the doctors dilemma monologue

In the corner near the inner dooris a little tea-table.

Ialways had a terrible struggle with poverty and neglect at first.My dream was to save one of them from that, and bring some charmand happiness into his life. RIDGEON.

The Good Doctor is a full-length play that exposes the ridiculous, tender, outlandish, ludicrous, innocent, and weird frailties of human beings. A New Musical Comedy - Stay-at-Home Version. I'm not acriminal. Justconsider, Ridgeon. Open auditions for our next show.


Diagnose artistic genius, B.

That, at least, is Shaw’s proposal. Well, Mr Dubedat, as Sir Ralph has very kindlyoffered to take charge of your case, and as the two minutes Ipromised you are up, I must ask you to excuse me. As his friendsarrive to congratulate him on his success, he is visited by two figures who presenthim with a difficult decision.
B. Canyou not forgive him for being superior to you?

Please dont. If I lost faith in him, it wouldmean the wreck and failure of my life. There are exceptions, no doubt. What the devil does he take mefor?

Come, young man! Oh yes, a little; but how could a man with any decency offeeling touch that? Would you like to take it at twelve, Sir Ralph? Well, if you dont, Blenkinsop wont get it; for I havnt arap: you may search my pockets if you like. RIDGEON [staring at him] You see no objection to the transaction;and you anticipate none from me! Thank you, Sir Patrick [sheshakes Sir Patrick's]. MRS DUBEDAT. I should go back to Cornwall and die. Do I mean--! He then draws the piano stool from thewall and offers it to Walpole]. Does his wicked worryingwife torment him and drag him down from the clouds. Yes: I can be of no use here; and I must be gettingback. My mind's made up. What is thereleft of my work? WALPOLE [hanging his hat on the only peg left vacant on the hat-stand] We shall make ourselves at home for half an hour, Dubedat.Dont be alarmed: youre a most fascinating chap; and we love you. B. But he will never do it again: I pledge you my word forthat.

He understood everything. Have you any more civilities to address to me inmy own house? Oh, yes: Itll punish him. MRS DUBEDAT. Excuse this place, wont you? But Ithought that Sir Colenso--.

I dont somuch mind your borrowing 10 pounds from one of my guests and 20pounds from the other--. Quite right, Ridgeon. Well, _I_ risked imprisonment for her sake. [He takes it and presents it to SirPatrick]. Ask her whethershe'd take it back if she could. Theres something abnormal about his brain. LOUIS. The Doctors Dilemma by Bernard ShawPlot Summary:The Doctors Dilemma is about Dr. Colenso Ridgeon, who has recently been knightedbecause of a miraculous new treatment he developed for tuberculosis.

Oh, they dont matter. WALPOLE. [Having shaken hands--she being toooverwhelmed to speak--he goes out, stopping to say to Ridgeon] OnTuesday morning send me down a tube of some really stiff anti-toxin. At last a dreadful thing happened. My friendships end only with death. 's hatunceremoniously, and substitutes it for the cardinal's hat on thehead of the lay figure, thereby ingeniously destroying thedignity of the conclave. Only a littlecarbonic acid gas which makes the room unhealthy. Absolutely. Did you tell her you were already married? New York: Brentano's, 1909.

I had set my heart YOUR curing Louis. I feel perfectlyconvinced that this is not a moral case at all: it's a physicalone. As of this date, Scribd will manage your SlideShare account and any content you may have on SlideShare, and Scribd's General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will apply. Ive got nearly all the money fromhim in advance. Well, what objection can there be? Good-bye. B.

You dont knowa lady when you see one. Whathave you fellows done for her to compare with that? B.


We're all going to speak to you in confidence, youngman. Well, youpresent the cheque. Languages: English, Espanol | Site Copyright © Jalic Inc. 2000 - 2020. RIDGEON. Oh forgive me. You imagine that I'm simply anordinary criminal. LOUIS. how much it means to me to have you by me to guardme against living too much in the skies.

Shes taken quite a fancy toyou, Ridgeon. In October Jennifer's dividends come in. LOUIS [coolly] Oh, I daresay they think it will be a feather intheir cap to cure a rising artist. LOUIS [after a moment's reflection] Well, I can manage that foryou. LOUIS [patiently putting down his pencil] Look here. Not in mine. What am I? [She kisses his hand. I never heard of him. Yah! My wife's tastes are perhaps more luxurious; but evenshe deplores an expenditure the sole object of which is tomaintain the state my patients require from their medicalattendant. Lend you half-- [his voice faints away].

I had you that time, youknow. Well, I am going to test you--hard. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! SIR PATRICK [who has come down to him from the throne] You youngrascal, was it drawing me you were? Do you know that youre going to die? MRS DUBEDAT.

LOUIS. I was never accustomed to lock things up. Ah, Mrs.Dubedat! Excuse me.

The problem with George Bernard Shaw is that he couldn’t do sex: The compromising central issue of his 1906 drama “The Doctor’s Dilemma” is a sexual fatal attraction that Shaw states rather than dramatizes. He's a Methodistpreacher, I suppose. Why not cash the cheque at once without troubling me? With the exception of one pause-ridden performance (David Calder), her actors create a flow that lifts Shaw’s wordiness into advancing argument.

You have nobody left toappeal to now but Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington. It gives people awrong idea of you.

RIDGEON [proceeding furiously] Walpole: Ive been here hardly tenminutes; and already he's tried to borrow 150 pounds from me.Then he proposed that I should get the money for him byblackmailing his wife; and youve just interrupted him in the actof suggesting that I should blackmail my patients into sitting tohim for their portraits. B. Thats conclusive. Itll punish not only him but everybody connected with him, innocent and guilty alike. I should go back toCornwall and die. I had no idea the poor fellow was hard up.

Whats the matterin this house isnt lungs but bills. These sequential findings continue to stack up and the doctors are left with a dilemma once they discover that Dr. Blekinsop himself has tuberculosis. Well, Sir Ralph Bloomfield Bonington--. Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. LOUIS.

But aside from the physical start he indicates when he first sees Jennifer, Gillett doesn’t give any effective illustration or animation of Colenso’s developing inner turmoil. I cant help rather liking you, Dubedat. Walpole: would you mind lending me half-a-crown just to settle this. Quite so.

She shewed it to me a fortnight ago when she firstcalled on me. [helping him up: Sir Patrick grunts and enthrones himself].Here you are, B. What a fascination anythingconnected with the police has for you all, you moralists! ButI'd pay five guineas sooner than part with it. It will.
MRS DUBEDAT. I AM a doctor.

Although Jennifer doesn’t lead Colenso on, she should generate more excitement in order that we can sympathize with his ruinous misreading of their situation. WALPOLE. [He bows and makes for the door]. Oh, will you please sit down and listen to me justfor a few minutes. Imissed a five-pound note. Before I go, let me say that I am quite agreed withmy colleagues here as to the character of the case.


How dare you make such aproposal to me? MRS DUBEDAT. Now I must be off. I know that he sometimes shocks people aboutmoney because he is so utterly above it, and cant understand thevalue ordinary people set on it.

Thefact that they spend money so extravagantly on medical attendancereally would not justify me in wasting my talents--such as theyare--in keeping them alive. I am not a rich man; and I want every penny I can spareand more for my researches. Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists. bigamy! Her thirty poundsdidnt last three days. I assure you, young man, my father learnt thedoctrine of deliverance from sin from John Wesley's own lipsbefore you or Mr. Shaw were born. Youd pay me something handsome to keepit out of court afterwards. Rot!

All rights reserved. [ToLouis] Well, you can keep your nuciform sac, and your tubercularlung, and your diseased brain: Ive done with you. B. I--I--I--I have a good mind to take you by the scruff ofyour neck, you infamous rascal, and give you a sound thrashing. Have you no confidence in myhonor? But I want to spare your little fortune, and raise moneyon my own work.

[altogether refusing to accept this] _I_ am not out ofcountenance. B. B. Accept it from me, Paddy; and may you long be spared tocontemplate it. LOUIS [scandalized] No, no. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Then he said he had no money. Good afternoon to you. Well, of course I shouldnt suggest it if I didnt want themoney. All this isno good. I shall have a one-man-show next season; andthen there will be no more money troubles. [He sits down again on the sofa]. Dont be unhappy, love: I can easily earn enoughto pay it all back. LOUIS [putting on a touch of paint with notable skill and careand answering quite perfunctorily] I promise, my darling. Still, if they pay us, they ought to have what theypay for. Nonsense.

Then he said he had no money. They've found out that a man's body is full of bits and scraps of old organs he has no mortal use for. That is the word I was trying to remember. LOUIS.

Various themes swirl aboutwithin this general framework--the value of science, the paternalism of the medicalprofession, and the fact that "everything that goes around, comes around. I also will ask you to excuse me, Mrs Dubedat. [Finding his pocket empty] Oh, I say, I havnt any moneyon me just at present. RIDGEON.

Very good. MRS DUBEDAT. LOUIS [seriously annoyed for the first time] Its an intellectualinsult. RIDGEON. You must cure him: you must make him quite well again for me. Ihad even a little beauty: dont think me vain for knowing it. how time doesfly! SIR PATRICK. You must knowsuch lots of things about them--private things that they wouldntlike to have known. Dont mention it, maam. MRS DUBEDAT [firmly] You say so: I have no more doubt: I believeyou. SIR PATRICK: He's a clever operator, is Walpole, though he's only one of your chloroform surgeons. I cant pass the shops without wrestlingwith the temptation to go in and order all the really good thingsthey have for you. [He rises]. That was hisonly real weakness; and now it is conquered and done with forever. It seemsall right; and it puts me in the wrong. for being braver? My little sketches of her will be bought by collectorsat Christie's. They call themselves ChristianScientists, I believe. RIDGEON [stopping him] You shall not leave the room until you payit.


I will not lift a finger tosave this reptile.


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