempt to assault, infiltrate and destroy Weapons Factory Alpha located in the Corellian Industrial Cluster on Cymoon 1, reputedly home to the largest weapons factory in the galaxy. [35] In order to draw out any of these Jedi and the children capable of touching the Force whom they might take as their Padawans, the Empire charged the Inquisitorius with not only tracking the Order 66 survivors down, but also preventing the Force-sensitive youth of the galaxy from being used against the Empire. Founding document During the New Republic Era, war reparations and disarmament treaties reduced the once mighty Empire to a mere rump state, with one remnant state forced to remain within predetermined borders of the Core and Inner Rim, agreeing to punitive stipulations, while another remnant state remained locked in the Cold War with the New Republic. Darth Karnage | The late Emperor had decreed prior to his death that the Empire would not be allowed to outlive him because it had failed to protect its leader.
The band was opposed by anti-Imperial Red Shift Limit, of which all albums were banned by Imperial authorities. These aesthetics were encouraged throughout the galaxy by the Coalition for Progress, an arm of COMPNOR. The subject of this article appeared in the New Jedi Order era. This prompted Kallus to frame the rebels for her murder and send Imperial forces to search for them.

With the Emperor dead and the Sith extinct, factionalism overcame the Empire as it fractured into fiefdoms led by Moffs, admirals, and generals, many of whom ignored Grand Vizier Mas Amedda's authority at the capital and became warlords. Imperial warlords comprised most of the lost territory, with the Republic still relatively in its infancy. The Empire lost the Battle of Jakku and was forced to surrender to the New Republic. On the surface, stormtroopers, walkers and tanks fought on the streets of the planet-wide ecumenopolis. Exar Kun | Executive branch Eighteen months into the operation, fearing to overextend the fleet and occupied with the consolidation of worlds now under Rebel control, High Command ordered for the defense of occupied territories, and shortly thereafter the slow withdrawal of Alliance military resources back towards the Outer Rim.[29]. Captain Canady |

Ironically, the successor organization of the Combine, the terrorist group Diversity Alliance, attempted to commit anti-Human xenocide in the years following the Bastion Accords by using a Human-killing pathogen developed by the Empire. XoXann | 0-0-0 | [14], But the Empire did not fully control the Outer Rim and often utilized its worlds instead as testing grounds for new biological weapons and as a source of cheap labor. In smaller systems, hyperspace beacons could transmit their coordinates, allowing starships to make quick jumps to and from the system. During the Akiva summit, various Imperial delegates discussed the future of the Empire in the aptly named Imperial Future Council. Ultimately, the Imperial counteroffensive was decisively defeated and the Empire forever changed as it was pushed back to a handful of sectors on the fringe of the Outer Rim, containing only a small fraction of the galaxy's population and industrial base. Saw Gerrera | Black Sun | Sarkli |

Daala's scheme to end the Imperial Civil War failed as the warlords refused to collaborate and organize a joint military campaign against the New Republic.

The title of Grand Moff was specifically created for Wilhuff Tarkin, while other Moffs such as Tiaan Jerjerrod and Therbon sought to increase their reputation with the Emperor.[source?] [93], Utilizing S-thread boosters to carve a secret hyperspace lane through the Outer Rim, the Emperor planned to destroy the rebels in a doomed engagement over the forest moon of Endor, construction site of the Death Star II, which, unbeknownst to the rebels, had a fully operational superlaser.

Kithaba | By 15 years after the formation of the Empire, a loose rebellion movement had become widespread, but was not yet turned into a formally established organization capable of coordinating a military insurgency across the entire galaxy. The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear! Imperial Charter As a means of halting this uprising, ISB Agent Kallus was tasked with massacring the planet to make an example of what would happen if a planet rebelled against Imperial rule. Imperial Ruling Council[7]Shadow Council (5 ABY)[10] Declaration of a New Order

Maketh Tua | This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims. Imperial Officers: General Hux |

[96] The Empire was ripped apart from within as several of their commanders fought one another for power, leadership, and control, rendering them weak and no match against the united forces of the New Republic. This rendered the planet was uninhabitable, and millions of life-forms became extinct.

This was in contrast to the structure of the Galactic Republic, which placed senators in control of their respective sectors. Because of this, some of the Mandalorian clan leaders decided against allowing the Imperial garrison and turned the Empire's offers down, they would lose much-needed credits and the Empire might well have come to Mandalore anyway, under much less friendly circumstances. Imperial stormtroopers and Coruscant underworld police were soon called in to restore the peace, and began arresting and eventually relocating those who questioned Imperial rule.[78]. Knights of Ren: The Empire supported the idea that aliens were untrustworthy—unlike humans—and behind their veneer of innocence lurked a vicious monster.

[38] Those that resisted Imperial rule could see their whole planet devastated and species reduced to near-extinction, such as the reptilian Bodach'i, who were forced to work in spice mines on planets such as Kerev Doi.

Fascist dictatorship[1][2][3]Stratocracy (0 BBY - 5 ABY)[4][5]Reincarnated Sith Empire (in secret, until 4 ABY)[3]

With implied permission from Palpatine, Tarkin landed the ship anyway, right on the protesters, injuring and killing many. The Sith who created the Empire in the first place was defeated in 139 ABY. Karness Muur | A council of Moffs was established to more efficiently govern individual sectors and regions of the Empire. A permanent class of Moffs and regional governors was established to more efficiently govern individual sectors and regions of the Empire.

After initiating contact with Chancellor Mothma, Amedda would go on to sign the Imperial Instruments of Surrender and the Galactic Concordance with the New Republic; this process ended the Galactic Civil War.[17].

[93] Ultimately, with the successful completion of Yellow Moon, the Rebel Alliance had gained valuable time for its now consolidated fleet to finally be able to strike at an incomplete Death Star. The Galactic Empire was actually more decentralized than the Galactic Republic. The size of the rebellion had also caused concern in the higher ranks of the Empire.

Also on Kessel, a group of Jedi including Master Tsui Choi and Jedi Knight Bultar Swan planned to draw Darth Vader into a trap and kill him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Likewise, Palpatine vowed that the newly-formed Empire would reign with ten thousand years of peace. Additionally, the continued funding of the Imperial Military was hotly disputed, with some arguing that plundering the InterGalactic Banking Clan and other monetary bodies would plunge the galaxy into an economic depression. Kylo Ren


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