vera day height

He's semi-crouching while twisting, accentuating the height difference between them, but even had he stood up straight she still would've towered over him.). beauties of the 40's and 50's and they really were gorgeous they had glamour... Forgot to say they moved the sizes again in the 80's and 90's both decades. Thanks so much for sharing this info. Maybe if you calculate hip to waist ratio you can determine if some of these measurements are more or less accurate. Thanks for your interest, Anonymous #2. I'm far from letting go of summer, but fashion magazines and stores are already showcasing some of the best trends for Fall. We are so hard on ourselves and far too often compare ourselves to fantasies that are pushed by PR folks, especially now in the age of Photoshop. Ex. You're right about the changes in sizes--if you go to my Vintage Sizes & Silhouettes permanent page, you'll see this chart and a huge discussion on the evolution of sizing in women's clothing.

When she died, she weighed 118, per the autopsy. If you look, you may also notice sometime that Stanwyck, a former Follies Girl, had the famous Follies walk, where she kind of "dragged" her feet as if she were always trailing a mink stole behind her. Happy to hear you found your favorite actress, Margaret AND that you and she have such similar measurements. I was in college in the 70's and a size 7 5'4 105 35/22/35 no girdle nothing. Surprising how small almost all of them were, even allowing for the general population being a little shorter than we are today.

Kimberly: I truly enjoyed this list and it brought to mind how much the studios and their PR departments had control; even over the stars measurements! Gable commented to friends on her apparent lack of underwear.Norma was often on the Best-Dressed lists, even though in her real life she wore a lot of American sports-type clothes, and her chic was the Parisian kind, not the glamored-up Hollywood kind.Shearer, BTW, was rumored to be app 5'3", and was short-legged and long-waisted, as were many famous actresses-Stanwyck was another, Edith Head spoke of designing her dresses and suits to have a waistline which was higher in front and lower in back to lengthen her line. Thanks for the input, Veronica!

First I was like, "Hey, why is Katharine Hepburn all the way at the bottom?' Again, thank you for having all this infotmation in one spot. It was wonderful t... UPDATE: Sometimes life just takes you in a different direction.

I recall in her 1932 film "Love Me Tonight" (co-starring the ever-charming Maurice Chevalier), in one scene where she is giving her vital statistics to a doctor, she claims (in song) that her waist is 28".

Being an avid collector of all things vintage it was great to find out I could definitely fit into a ridiculous amount of authentic antique clothing without much alteration (if any). I'm think I'm going to go along with your thoughts on Elizabeth Taylor.

It's impossible that a woman like Elizabeth Taylor, having a relatively petite frame with 36" hips, could have a size 36C bra size, at least in modern sizing. So petite! Mention the words German Expressionism and you just might put a panic into even the most ardent of classic cinema fans.

Hi, I really appreciate this chart of starlet sizes. There are a few movies that I think of every time the weather begins to turn cold. Followed your link & loved seeing how little most of the men were ☺.

36" bust sure, but I'd guess 32D+ bra size is more like it! Fascinating to me that measurements are generally available for the women, but not for the men. You forgot to put one of the biggest men on there, possibly the tallest, to the point they occasionally lied about his height stating he was shorter! The illusion was due to the talented production teams--from set designers to clever directors and cinematographers. She was pregnant when she made Some Like It Hot, which explains her amplitude in that film.

PHOTOS:  the varying heights of Norma, Joan, and Roz in, FILM NOIR STYLE is a 4-part series that mirrors the new book, The second event discusses the impact of World War II on the home front and fashion along with 6 films from this period -, The first event discusses influences that contributed to the genre's style, the historical context, and impact of 3 films from this period -. As a 5'6" 34-25-37 weighing 113, Veronica and I may have similar measurements but different weights.

vera day. The Joan Crawford Mildred Pierce pinafore was tiny. Size 4 women can still be voluptuous and healthy while being slim at the same time. $20 Million Vera Day Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Vera Day (Born August 4, 1935 in London), is a British film and television actress.

Last I checked, U.S. womanhood had not developed into a society of giants. I could wish that shape was still the vogue, as I have it from the waist down, but large-breasted and short-waisted, long-legged ("chic" and "elegant" are two of the many positive attributes I'll never possess, lol ! Just genetics. Six weeks ago, ahead of the 75th anniversary of VE Day and during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Dame Vera said simple acts of bravery and sacrifice still define our nation. Obviously, Sophia Loren was (and may still be) the classic hourglass. Regarding the larger heads-I recall as far back as the silent era, Mary Pickford in her autobiography "Sunshine And Shadow", noting this about herself. That was practically a giant for those days.

I'm a little fuzzled about their weight. Thanks!

You can see it on screen too..she had an amazing body which had its angularity and posture as the highlights, but not an enviable bust.If you see the list, Bergman-34 Hepburn 34B?What I mean is that just by looking at them on screen you can say that the difference is more than that right?

I've seen some of her costumes up close and they are so small!

I think most of those measurements are bogus and are to skinny, the proportions are probably the same but i don't buy into Judy Garland having such small hips. The sizes on the stars listed here would have qualified as ultra skinny so what gives?


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