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Tequila pushes Billie behind him to shield her and fires back, but moves to dodge a bullet which catches Billie in the chest. During the conference, Yung's right-hand man Ty Lok receives a call that they've got unexpected company, and offers to stay and deal with him while Yung escapes. During play, jumping in any direction or interacting with any object while aiming at an opponent (or pressing a certain button) will slow time, creating a short window during which Tequila can shoot at targets. September 2008, Geschrieben von Nato am Samstag, 06. After dispatching the attackers, he discovers the missing officer's badge, only to find a bullethole through the center and a photograph of the dead officer. November 2008, Geschrieben von tooltheman am Samstag, 04. Dadurch ergibt sich bei seiner Nutzung ein Vorteil für den Spieler, ohne den das Spiel extrem schwer werden würde. September 2007, Geschrieben von BlackDeath am Freitag, 14. Yung is forced to improvise, and is unable to stall Dragon Claw until Tequila arrives. The only difference; Tequila isn't on time.

This way, he gets his daughter and his revenge, and Golden Kane can pick up the pieces of what Dragon Claw leaves behind.

September 2008, Geschrieben von blaumoll am Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2010, Geschrieben von Tiquila am Donnerstag, 22. But when Dapang takes the tape off Teko's mouth, she warns her father that it's a trap, and as she runs to safety, she takes a bullet in the arm. September 2007, Geschrieben von wsp_saboteur am Sonntag, 16.

März 2009, Geschrieben von Joja2809 am Samstag, 07. His hands tied, Tequila agrees to go find them. August 2008, Geschrieben von Bernd68 am Sonntag, 10.

In latter-day Hong Kong, a policeman goes missing. Immediately after the deal is settled, Golden Kane strikes against Dragon Claw's base in Tai O, and Wong charges Tequila with blowing the place to pieces so he can escape. Oktober 2007, Geschrieben von andre am Dienstag, 02. Die Kidnapper verlangen, dass ein einzelner Polizist am Kowloon Markt erscheint. Juli 2009, Geschrieben von ZenMaster360 am Samstag, 20. für „Würgegriff“) ist ein Third-Person-Shooter für Windows, PlayStation 3, und Xbox 360, der von Midway Games (Chicagoer Studio) entwickelt wurde. Die deutsche Version ist zensiert worden. Enraged that the cop had broken up the deal, the Golden Kane bouncer Kwong Fang attacks Tequila, only to be gunned down. Assassins Creed Valhalla uncut online kaufen, vorbestellen. )), völlig ungeschnitten und enthalten drastische Gewaltszenen und Blut. Damon changes the plans at the last minute, letting Yung take Teko back to Hong Kong but saying he'll bring Billie himself.

Dezember 2007, Geschrieben von bgksven am Mittwoch, 12.

In der Xbox-360-Version wird das „Achievement“, Für die Konsolenversionen (XBox360 & PS3) von Stranglehold kann gegen Bezahlung ein Map Pack mit weiteren Levels heruntergeladen werden (nicht im deutschen. [14] According to Eddy, this research resulted in the team focusing on making in-game movement feel smooth and fluid, and building in-game environments that were destructible. Juni 2008, Geschrieben von Flowerine am Dienstag, 29. September 2007, Geschrieben von chubuck am Sonntag, 09. Stranglehold is a third-person shooter developed by Midway Games' Chicago studio, released in late 2007 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. September 2008, Geschrieben von Kingpille89 am Donnerstag, 21. Since the initial announcement of a big-screen version of Stranglehold, there has been no further news on its production. [30], According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lion Rock Entertainment is making the sequel to John Woo's Hard Boiled. Oktober 2007, Geschrieben von MarcJLH am Mittwoch, 17. B. Präzisionsschuss (s. [12][13], The development team for Stranglehold, led by game director Brian Eddy, was the same one that worked on Psi-Ops. "[37] GameSpot gave Stranglehold a 7.0 out of 10, stating that although the game is solid in every department, it is repetitive, due to a short seven-hour single-player game and weak multiplayer. Wong is startled to see him alive after the text he received from Jerry, but nonetheless maintains his composure. [18] Stranglehold also incorporated a body swapping technique that randomized parts of enemy character models, producing varied characters rather than repetitious clones. September 2008, Geschrieben von Mopsel am Donnerstag, 18. [29] The Xbox 360 Collector's Edition includes the same extras and featurettes but on a separate disc without Hard Boiled. Sowohl Max Payne, Matrix, als auch Stranglehold nutzen dieses Feature.

The Zakarovs plan to hold them for ransom for a slice of Dragon Claw's territory in Hong Kong.

Firing wildly, Tequila manages to nick his former friend and partner in the shoulder, causing him to retreat. When he catches up, Jerry is standing on a catwalk above an exhibit and firing at him with dual submachine guns. April 2008, Geschrieben von Nykron am Samstag, 19. August 2008, Geschrieben von APerfectCircle am Sonntag, 10. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 editions were both packed in a tin case with a holographic cover motif. Stranglehold benutzt ein Schadensmodell basierend auf Trefferzonen. [35] Electronic Gaming Monthly stated that Stranglehold was "a game whose movie influences are more than skin deep.

Dezember 2007, Geschrieben von wagi6969 am Donnerstag, 06. Juni 2009, Geschrieben von Norbertrobert am Montag, 01. März 2013, Geschrieben von xbox4ever am Sonntag, 04. As Damon and Yung leave, Vladimir Zakarov glances at a nearby surveillance screen and notes that two men have arrived in the penthouse's parking garage. Switch.

As Tequila makes his way to the Zakarov's glass-windowed office, Vlad opens fire with a rocket launcher from the chopper, hovering just outside. September 2007, Geschrieben von springer.johannes am Donnerstag, 13.

The kidnappers request that a single officer appear at Kowloon market. [15] To prepare for the project, the team watched many of Woo's films, such as Hard Boiled and The Killer, to figure out how to emulate Woo's style of film making. Dezember 2011, Geschrieben von yayabings am Mittwoch, 16.

The player gains energy by defeating enemies (equal to the Stars obtained) and by collecting paper cranes hidden about each level. The reunion is cut short, however, when Jerry bursts into the fossil room and opens fire with two pistols. Juli 2008, Geschrieben von Slayer666 am Donnerstag, 10. The film will be based on the plot of Stranglehold. Juli 2008, Geschrieben von UglyKid am Donnerstag, 10.

Jänner 2009, Geschrieben von R-C-R am Samstag, 27. [16][17] Among these modifications was Massive Destruction (also known as Massive D), a set of physics technologies that allowed players to destroy nearly every object in a given level. o.

Es ist das erste Projekt seit Hard Boiled, in dem John Woo und Chow Yun Fat wieder zusammenarbeiteten.

Dezember 2007, Geschrieben von roccohold am Mittwoch, 14.

The environments that were eventually used in the game came from the thematic goal of creating a fusion of Western and Eastern elements that was present in Woo's films. Following the phone call, Yung is approached by Damon Zakarov, who offers to show him his history museum. Tequila hijacks a nearby car and chases Wong to his estate, but is forced to deal with Wong's impressive security. Mission: Impossible II | Das Spiel enthält eine Zeitlupenfunktion, die „Tequila Time“ genannt wird. Tequila tells him to change it, and offers to interfere on Golden Kane's behalf. September 2007, Geschrieben von schewi am Sonntag, 09. With that, Jerry takes off running again, and Tequila follows him to a dead end.

The PlayStation 3 Collector's Edition includes Hard Boiled fully remastered in high-definition and on the same Blu-ray with all the additional game extras and features.

Assassins Creed Valhalla uncut online kaufen, vorbestellen. Mai 2009, Geschrieben von derplayer18 am Freitag, 20. As recalled by Eddy and Kaehler, the film director stepped in a couple of times to steer its direction: once to object to a potential story idea involving the export of body parts,[10] and once to suggest that enemy designs should have more Western clothing.

Oktober 2008, Geschrieben von dark-raziel am Donnerstag, 25. It is presumed that the project was a victim of Midway Games' bankruptcy. John Woo presents Stranglehold ist die offizielle Fortsetzung von John Woos Action-Meisterwerk "Hard Boiled". Red Cliff,, Wikipedia:Defekte Weblinks/Ungeprüfte Archivlinks 2019-04, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Die Deutsche Version wurde geschnitten, siehe Abschnitt „. So fallen z.

[14], Throughout development, the team at Midway worked closely with Woo and Tiger Hill Entertainment. Stranglehold was developed by Midway Games and Tiger Hill Entertainment. John Woo’s Blackjack | [31] In an interview with Twitchfilm Terence Chang announced that the film will be a prequel to Hard Boiled with a much younger Tequila. If Wong doesn't agree to his demands, Billie will expose them in court to prevent the Zakarovs from executing Teko, resulting in Wong getting convicted. September 2007, Geschrieben von Dragon25 am Freitag, 14.

Die erste derartig genutzte Zeitlupenfunktion in Spielen hatte das von Remedy entwickelte Max Payne (siehe Bullet Time). Juli 2008, Geschrieben von FloKing1421 am Dienstag, 15.

Operation: Broken Arrow | November 2010, Geschrieben von Undertaker_1991 am Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2009, Geschrieben von indevilshand am Mittwoch, 01. [10], To help with this, Stranglehold used a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3.

Irritierenderweise sind die Videosequenzen, die als Tutorial in einem Hilfe-Kasten eingeblendet werden, um ein neues Feature einzuführen (z. Der höchste Schwierigkeitsgrad wird in Anlehnung an den Film „Hard Boiled“ (dt. [19] Empire Online gave it a 4 out of 5, also praising its "dynamic action", as well its "bombastic soundtrack" and "slick visuals". As part of the game's promotions, a contest for amateur filmmakers to make the best John Woo-inspired short film was held from April 30 to June 25, 2007. HOME. Mai 2009, Geschrieben von Filter am Sonntag, 24. September 2008, Geschrieben von Kratoss1 am Donnerstag, 04. John Woo presents Stranglehold (oder kurz Stranglehold – engl. Inspektor „Tequila“ Yuen (Chow Yun Fat) meldet sich freiwillig für den Auftrag, um sich kurz darauf in einem gigantischen Kampf mit rivalisierenden Triaden und der Russen-Mafia wiederzufinden, der sich von Hongkongs Hinterhöfen über eine zur Drogenherstellung genutzte Insel bis zu einem Museum in Chicago erstreckt. [21], For the visual direction, art director Jason Kaehler worked with Stephan Martinière, the game's creative visual director, to create concept art in pre-production that was reminiscent of the movies the team watched in their research. September 2007, Geschrieben von MWallace am Donnerstag, 13. The Xbox 360 version also included 10 new achievements worth 250 points.

Vlad makes his way to a helipad, where a chopper picks him up. September 2008, Geschrieben von Patt am Montag, 08. Dezember 2007, Geschrieben von wagi6969 am Sonntag, 02.

", "Hard Boiled 2" redirects here.

Stranglehold is the first project on which Woo and Chow have collaborated since Hard Boiled. He tearfully reunites with his wife once more, and tells her he was sent by her father to retrieve her.


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