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It's over. Asuka apparently left commentary and is watching the television sideways backstage. Ziggler takes him down a few times, but Woods hangs in there with him. The Hurt Business is backstage when Ricochet walks up to them. WWE Monday Night RAW results, 2020 television events. Woods then throws Roode into the middle rope and hits Ziggler with a dive feet-first through the middle.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. He says tonight is the end of an era. — King Corbin drafted by SmackDown When Aalyah refused to relent in her defense of Murphy, Dominik seemingly agreed with his father, telling his sister to her face that she’s naïve. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa.

Kofi Kingston tags in and comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to the arm. Styles focuses on Hardy, but Rollins cuts him off and confronts him. MVP asks if he’s a glutton for punishment. Roode stuns Kingston and punches Woods off the apron. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre def. Miz notes that there’s a number one contenders Battle Royal tonight, and that has to be awkward, as only one of the two could potentially win.

The Hurt Business and RETRIBUTION clash in a huge Eight-Man Tag Team battle, but both factions may have something more frightening to worry about.
Huge front kick from Black. The Phenomenal One arrived for his battle with Matt Riddle with a surprising equalizer, as the towering individual previously seen as the bouncer for Raw Underground accompanied him to the ring. To the back now, where Woods and Kingston, and The Street Profits are backstage with Adam Pearce. Ricochet goes for a 630, but lands on his feet when Alexander moves.

The less said about it the better. Back outside the ring now. Mandy slams her and tags Dana in for a two count. Ricochet teases hitting the referee, but instead smacks the mat with the chair, throws it to Alexander (he catches it), and collapses to the mat. Andrade goes for a hammerlock DDT, but it’s countered as Andrade hits the apron.

Hardy reverses a whip to the corner, but Styles boots him back.

Black takes out three more chairs. Rollins says Hardy should be worried about facing “The Freak” Lars Sullivan on SmackDown. Alexa Bliss introduces the red brand to the sinister entity known as The Fiend, only for RETRIBUTION to crash the haunting arrival. Morrison says Rose should thank Miz, because her and Brooke have been winning. That led to Aalyah slapping her brother in the face before once again storming off. She throws everyone aside. Alexander quickly comes back with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. But not being at 100 percent put The Monster at a disadvantage against the Limitless One. They weren’t expecting Tucker to scour the globe (digitally) to find a partner: El Gran Gordo, one of the world’s premier luchadores!

That’s where Orton messed up because he got back up.

Styles chokes Hardy on the middle rope.

Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. Natalya & Lana are furious over their perceived lack of respect, until they’re introduced to the newest tag team on Raw. Styles kicks him in the head and hits an ushigoroshi for a near fall. Ricochet wants a match with someone in The Hurt Business. Photos | Highlights | Exclusives, Randy Orton gave a warning to Drew McIntyre, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Big Show & Christian. Stephanie McMahon is backstage.

The final four are Natalya, Lacey Evans, Ruby Riott, and Liv Morgan. In less than two weeks at Hell in a Cell, he’s going to pin him yet again, end his legacy, and take the WWE Championship from him. Andrade continues to attack Garza before kicking him in the injured quadricep. The match is on now with everyone going after Jax. Andrade says he’s doing this for Vega. — Lars Sullivan drafted by SmackDown Back live, Styles is going after the left knee of Hardy, who’s had issues with it in the past.
Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show. 24/7 Champion R-Truth def.

Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show. Roode picks up Woods, but gets hit with an enziguri.

Roode picks up a near fall and complains to the referee. Commercial. Commercial break. After losing to Asuka at WWE Clash of Champions, Zelina Vega attempts to prove herself and dethrone The Empress of Tomorrow. — Keith Lee drafted by Raw Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews & Ricochet look to get payback on The Hurt Business in Six-Man Tag Team action. The Monday Night Messiah revealed private DMs between Aalyah and his disciple, including Aalyah wishing Murphy a happy birthday.

Seth Rollins, who was drafted to SmackDown, will also bid farewell to RAW. Rollins then hits Hardy and Styles at the same time with a suicide dive. Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Owens goes to powerbomb Black through the table, but Black fights it. Raw Tag Team Championship The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, c’s) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Styles hits Hardy with a reverse DDT for a near fall. Strong suplex by Roode and a knee off the second rope. Rollins goes for a stomp on Styles, but Hardy jumps off of Styles’ back and lands a DDT on Rollins for two. Andrade on #WWERaw; The Fiend and Alexa Bliss attack Andrade and Zelina Vega after pic.twitter.com/GXRonYqWMq.

Looking forward to recapping their matches every week on #WWERaw. Natalya looks at Dana Brooke and says this isn’t working for her anymore.

Mandy Rose tags in and hits a unique arm drag. McIntyre gets him in the ring for a Claymore Kick, but Orton immediately rolls out and retreats up the ramp. Andrade then lands a back elbow. Riddle, 3.

Mandy hits an impressive clothesline against the ropes before tagging Dana in. We come back from the break to see Nikki Cross elbow Lacey Evans back.

Owens takes out a table. WWE’s Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon is texting backstage. Tozawa’s reign was short-lived, as the ninja quickly pinned Tozawa, revealing himself as Drew Gulak. Rollins knocks Hardy back and hits Styles with a falcon arrow for a near fall. The Fiend then shows up, and the pair hit Sister Abigails on their male and female counterparts.

— Matt Riddle drafted by Raw Roode applies a side headlock to Kingston, a former WWE Champion. After the events of “The King’s Court,” Dominik Mysterio unleashed his rage on Murphy from the opening bell, not letting up on The Monday Night Messiah’s disciple.

Orton quickly gets out of the ring to recover. Coming up next on Raw, Kevin Owens will face Aleister Black in a No Disqualification Match.

Hardy then hits Styles and Rollins with Whisper in the Wind. They make fun of the broken up tag teams like The New Day and Heavy Machinery. The other two -- Bayley (SmackDown women's) and Sami Zayn (intercontinental) -- were up for selection Monday during Raw on USA Network; they both remained on SmackDown. Following a reversal, Ziggler pays back Woods with a DDT.

Styles goes for a Styles Clash but it gets reversed by Hardy into a twist of fate.

— Braun Strowman drafted by Raw Owens slams the chair off Black’s back and DDTs him onto it for a near fall. #WWERaw. For some reason, we then cut to the back, where Orton and McIntyre are brawling. — Charlotte Flair drafted by Raw, Round 1️⃣.

However, the Raw Women’s Champion was able to fight off The Queen of Spades and escape before any more damage could be done. The WWE Champion’s open challenge is answered by the returning Glorious One. SmackDown (1. Garza runs at Andrade, but he’s hit with a hip toss into the corner. Woods hits a backbreaker, and Kingston comes off the top rope with a double stomp to Roode for the win!

Double team by Lana and Natalya now and Lana is tagged back in. They’ll be announced, next!

AJ Styles is out now. She pushes Natalya off the apron and wins. More "Hardy used to be a drunk" angles!

Evans with a head scissors to Natalya, but Natalya tosses her off the post and out. Raw gets a new intro video and music. Elias says he knows who hit him. McIntyre back drops Orton onto the announce desk and throws him back in the ring, but Orton slithers off. Ricochet def.

The remaining women stare at Jax and attack her. Miz says she has new music and a new partner.

— WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth drafted to Raw The Hurt Business. McIntyre doesn’t want to break his promise. Garza falls to the outside.

The Miz and John Morrison are still in the ring. Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro).

Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins after Elias makes his return on #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/FIfrocXBgF, Very good triple threat match with Hardy, Rollins, and Styles. Mandy knees Lana in the face. Andrade temporarily stunned The Limitless One, but Lee recovered and put Andrade down for the three-count in decisive fashion after a thunderous Spirit Bomb. McIntyre bounces him on the apron before giving Orton a back suplex on the commentary table. Aleister Black in a No DQ Match on #WWERaw pic.twitter.com/eMA4Dsnmlh, Solid match with Kevin Owens and Aleister Black.

Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.


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