woman with a pearl necklace in a loge

The rich colors of the painting draw the viewer in, deep shadows create contrast against the brightness of the light source. "Cassatt found a device for conjoining her fascination with the figure, notably of young women in smart day or evening clothes, with the need to situate them in a social setting-one of the ambiguous spaces of modernity which bourgeois femininity could occupy and contest." [5] She painted women of the emerging middle/upper class engaged in leisure activities such as attending the theater. [1] The woman is sitting enjoying the sights, the city nightlife that most Impressionists were fascinated with,[2] as she people watches. We believe that the brilliant histories of art belong to everyone, no matter their background.

The brush strokes within the dress itself give a texture to it and a liveliness to the piece. These paintings connect to Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge because of the subject matter and the continuing themes of Impressionism, femininity, and relevance to the modern woman enjoying a night on the town. Cassatt's work was also featured in the Fifth Impressionist Exhibition in 1880, the Sixth Impressionist Exhibition in 1881, and the "Eight and last Impressionist Exhibition in 1886"[5]. The Philadelphia Museum of Art acquired the painting in 1978 from the bequest of Charlotte Dorrance Wright.

[4] "Glamour, fashionable costume, exquisitely tasteful settings served to create an idea that was understood to be intensely modern, a pale legacy of the poet".

[1] This painting shows a view of the modern woman and is similar in style to Degas.[1]. Although mostly positive reviews were given to Cassatt in regards to her work there were still negative reviews as well. Cassatt's paintings can be considered a feminist piece. They are using binoculars and are holding fans, one which obscures the woman furthest from the viewer. The style in which it was painted and the depiction of shifting light and color was influenced by Impressionism. [1] The figure is seated in front of a massive mirror that is reflecting the theater scene that the woman is experiencing; it is also giving us the view point that the woman is having. She was also considered to be a Post-Impressionist. [5], Cassatt was well praised for her work that was featured in the Avenue de L'Opéra in 1879 during the Fourth Impressionist Exhibition. It shows that "'The ages of woman'": infancy, childhood, youth or coming of age, adulthood and maternity, maturity, and old age" are a prevalent theme in each of her pieces. We created Smarthistory to provide students around the world with the highest-quality educational resources for art and cultural heritage—for free. This still did not dissuade Cassatt nor her supporters. . "There is nothing more graciously honest and aristocratic than her portraits of young women".


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