welsh coal mines

The extensive excavations of the Roman operations at Dolaucothiprovide a picture of the hi… Substantial quantities of gold, copper, and lead were extracted, along with lesser amounts of zinc and silver.

There had been small-scale mining in Wales in the pre-Roman British Iron Age, but it would be undertaken on an industrial scale under the Romans, who completed their conquest of Wales in AD 78. In the First and Second World Wars, collieries were placed under government control and on 1 January 1947 the coal industry was nationalised by the UK government and put in the control of the National Coal Board. Ways along the valley floors provided the main routes for exporting coal south to ports and docks such as Newport Docks, Cardiff Docks and Barry Docks.

Nowadays coaling mining is merely a distant faded memory in most minds and of course the young cannot remember anything of the industry that once dominated the area. Mining would continue until the process was no longer practical or profitable, at which time the mine would be abandoned. Initially my plan was to set up a web site recording all the mines within the Welsh Coalfields. It's with this in mind that I decided to create this web site. Cardiff and Barry developed as ports to export coal, and the South Wales mining villages and towns grew up because of the demand for coal.


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