when the wind blows ending

Eventually he collapses as the bell bracelet chimes, beginning to spasm in his death throes. Yes, my eyes feasted with those beautiful cherry blossom ending but I still felt robbed. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Are they both dead and finally meeting in the afterlife? The ending was open ended. Sun-hee, after a dose of Newfound Optimism, smiles as she claims that Young’s chances are over 50% with that kind of preparedness. More importantly, Young, you are being kissed by Soo!

(I'll vote for SJK's character in Nice Guy.

Connect with Facebook About the ending, while watching the last episode, i really had the impression oh soo died. Because it just does not make sense.

But I'm just so thankful. Talk about a quick recovery time. “I hope you like me when you see me after the surgery,” he jokes lightly.

Same here. It was like a bad fairy tale that had a happy ending tacked on to please the audience. But, because Soo lived so the scene didn't actually impact the storyline much, I just stick my fingers in my ears and lalala my way through that scene and... the drama works!

I do find myself chuckling at times when reading her recaps. I was also wondering, why shouldn't have JS hanged up on HS? The bad friends, the conniving fiancee all forgiven and even rewarded, what a message to send to the public. Then again, that just adds to the brokenness of Young's character- having to depend on the person whho crippled you and over time accepting that person's ...love? …And then the scene changes, so that they’re suddenly kissing on on the same path where Young just walked, with Soo wearing the clothes she saw on him when he passed her on the bike. Good play, Soo. I don't care what others may feel about this drama, but from any dramas so far in 2013, this is the only drama that artistically the best, directed the best and acted the best. To me it looks like the last 3 episodes were written by a different person. I wanted to say "Congrats on getting past that time in your life!" I think they are dead. Or something? But then she adds that if she lives through her surgery, they’ll meet again, and finally talk out their issues. There were some really amazing nuances to this drama that I just loved. As soon as the suicide twist happened, I think I started to check out, and fast. Because I could relate to Oh Young's character. So that combined with JS having to suffer watching hee Sun run thru flirtations equals he's paying his betrayal dues so hello they are dead too.

The show was very beautiful to look at. I am confused about a number of things in this episode (trust me on that one) and I am still writing (what looks like it will be my somewhat long) response. The scenes are blurry because that's how Young sees the world now. Tags: featured, Jo In-sung, Kim Bum, Song Hye-gyo, That Winter the Wind Blows, Your email address will not be published. Someone put a lot of hard thought into that and it showed and was amazing.

The result is confused audience. Drama pls! and then she comes and "finds" him meaning her surgery must not have worked out and she died. The kissing under the cherry tree was really true not a dream nor an imagination (if it was an imagination, how cruel the mind of Oh youn was, it doesn't make sense). I still think he did die, so im kinda surprise how many people think he lived. Ill miss it so much :D. I wanted to clear some things up for you, because I also had my doubts about whether Soo died or not at first. I love you.”.

Really, the only way out was to stab Soo? Because now just isn’t a good time? You're right, everyone in this show seems to heal rather quick. }); How is that brushed away? Meanwhile, Hee-sun sees a big truck headed their way on an empty street and warns Jin-sung’s father, but he can only look in shock as the truck keeps barreling toward them. You have to make Jin-sung want to blame Soo and they just didn't do that at all. Hee-sun mentions that they’re going to see Soo tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem like they’re seeing him alive when they talk about what flowers to take. Several hints: the sad look on Jingsung's face even though he was with his family safe and sound; Young's long hair-there is no way a woman who just finished chemo could still have such long hair just six months out; there was this sadness through out the last few scenes-the falling flowers from the trees, the blurry and white-out treatment of the shots-some contributed to the theory she must have regained partial eyesight and that is why you see the blurry shots. Out of all the melos I've seen, this one is definitely the most satisfying. This is a happy ending. Even if OY couldn't forgive OS at that moment, they could have still talked, I thought. (I am just curious about that part). If nothing else, this was an insanely beautiful show, well-scored and well-acted. None of the motivations made sense after that. If it was a "porn" movie it wouldn't get nearly as much critical acclaim as it did. So it kinda kills me to read HeadsNo2's criticisms (that I agree with, btw) about often not being able to understand Young and other characters in this drama. He offers to make her the same potato soup he did on their trip, but adds, “I want to stay with you. So, it makes me think that perhaps those scenes with Oh Soo were not real - maybe they respresent Young's imagination or their "afterlife" together. Especially since Soo's death would have been dependent on a storyline I found illogical and kind of out of place. Sad that it's not really a ratings success even if “NHK lost her soul to the devil”. As folks already pointed out, I just don't get why Sec. These last few episodes were off and did not match up to the earlier episodes. Required fields are marked *. Thank you all, and thank you HeadsNo2 for your recaps. 2. I'm one of those people who would rather have a happy ending than a realistic one. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 But at. I don't recall Nice Guy's best friend betraying him, though. 2 eps later, all's forgiven! FB.init({


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