what point of view is the patchwork girl of oz written in

But how? Tik-Tok of Oz The Patchwork Girl is a science fiction novel by American writer Larry Niven.Part of his Known Space series, it is the fourth of five Gil Hamilton detective stories and the first to be published as a stand-alone novel in 1980.

His text has not survived, but John Neill's pictures and captions still exist. The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum Affectionately Dedicated to my young friend Sumner Hamilton Britton of Chicago Contents[show] Prologue Through the kindness of Dorothy Gale of Kansas, afterward Princess Dorothy of Oz, an humble writer in the United States of America was once appointed Royal Historian of Oz, with the privilege of writing the chronicle of that wonderful fairyland. Baum dedicated the book to Sumner Hamilton Britton, the young son of his publisher Sumner Charles Britton. The Patchwork Girl of Oz sold 17,000 copies in its first year on the market, better than Baum's non-Oz fantasies had done.

They encountered Tottenhots and the captive Yoop, and brought an end to the war between the Hoppers and Horners. Outside the bounds of Oz, Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl is a critically-praised work of hypertext fiction that exploits the Frankenstein story in a feminist context.

The group continues to the castle of the Tin Woodsman who rules the Winkie Country, since yellow butterflies are most likely to be found in that yellow-dominated quadrant of Oz. Baum's return to Oz met with public acceptance.

When they arrive at the city gates, the Soldier with the Green Whiskers approaches them and announces that Ojo is under arrest. Despite her popularity, to the point that her image was used in at least two advertisements for student desks, she has appeared in only five film productions, two of which were made for television. Just outside the Emerald City, Ojo sees a six-leaved clover by the road and, believing himself to be unobserved, picks it. In reference to The Patchwork Girl of Oz, one of Baum's letters to his publisher, Sumner Britton of Reilly & Britton, offers unusual insight on Baum's manner of creating his Oz fantasies: A lot of thought is required on one of these fairy tales.

The Horners also provided Ojo with another of the ingredients for his antidote: water from a dark well.

In this version, her name is Serena and it is implied that she was once human.

The two groups are on the verge of war due to a misunderstanding, but Scraps reconciles them. It was made by Baum's studio The Oz Film Manufacturing Company, and was released in 1914. Along the way they meet the Scarecrow, who is quite smitten with Scraps, as she is with him. They were captured by Man-Eating Plants, but the Shaggy Man happened along and rescued them. Publisher Frank Reilly suggested to Baum that the material in this chapter was not "in harmony with your other fairy stories," and would generate "considerable adverse criticism."

Then it's revised, retypewritten and sent on to Reilly and Britton. Scraps stood alongside her friends when they rallied against a "new" Witch trying to obliterate the entirety of Oz in the comic book The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles.

She was originally brought to life by a Munchkin magician named Dr. Pipt by means of his Powder of Life formula to be a servant for his wife Margolotte. The Emerald City of Oz

An earlier version of the poster is printed mostly in green and orange, a later version has more colors. Here The Witch also killed her family, and for this she has sworn vengeance against her former friend. ", In the previous Oz book, The Emerald City of Oz, magic was used to isolate Oz from all contact with the outside world. The Tin Woodman, as Emperor of the Winkies, forbade them from injuring even one of the smallest of the creatures in his country.

Margolotte has used the Powder of Life to animate a glass cat named Bungle, and she plans to use the Powder to provide herself a servant. Ozma tells them that Dr. Pipt has been practicing magic illegally and has therefore been deprived of his powers.

In 1914, Baum adapted the book to film through his "Oz Film Manufacturing Company. In a break from his usual ARM duties, Hamilton is an acting U.N. Baum dedicated the book to Sumner Hamilton Britton, the young son of his publisher Sumner Charles Britton. Ojo and Unc Nunkie are given a new house to live in near the Emerald City and the Tin Woodsman calls Ojo "Ojo the Lucky". The Patchwork Girl proved a popular character, who could be relied upon for comic relief; she makes appearances in many subsequent Oz books.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz was one of the four Baum works turned into movies by the Oz Film Manufacturing Company in 1914 and 1915.

On The Oz Kids, she was voiced by Lori Alan and had numerous infant patchwork kids. Resources

Gilbert M. Sprague even has the Patchwork Girl and Scarecrow get married in his The Patchwork Bride of Oz. https://oz.fandom.com/wiki/The_Patchwork_Girl_of_Oz?oldid=63401.

Baum saw his point, and the chapter was dropped. However this appears in very fine print and is easy to miss, especially on a small photo or reproduction of the poster. The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum is a children's novel, the seventh in the Oz series. I must rewrite it, stringing the incidents into consecutive order, elaborating the characters, etc. Physically, she is very different from her book counterpart. A picture of a girl sitting at a desk in the lower right corner is also different in these two versions.

While talking to the Tin Woodsman, Ojo notices a drop of oil about to drip from his body, and he catches it in a vial.

She is seen in the background at Princess Ozma's coronation. They have noting to eat but bread, and there are only two loaves growing on their bread tree. Neill's pictures show flowers with children's faces being watered by their vegetable-men growers. Along the way they meet the Woozy, who joined their party because the three hairs on his tail were need for the antidote.

The full text of The Patchwork Girl of Oz can be found online here at Project Gutenberg's website. His child readers wanted more Oz; and his 1911 bankruptcy meant that he needed more royalty income from his books. Dr. Pipt demonstrated his 'Powder of Life' which animates any object it touches with magic words. She later became the companion of the Scarecrow who found her quite beautiful. [6] The book was a popular success, selling just over 17,000 copies—though this was somewhat lower than the total for the previous book, The Emerald City of Oz, and marked the start of a trend in declining sales for the Oz books that would not reverse until The Tin Woodman of Oz in 1918. Excerpts have occasionally been performed at various annual conventions of The International Wizard of Oz Club.

The Patchwork Bride of Oz is a modern Oz book by Gilbert M. Sprague with illustrations by Denis McFarling. Patchwork Girl appears in Return to Oz. Dr. Pipt tells Ojo that he must obtain five ingredients to make a compound to counteract the petrifaction spell. She is extremely athletic, and looks like a pale human with dark hair, however after her outfit is damaged, it is revealed that she is made of fabric underneath.

It was later included in the Gil Hamilton anthology Flatlander.. In Emerald City Confidential, she owns a general store located next to Petra's office. Her contributions to the plot resolutions of The Lost Princess of Oz and Glinda of Oz are notable. The vegetable creatures grow ordinary humans, "meat people," apparently for food. Scraps is a teenaged (possibly fourteen) living rag doll made of patchwork, button eyes, brown yarn hair, a felt tongue, and pearl teeth. When it appeared that Ojo's quest had failed, the forces of good in the Emerald City stepped in.


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