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Great samurai characters are those like Shinzaemon in 13 Assassins or Ogami Itto of the Lone Wolf and Cub series that work towards improving the lives of those weaker than they are but often for their own personal gain as well. Share to Twitter. It’s telling, in light of this, that 13 Assassins indicts Naritsugu not only for his casual and grievous sins but also for an attitude that views violence purely as an aesthetic phenomenon or a moral instrument. The same electricity shot through the movie theater, thousands of years later. After all, 13 Assassins is about warriors who need combat to find meaning in their own lives and have found confidence in this larger purpose. TV Shows. His mystical nature is only properly explored in the longer Japanese cut of the film but his interactions with Lord Naritsugu and Shimada near the end tie neat bows on all three characters’ arcs. He has written for The University Observer in UCD, Film Ireland, and HeadStuff. Once the movie has set up all it needs to, and the time for violence is at hand—when the words that got me in the theater were about to be realized—the leader of the assassins, Shinzaemon, looking down at Naritsugu and his 200 bodyguards, unfurls a banner. His actions suggests a sociopath, but his calm manner, and his evident boredom, more clearly establish him as an aesthete. We pay attention to blood and danger and death for basic, instinctual reasons. The fundamental contradictions of violence in cinema and the ethical use of force are all there, exquisitely realized. The film stages the greatest and most spectacular fight you would ever want to see while making its purpose the elimination of someone who believes violence could be purifying. Still, he sticks with them to the end and beyond, smashing in skulls using his sling and rock club with the best of them. There is of course the opening seppuku ritual. 13 Assassins ends as it begins, in death. Share to Tumblr. R. renditioning. Miike used to churn out roughly six films or more a year in his prime and although he has slowed down after crossing the hundred-film mark a few years ago, he still averages two to three annually. Good samurai characters are those like Yojimbo or Zatoichi who affect a disinterest in the plight of the common man before going to work with their heart of gold and sharp katana.
The power of violence in art is precisely that many aims can find some satisfactory expression in the pull of the trigger or the swing of the sword. Three if it’s a masterpiece like Audition. It’s clear that Miike is channeling the fast-paced energy of Kurosawa’s greatest epics mixed with the gory pulp of the gnarliest samurai B movies. Yet what’s most effective about his scenes is that he is not simply a wanton murderer and torturer. One by one, the 13 assassins drift back into the fog ready to deal death and in turn be dealt it. Audiences don’t want might to make right, at least not “the stronger” putting an end to the weak; they expect a test of wills, and for fate (or the artist) to grant the good guys the final triumph only after it has been earned. Every decision made by the 12 samurai and their jokey, horny goblin ally feels like a tactical choice made in desperation that would never work in a conventional battle. Ripping and tearing sounds accompany the passage of the knife as it opens the once noble samurai’s guts. No one, least of all the viewer, is in any disagreement that the fighting depicted in the film is exactly how he describes it, “magnificent.” Naritsugu’s only mistake appears to be his belief that violence unmoored from such circumstances could retain this power, that bringing war to the countryside would achieve a similar glory. 13 Assassins -- "Total Massacre" Menu. He is the editor of the HeadStuff Gaming section but spends more time playing games than he does writing about them. Meanwhile in a distant part of the village the master swordsman Hirayama Kujuro whirls like a dervish leaving swords plucked from the earth in between the ribs of his foes. You just wouldn’t write a scene like Book XXII anymore. Something wonderful has come to my mind… Once I’m on the Shogun’s council, let’s bring back the age of war.”. We're all about the quality, and support good writing and reading. Amid the macabre strangeness of the horrors he inflicts, and the way he goes about inflicting them, he is curiously detached. Movies. Naritsugu è protetto da un temibile esercito comandato da Hanbei, che si scoprirà essere un grande nemico di Shimada. 13 figures step forward, dark shapes emerging against the early morning mist. Many seek something all samurai are taught to crave: a glorious death in battle. Cookies are yum so we use them to make your HeadStuff experience more yummy.
When all is done and Shinzaemon finally comes face-to-face with the enemy his second-in-command, Kuranaga Saheita, issues the challenge “By the order of His Shogun’s subject Shinzaemon, we commemorate your passage with arrows!” Battles lines are drawn; the village of Ochiai becomes the village of death. The preparation for luring Lord Naritsugu towards the empty village of Ochiai involves redirecting Naritsugu’s massive entourage of samurai, buying out the village itself and then pressganging the villagers into turning their town into a narrow, booby trap filled maze. Miike invests this time in exploring some but not all of the samurai heading to their deaths.


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